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  • What are ways to reach vishnu lokha or attain moksha?

    Interested in knowing all about vishnu loka or moksha? Want to know how if one needs to move away from materialistic desires or ifchanting is needed to attain this state? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers for all your questions.

    What does a person have to do to attain vishnu lokha or moksha? How should one live to escape from a cycle of birth and death? Its said one should not have any materialistic desire or attachment to any worldly object. What all other things one must follow? Is chanting the holy name of lord enough to attain moksha in kali yuga? Please also explain how one can follow karma yoga in life.
    And also how impressions created in this life affects his next life.Please suggest me one or two good books explaining moksha or liberation.
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  • The Hindu scriptures talk of attaining Moksha as the ultimate objective in ones life. If that is not done in a proper way then one will be forced to take birth in some life form and go through the miseries and that thing will be repeated endlessly. It is also told that God has given us an opportunity to be a human and with our high level of consciousness we should devote ourselves to good things and stay away from the worldly materialistic desires and then slowly make ourselves detached with yearnings for the pleasures of the physical world. This on the other hand does not ask us to become idle and lazy. That is not the intent. The direction is very clear that we have to do whatever is good and useful to the society and fellow beings but we should not expect anything in return for it which means that selfish motive should not be there. So such actions can definitely bring peace and calm in ones life which are the essential ingredients to attain Moksha.

    Another thing which is very important in this matter is that a person should have a positive and firm mindset for attaining Moksha as a feeble mind will go back to the materialistic attractions and lose track of the path to Moksha. Lures and offers will come on the way but one has to be very true to oneself and firm in ones approach so that nothing can deter him from the path of righteous doing.

    There are many books which are available in leading bookstores and online shopping portals and one can go through the titles and select as per ones choice but what I would suggest is it would be better to go through our own scriptures and their English or other language translation, in whichever language the reader is comfortable. In Amazon many such books are available in cheaper Kindle version also.

    To start with Bhagavadgita is itself a valuable source in this matter and going through it gives some very good insights in the matter. Then there are some other books like 'Satyarth Prakash' and 'Maitri Upnishad' which cover a good deal on this. A very good source of all these books and associated literature is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness ( ISKCON) which have many temples in our country as well as in foreign countries where these books are always on the display. Of course, these books are available in Amazon store also. Finally, I will like to mention that our Upnishads are a valuable source for these informations and knowledge pieces.

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  • Attaining Moksha if anybody is sure of a way for that we will follow that. But it is very difficult to know what way we have to follow that. Not to born again on this earth can be taken as Moksha. Every soul will have many births. How we change our clothes, the soul will be changing its bodies.
    As per the Hindu epics, a soul has to born many times on this earth before attaining Moksha. When we are on the earth unknowingly or knowingly we will do good and bad things. We have to enjoy the fruits of both. It is not that you can compensate for bad things with good things. But you have to experience both the deeds. Basing on the deeds your next birth will be decided. When your good and bad things are equal, you will born as a human being. The difference between a human being and other living beings is Brain. So human beings have to do good things using their brain.
    As mentioned in Bhagavat Gita, a human being should do his duties without keeping any result in mind. You will get whatever you deserve. Doing all evils and chanting mantra or nama will not give moksha. Have a belief in God. Pray him and do your work normally. Don't harm anybody. Help others to the maximum extent possible. Don't use others as a tool to get your desires fulfilled. Don't run after worldly desires. LIve a simple life. Spend as much time as possible in doing service to people who need and take care of your parents when they are old. Don't indulge in bad habits. Pray God sincerely and never ask for a specific benefit. But ask him to do what is good for you. Let HIM decide and whatever comes to us take that like the best. Get satisfied with that. Don't go for unethical ways of earning.
    Once you practice all the above I think God will show the way for Moksha. There are many books related to Hindu Mythology. Bhagavad Gita is one such book. Start reading that. Understand what HE says. Follow them. Then God will definitely help you in showing a way to Moksha.

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  • The main requirement to this strong belief. We should recite the name of Narayanan by heart in all our moment. We should believe every action is decided by Him and according to our earlier Karma. We should believe that God will give us only if we are eligible.
    A Naraya devotee who lived in Srirangam was strongly believed every moments are decided by God. Though he was not rich he lived with his wife on unjavrithi, that by alming rice from houses. One his hand pot filled with rice sufficient for two persons, he stopped his unjavrithi. To check his devotion the king advised a house person to offer rice while he came for unjavrithi by mixing some gold coins. That man did accordingly. The devotee as usual return home one his pot filled with rice for two. His wife put the pot rice on a plate for removing stones before cooking and found gold coins called her husband. As the devotee seen the gold coins he took a small stick from ground remove the coins to the outside ground by telling they are venomous insects. By seeing his such action the king who was hiding there came out and seek pardon and appreciated his devotion. Similar detachment from this worldly things is required for our attachment towards God which paves way to Moksha. His story is told in srirangam even today.

  • Knowledge has been told by many books and sages in the world how salvation will be attained. Most important is your karma, your salvation or rebirth is decided based on what you do. How many roles are you giving to the public interest in actions? Everybody performs karma for their own interests in life, but when your deeds do not involve themselves as well as the welfare of the society, then your karma will be considered as Sathkarma.

    Human birth is rare and you don't need to be born again in human form, therefore, correct this life and put it in the right deeds in the right direction. The method of salvation is stated differently in every era. It is believed that the easiest method is that of Kali Yuga, even if you make a small donation in this war, it will also be counted in your big sat karma.

    It is your mistake to consider yourself what you are getting in this life. When a person surrenders all his deeds and everything to God, then he can get away from the bondage of virtue and sin. We can earn anything in this life, but when we go from the world, then we will not be able to take anything with us, which will remain the same, and in the end, we will be absorbed in that ultimate power. With this hope, the art of living life is considered as salvation.

    The importance of chanting the Gayatri Mantra has been suggested by everyone, so as much as possible one should chant the Gayatri Mantra continuously as much as possible in solitude or even in a crowd.

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