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  • Can I change sign in 12th marksheet

    Facing an issue with signatures being diffrent in various marksheets? Searching for how to do this online? Here, on tyhis page our experts shall provide you with guidance to make the change.

    I am in final year of civil engineering. My sign in 10th and degree are same but sign in 12th marksheet is different from these two. Will it create trouble for govt job and can I change my 12th dmc sign? If yes then please tell me the steps to change the sign.
    Note; name is correct but sign is different.
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  • Normally it should not happen as most of the people keep their signature consistent because of so many problems otherwise faced in the banks and financial institutions for submitting a check or things like that. So it is always advisable to keep ones signature consistent. Anyway, in your case, there is a mismatch of your signatures in your mark sheets. Do not worry, it will not have any adverse effect on you because during the document verification process all the educational and personal credentials are verified and once that is in order that completes the verification process. So, change in your signature is not an issue at all at this juncture. At the same time please note that do not change your signatures often as it will lead big problems for you in bank transactions and other such matters.

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  • You may keep the following points in your mind in respect of putting your signature in the different documents- official or otherwise.
    1) At all costs, you should make every effort to maintain consistency in your signature pattern. Deviation will cause unnecessary problems.
    2) If despite your attempt to maintain original signature and still the deviations are observed, you may have to approach the lawyer of the court with all your relevant papers such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID card and other academic certificates so that he can make an affidavit to be produced before the magistrate certifying that signatures belong to the same person.
    3) In respect of signature, ensure that all your signatures are identical in nature. In that way, you will not invite any legal issue.
    4) During the process of verification, your signature already put in your 12 th mark - sheet is not likely to create problem since signature in that sheet does not come under the purview of verification.
    Hope, you would realise the importance of the consistency of the signature.

  • Your signature in 12th marks list is different from other signatures.
    All other details are the same. There is no difference. All other details are the same in all other douemnts. As long as there is no deviation in the details regarding your name, father's name, Date of Birth, Caste and religion, nativity and other details, deviation in the signature may not matter. So you need not worry about that.
    But it is always advisable to have the same signature in all the documents. In some cases, the signature will become very important. So hereafter please see that there will be no change in the signature in any documents.

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  • Signature consistency is necessary for all banking and financial related issue. If your signature in 12th marksheet doesn't match with other signature. Then, it would not create any problem. As in the purview of verification, marksheet does not come under verification if other details regarding your name, father's name, Date of birth, caste and religion are correct. But, you should be careful from next time so that could not repeat this mistake. You should understand the importance of signature consistency. Try to have same signature in all documents. In some cases, it may create big problem.

  • I don't think you will need any such kind of correction. Your 12th certificate is not recognized as your signature. The problem of your signature occurs and is needed during financial activities like banks etc. When you do any transaction with the bank, then your signature should be the same. For this, your signature already registered in the bank is matched, not the signature done in your 12th mark sheet.

    Even when filling other forms or applying for any job, when there is a demand for various identity cards and certificates etc. for identification, the school certificate is only needed for identifying your age and your parent's name, for other things like home address, etc. different identity cards are used.

    If you have forgotten the signature that you had made while opening an account with the bank, then in such a situation you can go directly to the bank and contact, with a systematic process you can change your signature.

    However, if you want to get your certificate corrections, then for this you will have to consult your school and the concerned board from where you passed your 12th examination. There you will have to follow the whole process, for which you have to fill a form and submit the relevant documents. In this, the details of your bank account can also be asked, in which you have your signature.

  • Thanks for help and keep doing it

  • Normally the signature in schools/college certificates are not much compared. The comparison of signatures are verified only when other legal or financial documents entered. One start your career you stick with a similar signature.

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