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  • Best career guidance websites in India

    Looking out for detailed guidance for career? Interested in getting all tips regarding the same? Find advice from expeerts on this page and decide how to plan a successful career path ahead.

    How to find the best career guidance websites in India?
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  • Selection of right career is a very difficult task. Sometimes people need guidance also. There are several organisation who provide career related guidance. If you Google the best website for career guidance in India, you will find lots of website. Some of the good career guidance websites are:


    These websites provide details of courses, colleges, scholarships, fellowships, competitive exams, entrance exams, job posts and other career related informations.

    Besides, I will suggest you to check indiastudychannel also regularly. Thus site has details of courses, schools, colleges, universities, admissions, and latest jobs posts. You can also find good career related articles also.

  • There are many areas and fields where one can chalk out ones career. For everything some information will be available in the internet which will guide the person in the line of his interest. So depending on our aspirations and stream in which we want to excel we will have to get information and from the relevant sites where such information is available. Let us go one by one in that arena -

    1. Educational guidance - For pursuing education in some particular area or line one has to get information regarding the colleges and institutions in which one can try to get admission for achieving that target. For that some of the top sites are IndiaStudyChannel, Collegedunia, Shiksha, Jagranjosh, Eduvidya, Collegedekho etc.

    2. For computer courses - If one has interest in making a career in computer line by undergoing some certificate or diploma program then for selecting an institution one can visit the sites like IndiaStudyChannel, Learn4good, Vobium, Freshersworld etc.

    3. For a job - Those who have already acquired qualifications the next thing is to make a career by searching an appropriate job. For that there are many sites like IndiaStudyChannel, Placement India, Monster India,,, Click etc.

    4. In career guidance - When a person is already having a career then he has to improve or switch to greener pastures. Then some sites are there which might help in making the career shine and these sites have a lot of information for the aspiring people. Some of these sites are About, Boomer Job Tips, CareerBliss etc.

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  • You are interested in knowing the best career guidance websites in India.
    Career is the most important aspect of our lives. A person on average may spend around 90,000 hours at work /office during his entire lifetime. Our quality of life depends on the job we do. So it is very important to take correct decisions about the career. Career counselling plays an important role in career life. There are many websites dealing with this subject.
    1. This is an initiative by the Government of India. National Career Service provides information about career-related services like career counselling, jobs, skill development, career-related content etc. There are many career counsellors, are registered on this platform.
    2. This is a very popular career guidance website. There are more than 4 lacks. This is a very reputed site for personalised career counselling platform. More than 1700 counsellors are registered on this.
    3. It is the most interactive online platform for school students in India. One-to-one career counselling will be provided online. A number of videos are also available for free related to career counselling.
    4. This platform will arrange for students to get their career questions answered by the experts.
    5. It is an employment portal. They have career-related videos on YouTube. They created many videos with information about various careers and can be viewed on youtube.

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  • Some main websites will help you in shaping your career path. -
    This is one of the most career-oriented websites in the country, here you can get information related to your education, job-related, or other career-related topics. Many sections including here will provide you better career guidance.
    Shiksha has the most comprehensive collection of schools and colleges database in India and worldwide. Helps in education courses and college selection. All students get a personal experience that enables them to make informed courses and college selections.
    Edumilestones is the most well-known and popular name in the career consulting industry. This platform is known for personalized career counseling services. Multidimensional career assessment is given here, which is widely used for career counseling. Many career-related resources are available to students for free.
    Biju is the largest and most interactive online learning platform for school students in India. They offer online career counseling sessions one by one. Students can book a free career counseling session using their learning app. There are also many free learning videos available.
    The National Career Service provides career-related services. It provides career counseling, jobs, skill development, career-related content, and a variety of career-related services. There are many counselors and institutes, registered under this website.

    Mapmytalent. in
    Map My Talent is a career counseling platform. They provide expert career guidance and career counseling on an evaluation basis. They believe that there are many career options and career pathways available to all, and the student's confusion can be reduced to a great extent with the help of the tested theories of behavioral science.
    While Freshers World is an employment portal, it is also famous for its career-related videos on YouTube. For many career options, he has created videos that help students understand the work nature, education needs, and employment opportunities for their career choices.

  • You may try the following website for career building

  • Career making is an important aspect in our lives and we need proper guidance in this direction from reliable sources. A person desirous of making a career wants a variety of information to select a course or pursue a degree or go for a professional course. This site IndiaStudyChannel itself is a very nice educational career making site and has a lot of information related to admissions, courses, colleges, and other related materials. Some of the other sites where good information in this regard is available pertaining to issues like educational institutes, job opportunities, entrance examinations, study material, admission related information, and other such relevant details are as follows -
    1. - This is a Govt portal and provides a lot of information regarding institutes, vocational institutes, academic opportunities etc.
    2. - This is a career counselling site.
    3. - It offers career counselling and free videos for career related aerials.
    4. - This is a good platform where answers to various career related questions are answered.
    5. - They offer career guidance and career counselling.
    6. - This is a platform which gives all the details of courses and colleges for pursuing ones career goals.
    7. - This is a portal providing a lot of information in shape of videos giving information on career related matters.
    8. - This is another good educational career making portal.

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  • Some of the main websites that help shape the Career of a student are:

    1. this is one of the top sites providing up to date information and guidance to students. It provides all information about the courses, exams, internships, scholarships and schools colleges and even provides an opportunity to earn some bucks through contribution to a different section of the site.

    2. BYJU's: this one another helpful platform where learners can get access to interactive learning material take advantage and learn from this site. BYJU's provides all videos, online classes, study material for learners with easy access to the material.

    3.Paathshalaeducation( is another premier education company that hells students live their dreams. Founded and managed by IITian, doctors and educationists, it mostly focuses on 10th and 12th std students crack their competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS etc. provides career counselling, jobs, skill development-related information. A candidate needs to register on the portal and get the related guidance about career, jobs or skill development programs. is another amazing educational platform that helps students in learning processes and shape their career better through guidance from the site related to career and job prospects. is also an amazing site for students who can get a lot of help from this site and get information related to their courses, competitive exams etc.

    Apart from the above-mentioned sites, there are other sites like, etc which are useful for learners for their career guidance.

  • If you would have asked more specific query about the career you aimed it to, then we could give you specific reply for it. However, there are few websites for career guidance available upon search and you can choose as per your particular requirement.

    This site ( also one of them where you could get many career guidance in different sections, including this section, Ask Expert where you can get reply for your career related queries.

    Likewise, if you are particular in certain field then you can also try to visit career guidance website: where you can select different categories for it. Choose it and proceed it for further enquiry and detail to know about it.

  • There are so many options and websites that offer career counselling services in India that it is almost difficult to decide & choose one. After doing a lot of research from my end I finally decided on one which is MENTORIA. They provide the best career counselling services out there. Their service from start to end is so good, they provide extensive reports, their counsellors are super knowledgeable & friendly and we get a personalized counselling result.

    You can check out their website here -

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