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  • Is Signal private messenger app more secure than WhatsApp?

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    Is Signal private messanger app more secure than WhatsApp? I have used WhatsApp for secure messaging but it seems new app Signal provides good service and claims to be more private. If anyone used this app can share the quality of app wether it is video or voice calling?
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  • Signal is a messaging application. It can be downloaded on Apple, Android, Mac and Linux devices. The app is developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton and current CEO of Signal Messenger Moxie Marlinspike are the founders of this organisation.
    Secure messaging, voice and video calls with end-to-end encryption is available on this app. We can create groups also on this app. But you may not be able to forward to multiple people at one time, I think. There is a group chat feature also on this app. The group can have members up to 150. But one advantage here is the group can't add any person without the consent from the member. If somebody wants you to join in a group, they will forward an invite to you and then you have to accept. Then only you can be a member of that group. It has a note to the self facility also and you can send notes to your self and store in that.
    You can relay your voice calls to app servers to conceal your identity from your contacts. This app will not ask as many details as asked by WordsApp. WhatsApp collects your data which includes device ID, user ID, phone number, email address, contacts etc. But SIgnal asks only mobile number. End-to-end encryption is also available. Sealed Sender feature is also there in this and no one can figure out who is sending and receiving messages.
    So security is much better on SIgnal and many people are shifting to SIgnal from WhatsApp recently.

    always confident

  • In general, no app is secure as you might be thinking as an user. The app is created with the good intention only to benefit all users and service provider including privacy in mind. Signal or WhatsApp or Telegram or many apps that associated to your bank or personal credential is not sure it is 100% secure.

    Due to legal concern, the app company or owner has to get some private detail in order to prove the legal department that they are certain app owner, no data sold, no violation from them and no moderation on users regular and normal activity or even when user misuse it or illegal activities done through it.

    Very few app owners try to sell the app to the other reputed firm once they become popular and it create more confusion to the users beside various upcoming rules for the service. Few app would like to get the personal data from the users and sell it to third party without anyone's knowledge.

    When an app is less popular or less money circulation around then no issues. When it cross the limit then privacy concern and legal issue arises.

    These are few concerns to all (App service provider, users and Govt.) thus each would like to be more responsibility in collecting info and safeguarding from the legal issues even though the app is casually using by all.

  • At this time it has been a subject of great discussion as to what is the safest app and people are very skeptical about WhatsApp. By the way, I do not think that you will have any problem with any app, because all your creators update their apps keeping their users in mind. These days, a doubt is coming into the mind of people about WhatsApp, people are curious to know about a new app signal and it is believed that this app is the most secure in which your privacy will be taken care of. All communications on the Signal app are end-to-end encrypted. This app gives features like secure message exchange and secure video call to all its users. Apart from this, here you can create a group in it, just like WhatsApp. But here you cannot send your message to many people at once. On this app too, you can delete chatting yourself. The best feature of the signal. Some users who have already started doing this app, are also being told by them that you can send messages to yourself.

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