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  • What happens to a person after an accident?

    Do you have a query about what expenditure recovery if a person suffers from an accident and either passes away or cannot pay back? Looking out for detailed rules in such a case? Scroll through tihs page and get answers to your query here.

    Who pays the cost of a person who met with an accident? Suppose if a person walking on a road meets with an accident or having some health issue he falls down and someone takes him to hospital. Nobody could trace where he was located or his relatives or address. Then who pays the bill?
    Is there any goverment rule to pay the person's bill until he wakes up oOr if he passes away what happens to his body? How does the hospital recover the money which was spent until he passes away? Does goverment have any rule currently to help such people? What is SaveLIFE Foundation NGO? Are they helping in such situation?
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  • Whenever an accident happens and we take the body of the person to the nearest hospital then there is a reluctance of the hospital staff in admitting it especially in private hospitals and then people search for the Govt hospital which generally admit such cases. If the family members of the person are not traceable then the hospital does not get the payment for the treatment provided. So, they have to wait till the person regains sense and tells about his credentials. If he has no one to help him then the hospital has to request compensation from the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT). This is a civil court established under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The court will listen to the appeal of the affected person and in a hit and run case they may grant the compensation under Solatium Scheme.

    Now Govt is bringing some system in which the accident cases will be treated on a free of charge basis but the scheme is still under formulation and not implemented so far. The transport ministry of India has proposed a limit of Rs 2.5 lakh for the victim's treatment per accident and mentioned that the National Health Authority will be the nodal agency to implement the scheme under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. All road accident victims of Indian or foreign nationality will be considered eligible under the scheme once the scheme is applicable. The hospitals will get this amount directly on proof of treatment of the accident victims.

    Some states have some regulations in this matter that hospitals should accept the accident cases for free treatment but how much it is implemented is a doubtful matter. There are some NGOs which are active in this area and Save Life Foundation (SLF) is the prominent one among them and is trying its best to get the rules and regulations in this matter to be enacted by the Govt under Supreme Court direction for the benefit of the accident victims. Today SLF is an apex agency which can guide in this matter and one can contact them to know the latest regulations and status of treating the road victims in the country. They are trying to get the best possible legislation for the accident victims by pursuing this matter with the Govt at different levels.

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  • When a person meets with an accident, some people will see and take him to the nearest hospital and admit him in the hospital. Earlier days accident cases are accepted by government hospitals only. But these days that restrictions are not there. The private hospital also will get them admitted.
    These days majority of the people will be using cell phones and by seeing the cell phone of the person who got injured we can understand the details of the person and we can inform so that the victim's kith and kin will come and take care of the payment. If that facility is not there we have ti inform the police and they will enquire about the person. In such cases where there are no persons known to the victim, private hospitals may not get them admitted.
    For such people also the hospitals can get payment by approaching Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT)
    MACT is a Court and Judicial Officers from the State Higher Judicial Service will conduct this court. These Courts are now under the direct supervision of the Hon'ble High Court of the respective state.
    The victim can apply for the same and the money will be paid to the hospital directly.
    The following documents are required for applying for the same.
    1. A copy of the FIR.
    2. Copy of the MLC/Post Mortem Report/Death Report as the case may be.
    3. The documents of the identity of the claimants and of the deceased in a death case.
    4. Original bills of expenses incurred
    5. Disability Certificate,
    6. The proof of income of the deceased/injured.
    7. Age/Date of Birth Certificate.

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  • If anybody found lying on road on enjury Or otherwise then general people are suppose to admit him/her to the nearest hospital. If nobody does this the Police authority will bring the victim to the hospital. The victim should admit the hospital first and necessary treatment must started by the hospital. Upon information received from hospital authority, the Police authority must enquire the relatives of the victim and inform them about the incident. On the other hand if family/relatives of the victim does not come forward then the billing section of the hospital prepare for an estimate for the treatment and forward the same to the nearest MACT office for necessary finance. In the year 2021 the Govt. Of West Bengal initiate an overall treatment scheme named 'Swastha swathi card ' under this scheme if anybody hold this card he is eligible to get all treatment free of cost from all private and govt hospital. And all the people can get this card. In case of any road accident, the most vital thing is to get the victim admitted in the hospital immediately and this responsibility is for you and us. Thanks

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