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  • Dilemma to choose between a Government job or pursue MBA

    Confused between choosing a government job or pursue a MBA? Want to know whicch one is a better option among both? Find responses from experts for your question on this page.

    I am a NIFT graduate having 3.5+ years of experience in the Fashion Retail Industry. I am currently work for Myntra Designs - but I wanted to boost my career growth.

    Now I am unable to decide whether I should opt to prepare for MBA or I should prepare for a government job.
    Points to consider are that currently, I am a loan payer for my undergraduation as well, and pursuing MBA will further push me to take another loan.

    Government Job on the other hand will help me to settle down much earlier in life.
    Also working for 3.5 years in the corporate sector - I must confess, I do not like the corporate environment whole heartedly.
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  • You are presently in fashion retail industry which is going through a mediocre pace of development. There is much competition there and only a few fashion houses are able to withstand the market pressure. So, it makes sense to switch the career for better prospects elsewhere. You are already in loan repaying stage and it is not possible to switch the job with risk propositions and whatever decision you have to take is to be taken with due diligence and enough pondering.

    Going for MBA will definitely pave ways for the future campus recruitments in good companies only if you fare well in that academic pursuit but whether you can afford that education financially today is a matter of consideration. It would not be advisable to go for that at the present juncture.

    As regards the Govt job if you have some competitive examination in mind which can give you entry in the Govt sector then that would be the best recourse at the present situation. Govt jobs are very secure and have all the facilities and moreover the salary in the Govt sector at present is at the historic high levels. I would suggest to work hard in that direction in whichever line you want to compete and get entry in the Govt sector. There are many alternatives like Teaching, Banking, Civil Services, Railways, Research Labs, State Services, PSUs etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There is more competition in fashion design than it is in a career, but if you want to increase your ability to reach the top of success in your own field, you will have to enhance your skills.

    If we talk about the MBA then the first important thing is that you are already paying a loan of your gradation, in such a situation, another loan will increase your financial burden, but if you want to complete one loan first then taking another loan, then it would make more sense. Meanwhile, if you want, you can prepare for the entrance exam related to the MBA so that you can get the best college. Nowadays many institutes and colleges offer MBA but you must score good marks in the entrance exam for the best college.

    As you said that you have much experience working in the private sector but you do not feel a good working environment here and if you are interested in a government job, then, first of all, I would like to tell you that any job has its advantages and disadvantages. It Depends on how you accept it. My advice is that you should keep your professional life separate.

    As far as the matter of government job is concerned, you will have to prepare a very hard and serious study for it. If you want, you can prepare it with your job as well, for this, first, you have to set your mind to prepare for which exam or for which post, then prepare the entire preparation strategy for it. You can also take the help of YouTube channels if you want.

    Don't just think that any government job is needed, because every exam has its own syllabus and has its own separate preparation, so first, you decide which of the government positions to choose from, and then decide for preparation accordingly.

    In the end, I will say that whatever decision you take, either an MBA or a government job, but do not hurry, and don't leave your current job because you are already financially responsible for giving a loan of your education, so it is important to maintain your fixed income.

  • If you are likely to have a job in either government or other side, it is highly suggestible to opt the job first. Once you gain some name and experience you can pursue your MBA either private study or evening college or even by distance education. Many people did and doing like this. It is a good opportunity if you are getting a job to avail.

  • My suggestion for you is.
    1. Continue in the present job.
    2. Go for PG Diploma in Business Administration by doing it distance mode or part-time course. Select a good institute, so that the certificate will have a good value. Many IIMs are offering these courses or even you can do MBA also in distance mode from IIMs. My Sister's son did a certificate course from IIM Calcutta while working in a corporate. The same way you can follow. This will help you in completing an MBA without a break in your service. You will have to work hard to work as well as study. But once you complete this course you will have a good chance for better growth. This option will help you to clear your loan as well as going for higher studies without affecting your earning capacity. After getting the certificate you will definitely get good jobs in the corporate sector only.
    3. Once you put up sufficient experience and when you are financially stable you can think of going for your own industry where you will be your own boss and you can provide employment chances to some people at least.
    4. Chances of getting a government job is difficult.. But you can try while working also by attending Bank, UPSC and other competitive exams and you can get a job also,

    always confident

  • You have opted fashion Industry for your career. You are well-versed in this industry.So you should continue your job, moreover, you have to pay the loan also, so doing job is necessary for you. Keep on trying to get a better job in this industry for more income.

    If you want to do MBA in fashion business for your bright future in your favourite industry you may join the following institute and may complete your MBA online also.

    (MBA in Fashion Business - Postgraduate Program | IFA Paris)

    But you don't have money to get this degree, so you may try to have loan from SBI.

    (Student Loan - Apply for Student Loan Online in India |SBI - Personal Banking)

    As far as government job is concerned. It is very hard to get a government job now a days but you may try. If you get any government job, then you may have security of employment with good salary and other allowances.
    It all depends on what you want to do. Think over all pros and cons and decide what suits you best.

  • You should not take any decision in a hurry. Prior to embarking upon any job other than the present one would be a risky affair. Thinking regarding the government job, you are still not clear which would suit your taste. Hence a concrete planning in this direction should be made if you have a strong urge such as your taking up Civil Services Examination or any allied services. The other areas may be for the preparation of State Civil Services or its allied services. At least, this may prove to be the best area in terms of your preparation if you could join any coaching institutions providing you much needed inputs in the various subjects opted by you in the State Civil Services.
    However to pull on your life comfortably apart from contemplating your studies in this direction, continue the present job even if you have not passion for it. Your patience may pay you dividend in the long run and you may land into a government job.
    The other advantage of continuing the present job would be your continuous repayment of loan helping you to come out from debt free life comfortably apart from achievement of a sound footing with a promising government job.

  • Everything should be in planned way for safety of life. As mentioned above, you are already taken loan for undergraduate courses. So, you should not take any risk regarding career. Job is necessary for you seeing your financial position. At present, you are working in fashion industry. And it is better to continue with your job. Apart from these, if you want to pursue MBA then go for it. It would be helpful in your career growth. You should do MBA in distance mode so that your job and studies both could continue.
    As far as government job is concerned, nowadays it is very difficult to get as the availability of government job is very less. You will have to work hard to find it because of high competition in market. It is true that government job give secure life. But, trial can be done when you having good financial position.

  • The job condition in our country is very tough today and there are so many qualified people around who will be applying and competing wherever you go for getting selected for a job. So there is no question of leaving a job which one has already secured. Only thing is to go for some part time qualifications or online course which may give some new skills so that one can then plan for switching to better prospects. Even doing MBA by correspondence would be a good option.

    Govt service is definitely a good option but one has to decide in which organisation one wants to enter through the much coveted entrance exam so that one can accordingly prepare for that. One has to do a lot of hard work with concentration and focus if one is aspiring for a Govt job.

    Another option is that as you are already experienced in fashion industry, you can think of starting your own work by getting financed through Govt Mudra loan scheme or any other viable financial loan. You can think of creating a small group of like minded people and start your own venture. These things appear much difficult in the beginning but slowly when the business is established then rewards are also huge.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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