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  • What is the pros and cons of BYJU'S learning application?

    Want to know all pros and cons of BYJU's learning app? Wondering how you can compare with other similar apps available online? Here, our experts have responded to your query and given you the requried answers.

    I want to know about the online learning platform BYJU'S application. What is the quality of education it provides? What makes this worth paying for studies over other platforms? As there are many other apps which provide quality education that is economically good. You can share your views if there is other better platforms that provide good, interactive, economical and quality education over BYJU'S learning app?
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  • BYJU'S is India's largest learning app.
    This is a very good app for online learning.
    The special features of this app are
    1. Classes will be conducted by a number of good teachers, from India.
    2. The mode of teaching is by video lessons as well as personalised learnings
    3. They offer comprehensive tutoring programs.
    4. Number of exercises will be available to practice so that we can get acquainted with the subject well.
    5. Revision of the subjects will be carried out by teaching as well as conducting tests.
    6. Separate modules will be there for each board like state board, CBSE etc. They conduct trial examinations as per the syllabus and their examination pattern.
    7. You can get your doubts clarified instantly with the teachers while the class is going.
    8. One to one teaching is their speciality
    9. They give a free demo if you book on their app.
    10, They monitor each student by analysing their strengths and weaknesses and give special support in the required areas. The reviews and ratings are showing this as the best online platform.

    There are some other good platforms also. The names are given below.
    1. Skillshare
    2. LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda
    3. MasterClass
    4. Udemy

    always confident

  • BYJU'S was founded by Byju Raveendran, a former teacher and the son of educators. It is one of the largest learning app in india. The app provides education to students from kindergarten to the 12th grade. It has over 5 million users a month. The app provides lessons in maths and science through video, graphics, animations and games.
    BYJU'S courses having lower cost compare to other app's courses. It's courses are also cheaper than tuition classes. There are many advantages from this app as follows:-
    1. This app provides online classes 24×7. Not only round the clock but from anywhere you can get education.
    2. You can learn with fun.
    3. It offers comprehensive learning application.
    4. It has number of qualified teachers and professor.
    5.You can review assignments and take practice quizzes, also discuss questions with fellow students.
    6. It offers visually engaging, personalised learning programs for CBSE, ICSE, and other state board curriculum.
    Some of the good learning app are as:-
    1. Vedantu

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