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  • Confused between job and furthur studies.

    Having a confusion choosing between job and further studies? Wondering which one is more feasible option? Scroll on this page where our ISC experts have given guidance for deciding further plan of action.

    I graduated in 2020, from Calcutta University, I furthur want to do Cost and Management Accounting , but want to get into a job. I like writing a lot and would love to get into any field related to writing. Is it a feasible option to work as well as study??
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  • Yes. You can study while working also. But what course you want to study is more important.
    With your graduation, you can start trying for a job. Many banks, PSUs and private organisations advertise posts. So you apply for them and start preparing well. If you want and if you can, you can consider joining in a coaching centre and get trained properly so that you will get a job in a good bank or any other good organisation.
    Once you join in a job, you can think of studying and acquiring new skills. There are distant education programmes and there are part-time institutes. You can decide on the course you want to study. You say you want to study cost and management accounting courses.
    The following are some of the institutes offering courses in the area you are interested in. These are online courses.
    1. Harvard-Business-School: They are offering a course called CORe Course. This is a course. on the fundamentals of business thinking. A three-course online program is designed by this institute which suits for the people who just graduates. You can go through so that you will get all the details about this course and the other courses this school is offering.
    2. Amity University: This university is offering various courses in the field of your interest. There are degree courses, diploma and PG diploma courses online which suited you. Their website is You can refer and decide on the course.
    3. Indian School of Business: This institute is also a good institute offering courses online. They are offering Accounts based marketing course. Their web address is Please go through the same for all the required details.
    4. University of South Africa: Their web address is They are having many courses online and their course on management accounting is popular. Go through the above address for full details.

    There are many such institutes. First, concentrate on getting a job and then join in any above institutes and continue your study.

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  • Yes, you can do job as well as study at same time. As mentioned above, you have completed graduation. So, you can try job in the field of banking and private organisation.
    Moreover, you are showing interest in the field of cost and management accounting course. So, you can easily pursue this course as many university offer this course in online mode. Many institute offer this programme in distance mode also. You can choose your courses according to your convenience. Some of the institute which provide quality education in cost and management accounting as follows:-
    1.Amity University: This university is offering various programme in the field of cost and management accounting. There are available various degree courses, diploma and PG diploma courses online which would prefer you. Website address:- You can get more details from web.
    2.Indian School of Business: This institute is reputed institute which offer courses online. You can do your accounts based marketing course. from here.The web address is Please go through this website for more details.

  • I would suggest you to search and join a job which is related to the finance and accounts area because by working in that area you will be in touch with your would be subject that is cost and management of accounts. Then you can enrol for a relevant course in any of the correspondence institute of repute and do your course in parallel to your job. It may appear difficult in the beginning but human beings have enormous capacity in them and if one tries hard everything can be attained. In correspondence mode, one can clear the papers in a slow and steady way and if some papers could not be completed then they can be taken up in next attempt and there is so much flexibility nowadays that I do not see any problem in this proposition.

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  • It is said that if there is a will there is a way. It is very much feasible and possible to work as well as to study at the same time and millions of poor and lower-class students are doing it across the globe and some of them would definitely be able to carve out a very successful career in due course of time and I am pretty sure of that due to my own experience in this matter. I myself am from a lower-class family and during my student life did many jobs to earn pocket money for myself and I will like to give a brief of that before I come to address your query in details. Some of these jobs were like to teach students of class 1 to 5, to make paper envelopes from old magazine and newspapers which were much in demand at that time as polythene bags were not introduced in a big way, to work part-time for 3-4 hours in the evening time in a shop which gave very little remuneration, and other such petty jobs etc. I am just mentioning this as a matter of encouragement and do not have a wish that you should go for such insignificant jobs.

    As you have already done your graduation, you can now very well search for a full-time job in the industry pertaining to your core area and for that you have to keep a watch on job portals and newspapers and once you get a position then you have to apply for a correspondence course in any reputed distance education university in the stream of cost and management accounting. When you are in a job, it is natural that employer will have some expectations from you and you have to fulfil them in the best of your capacity to survive in the industry and at the same time yo will have to give a god time for your studies. The correspondence mode well suits to the employed persons as it has many options and flexibility regarding the time which a student has to spend but at the end of the day what matters is only the hard work and focus in achieving one's academic aspirations.

    As regards the job hunting you might try to get a job related to areas like Banking, Budget planning, Teaching, Material management, Inventory control, Accounting, Tax planning, Human resource management etc. These are only indicative and there could be more depending upon your interest and liking.

    For acquiring Higher education in cost and management accounting there are some good correspondence institutes like IGNOU, Amity University, Xavier Institute of Business, MIT Pune, Symbiosis, NMIMS etc.

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  • I appreciate your strategy, you should look for your service matching your passion. In that way, you will have your mental stability to concentrate on other projects for which you deep interest- one of such areas is your perusal for Cost and Management Accounting.
    While thinking for immediate absorption in a suitable job, you may go through the paper advertisement in the leading English News Paper where you would come across the vacancies of Management Trainee ( Administration) for PSU's where in you would be absorbed in one of core departments such as personnel, finance, store or any other area for which they immediate requirements. You could match their requirements if you have at least secured 60 percent marks in your graduation. You would require to take up some personal coaching in the areas such as verbal reasoning, English comprehension and the current affairs. You have to brush up in these fields with any reputed commercial institutions so as to get success.
    The other area where you would get plenty of opportunities is the Banking Sector where you could be absorbed as a Probationary Officer. You will have to ensure that you have secured at least 55 percent marks in your graduation. To perform better for this competitive test, you would be required to undergo a special coaching from some reputed institute.
    Once you get a job in one of such areas for which you have passion, you may go in for your next step ie the fulfilment of qualification for cost and management accounting.
    There are different institutions which can be approached for your further studies indicated below -
    1) Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Munbai
    2) Amity University
    3) Lovely Professional University
    4) G. C.Rao Academy, Bengaluru
    5) IGNOU
    With the guidance of any one of such institutions, you can persue your courses of Cost and Accounting with the completion of the three different stages such as CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate and CMA Final.
    Completion of papers can be done according to your convenience taking papers partly in June and December session. You can even choose a reputed institute of your liking for your smooth preparation.
    Of course, completion of Cost and Management Accounting is a time consuming process calling for your single minded devotion, but the end result will be highly satisfying.

  • You have asked a very relevant question at the right time. Your idea of getting a job and also pursuing a course is very practical and good one.
    This is quite possible and feasible in present days of online learning. You may apply fora suitable job which you can apply with your graduate qualification. Jobs in Banks, Insurance and even finance companies are suitable and convenient considering their work schedules, salary and other facilities etc. The job itself may give some ground knowledge related to the course you want to pursue.
    As such jobs have career growth prospects also, you will not be much adversely affected much even if it takes some time to complete the course. The completion of the course itself may help in career enhancement with the same employer too.

    Without losing time you may start preparations and plans for joining the course from a suitable and reputed online education institution. Simultaneously you can apply for the suitable and eligible jobs too.

  • Yes, minimum Graduate is enough to get a suitable job in local or in any MNC with fresher tag (if no work experience) and this is one of the best time to get it done.

    There are many vacancies as such available right now, you can read local NewsPaper for vacancy column or try it online to apply for the same. This site also has Jobs section where you can get the best suitable job for sure. Prepare well in advance to get the job.

    Also, once you got the job, you have few hours after duty is over. You can then fulfill your another dream by utilizing it well. You can do it work and study in few months later if not immediately after getting the right job. Your knowledge of writing will increase by time, experience and professional work observation too.

    You can become a writer by using few hours spending daily, sooner. So, you have an option for it. Just do it.

  • I would suggest you to pursue further studies because just after graduation you won't get better growth in the corporate world. You need to do some specialisation after graduation to get a good position in a company.

    If you are financially strong then you should enroll in a regular full time course and if you are not financially strong then you may join a job and do CMA from a distance learning or through correspondence. There are lots of institutes from where you can pursue the course.


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