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  • What is virtual private network or VPN?

    Want to know all about VPN? Wondering how is it secure and which are the best VPN service providers in India? Get all answers to these questions about VPN on this page from our esteemed ISC experts.

    What is virtual private network.Its a new term for me. More than anti virus how virtual private network helps a computer or smart phone? Is virtual private network unhackable? Is it completely secure? Which are good virtual private network service providers in india? How is it itself secure from hacking?
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  • Virtual private networks are used when information has to be sent through the Internet with great security. It is mostly used by multinational companies. It is considered a very safe medium. Its installation is very easy, it is installed on the server computer, which keeps many computers connected and transmission of information or request continues. It is impossible to track or trace any activity on the Internet using a VPN,

    Nowadays there are many offices of the same company and these offices are set up in different regions as well as in different states, in such a situation, if there is negligence in information transfer, then you may face a problem like data hacking, hence Safety becomes very essential. For this, the use of virtual private networks is considered the best option. Currently, many companies also provide VPN services for free.

    With the help of a virtual private network, the company can connect all its offices with the already used public internet in such a way that the company's data is protected and the risk of an external attack or theft on the Internet is eliminated. is.

    When the VPN service is started and connected to the Internet, the user's device directly connects to the server of the VPN service. Provides a list of Virtual IP Addresses and once the actual IP Address is hidden it becomes impossible to track or trace the browsing done by the user on the Internet.

    There are some good Virtual Private Network service providers list-

    Surfshark VPN

  • A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that is created from a public internet connection. It will mask your internet protocol (IP) address. Hence all your online actions are untraceable. VPN services will establish secure and encrypted connections. It will provide greater privacy than even a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. A VPN can help safeguard the information you send from and receive on your devices.
    A virtual private network is good for anyone concerned about their online security and privacy. By using this,
    chances of exposing our private information and browsing habits will become zero.
    VPNs will create a data tunnel between the sender and the receiver. This benefit allows for online freedom. VPN will be using encryption to scramble data when it is being sent over wifi network. This encryption will make the data unreadable.
    VPN will hide
    1. Your browsing history.
    2. Your IP address and location
    3. Your location for streaming
    4. Your devices
    5. Your web activity.
    To choose a good VPN provider, you look for the following
    1. Their privacy policy
    2. Did they have the latest protocol
    3. Their data limits
    4. Location of their server
    5. VPN access on multiple devices
    6. Cost. But free VPN providers will have their own shortcomings,

    These are some good VPN providers.
    1.Norton Secure VPN
    3. IPVanish
    4. CyberGhost
    5. Hotspot Shield
    6. VyprVPN
    7.Private Internet Access
    8. StrongVPN
    10. NordVPN
    12. TorGuard
    14. Safer VPN

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  • VPN helps in many way for an individual other than for corporate multi-usages for data protection or data transmit safely. A single person can use it to avoid his / her online identity as well beside safeguard his / her hard works with data security purpose.

    VPN will also help to show a different IP address and region etc. to hide user's real identity or trace out by others. For example, if I use an VPN then being in India I can select it as I am in German (showing German IP address and region etc.) that will help the users in many ways.

    In case if you are using VPN then you need to make sure it is ON upon usage or else few search engine tools (for heavy usage of it [from home IP] and image verification will display often) or other websites (due to IP conflict) won't accept or recognize the real IP against VPN IP.

    Each latest mobile phones or smartphones are coming with VPN feature as well that you can add free or paid VPN service in it. There are different types of VPN service providers available around. You can try it a trial (Free version) one if you would like to do so for a better understanding.

    There are paid version for individual or multi-users (business) too. You can use VPN for Desktop, laptop or smartphones.

  • The purpose of Virtual Private Network (VPN) is to provide online privacy so that hackers or other fraudulent elements should not be able to attack the user. How VPN will be able to carry out that mammoth task of protection is answered through encryption mechanism. It will provide complete shadow from the outside and no one will be able to find out what the person inside the VPN is doing and all his traffic will flow as usual. When we are working in a public network then we are open to outside cyber criminals who are always on the prowl to cheat us by doing theft of our sensitive information like password and other equally important entities. The data stolen from a VPN network would not be of any use as its decryption will be impossible by a third party. What the outsider will see is only the IP address of VPN as it would mask ones actual IP number. VPN will not only protect our data but also block the malicious sites in sending cookies or malicious codes to our place.

    The VPN network achieves all these functions through its servers and will send the data of the user in an encrypted form to the website where the user wants to visit. The website will see the VPN server and not the user. So, it is now disabled to track the user and not able to do any mischief with the user. A good VPN provider will have many servers across the world and they will go on updating their IP address and websites will not be able to track them and take some advantage in doing wrong things through them. Anyway, using VPN is a legal thing in most of the places though in some countries like China and Iraq it is not allowed to be used by the private users.

    Another important thing is that we have to go for a reliable and trusted VPN service and must know its credentials. A good VPN service provider will give many facilities to its customer. Some of these are - no log policies, DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, 256 bit encryption, auto kill switch, good customer support, multiple device support, WebRTC leak protection etc and one has to confirm them from the offer document of the VPN service provider.

    It is not that VPN is the ultimate guard in the net. There are some downsides of VPN also. It will affect the speed of the connection as it has to do many additional things and may be travel more electronic distances as server may be anywhere in the world. Another thing is that some smart websites even block some of the VPN services on one pretext or other. Some international payment gateways like Paypal can create problem in financial transactions if one is connecting ones connection through VPN.

    There are many good VPN providers and some of them are CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, Plavpn, Surfshark VPN, IPVanish VPN, VyprVPN, Hotspot Shield, PrivateVPN, NordVPN etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • A VPN ( Internet Private Network) is a service creating a safe online connection. Internet facility users may resort to the VPN facility to enjoy more privacy and anonymity online. It would offer you a private network across the public domain allowing you to enjoy secured datas and receive the same across the Internet.
    The VPN can be used to hide the browser history of the consumers, Internet protocol IP address relating to geographical location, web activity or devices being utilised. The activities of the consumers remain protected in course of using the VPN.
    VPN apps are employed for the protection of datas on our mobile devices. Private browsing is not recommended by encryption rather it is a simple optimal browser setting preventing identifiable user data being stored.
    While surfing the web, an internet user could have come across some informations such as browsing habits or IP address likely to be attacked by the hacker. The VPN under such cases provides you peace of mind. Apart from this, ISPS are known to throttle while using Netflix often related to net neutrality.
    Benifits of using VPN -
    1) To hide a user IP address and browsing history
    2) Availing secured connection with encrypted data
    3) Bypassing geo blocked centre
    4) To get rid of the advertisers to target individuals
    5) Prevntion of bandwidth throttling
    We may come across quality VPN providers and some of them are listed below-
    1) Nord VPN
    2) IP Vanish VPN
    3) Cyber Ghost
    4) Hotspot Shield
    5) Pure VPN
    7) Express VPN
    8) Hide My Ass etc.

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