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  • PGDGC and PGDCP and independent practice

    Interested in becoming a professional psychological counsellor? Want to know if PGDGC and PGDCP course certificates are eligible? On this page, our experts have provided you with ansdwers.

    I've done PGDGC and PGDCP from your Elite Institute. I want to be a professional Psychological Counselor. May I know these two courses certificates are RCI approved or not and can I do independent practice as a Psychological Counselor with these certificates?
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  • Please follow the following step.
    1. Go to the website
    2. This is the official website of RCI.
    3. On the top of the website you will find Institution. Click on that.
    4. Then click on Approved institutions.
    5. Then it will ask you Regular Mode or Distance mode. Click on the appropriate one in your case.
    6. A State wise list will open in which it will give the name of the institute and the certified courses that are being offered by that institute. Search for your institute in the state where you did it.
    If that is there in the list, your qualifications are approved.
    You will get the updated list on their website only.

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  • The approved institutions for these degrees are mentioned in the official site of Rehab Council of India (RCI) and you can visit it and find the institution from where you have done your course. If the course or certificate is not approved by the RCI then it would not be valid and one will not be able to claim these credentials for undertaking a counselling service for psychological counselling in the country.

    You have not mentioned the name of the institute clearly and in full with address other wise we could check it for you. The list of institutions is quite big and you might have to use some function like 'Find' or Contrl+F to isolate the entry in that big database. If you have problem or difficulty in finding it then you please give the detailed address of the institute in this thread only and we would try to find out and help you. Please feel free to ask any doubt or query here.

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  • If you have query regarding these two courses then you should visit official website of RCI. Here, you can get details regarding institute from where you have done your courses. After that, go ahead with website where you will find state wise long list in which the name of institute and certified courses would be mentioned. You should search your institute in that state from where you have done.

  • As you mentioned you want to make your career as a Psychological Counselor, so here are some more detail about counselor jobs and other related courses which can help to make a bright future with your selected field.

    There are different Areas of Counseling
    Career Counselor - Such experts solve problems related to academics, exams, and the career of students.
    Marriage Counselor - The younger generation is more vocal than before. Before marriage, they try their best to know whether they will be in better harmony with their partner in the future. Apart from this, if there are two opinions between the two at any point in life, they seek the help of a marriage counselor.
    Relationship Counselor - Any relationship is easily done only when there is coordination between the two. When the coordination upsets, the relationship starts to crack. In such a situation, they need an expert who can bridge this gap and revive the relationship. This work is done by a relationship counselor.
    Psychologist Counselor- People's routine is being affected due to excessive functioning or Bhagamabhaga. At the same time, depression is becoming dominant in people due to a lack of expected results due to competition. Psychologists are very helpful in such cases.
    Rehabilitation counselors- do this work with great vigilance. They drive the affected people out of their mood.
    Behavioral Counselor - Sometimes people have difficulty in coping with an event or situation. This is a congenital problem for some people. In such a situation, they need a Behavioral Counselor, so that their behavior can change.
    Child Counselor - To know children or to understand them well, many types of counseling are required. Child counselors, by examining the antics of children, can easily guess what they will be interested in later.

    All courses related to counseling are of diploma, PG diploma, or master level. Therefore, students desirous of pursuing the course must have at least a graduation degree. The subject of psychology proves to be helpful in this. The duration of these courses is one or two years. Many institutions also provide age limits. Minimum age of 21 years is prescribed for them.

    Some major courses -
    - Diploma in Career Counseling
    - Advance Diploma in Career Counseling
    - PG Diploma in Counseling 'PG Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology
    - MA / M.D. in Psychology
    - Diploma Program in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling 'PG Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology

    Along with the course, professionals have to develop many qualities inside themselves. During counseling, they have to face extreme stress and odd situations. In such a situation, the patient has to listen to the words of the patient and be patient and give them the right direction.

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