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  • LKG admission age and direct UKG admit

    Have a query regarding kindergarten admission? Searching for advice if one can do home schooling or should miss a year and take admission in a big school in the next year? On this page our ISC experts have responded to your question.

    My daughter is Nov 2016 born, she completed nursery in Mar 20. She was supposed to complete lkg in year 2021, and couldn't do it, because many of the pre schools nearby didn't run and accepted the admissions for online classes. We have been doing home schooling to her and confident to clear lkg. Is there any possibility we can still get lkg completed and admit her to UKG. Or it is good to repeat lkg in bigger school with admissions in 2021-22 batch.
    She will be completing 4 years 7 months by June.
    Please advise.
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  • Yes. Many schools will take the students into UKG if the age criteria are satisfied. You child has completed nursery by March 2020. She is supposed to attend the classes for LKG. But due to Lockdown and other reasons. But you taught her in-home and you feel she can cope up by directly getting admitted to UKG.
    Many schools take admissions directly into UKG also by conducting an entrance test. You can get the informanto=ion about the schools available around your area. Another option is to admit her in LKG and promote after 6 months to UKG so that she can complete both the classes in one year itself.

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  • Generally for class 1 the eligibility of age is 5 years by the December month of the year of the academic year so that the student does not have a problem at the time of appearing in his or her high school (class 10) examination. As per information given by you, your daughter will be completing 5 years 1 month by December 2021. So she can be admitted even to class 1 also of course based on the test etc whatever are taken by the school for admission.

    So you can very well apply for admission in class 1 or at the most in UKG if she does not qualify for class 1. Learning can be achieved in home tutoring also and there is no problem on that account. Admitting in LKG will make her as lagging in class age wise as compared to the other students. If she takes admission in LKG then she would appear in her high school exam at the age of 17 years and that seems to be pretty late.

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  • There are many school available which take admission directly into UKG and for which they conduct entrance test. For getting admission into it, you will have to fulfil age criteria also. Children's age should be more than 3 and 1/2 years old. As mentioned above, she has completed nursery in march 2020. So, she will be completing her LKG by march 2021 accordingly. But, you didn't continue her schooling due to some reason. As her date of birth is NOV 2016, so now age is more than four years old. At the age of 5, children get admission into std 1. So, it would be better to get admission into UKG so that matriculation could complete on time. Presently, if she get admission into LKG, then it would be late in completing matriculation. She will be completing her matriculation by the age of 17years. That would be age-wise loss in making carrier.

  • You have to see the present learnings of the child and according to that take a decision so that the child does not feel any difficulty in the class where you admit him. You can take help of a primary teacher to ascertain that or to assess that. One thing that is to be kept in mind is that the child would require an age of 15 years for appearing in the class 10 exam later in her life and by doing the back calculation one can easily find the present age required to admit in LKG or UKG. But in any case the primary thing is the ease of the student in the class as regards the learning potential.

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  • Considering her birth of your daughter being Nov 2016, her age on 31st December 2021 will be 5 yr 1 month. According to her age criteria, she can be straightaway be admitted in class one this year provided she remains comfortable during her entrance test session.
    As you have indicated that she could not be admitted for on line classes near her locality and as such her studies for LKG disrupted. This should not be the point of concern for you. If she is studying in her home under your supervision, examine closely how far she is would be able to qualify the entrance test for class one for the next year session ie 2021 - 22. For that she is having enough time for preparation under your guidance for class one entrance test for the next year.
    Alternatively, get her admitted in the UKG this year after clearing her entrance test and for that you need to search the appropriate school for her admission.
    If you could admit her in UKG in the current academic year, she would pass her class ten in 2037 when her age will be 15+. In that way, she will be in her right age for continuation to her studies.

  • When your daughter become 5 year+ she can get admission in Standard class-1, but before admission in class 1, your daughter must be able to read and write both in English and in local language Individually. This is the basic criteria.
    Age is the vital point now but to know the minimum lesson is also essential for the student to adjust with the standard.
    Hence, if your ward is well acquainted with reading and writing skill with addition, subtraction in math ,you can try to get her admitted in the coming year 2021-22 in class 1. But if she in not fully acquainted with minimum skill then you should go for admission in UKG in the coming year.
    I do not think there will be much benefits with online classes in initial stage. Home tution/Self care study will help at present situation and get her admitted in coming year 2021-22. Wish you all the best.

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