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    Seeking job in medical industry

    Aspiring to take up a career in the medical field? Looking out for guidance regarding this career? Find suggesions nad guidance from experts on this page for your query.

    I have completed my graduation in B.Sc chemistry. I am seeking your guidance to enhance my career option. Could you please let me know any course which will boost my career and will have more opportunity in medical field or any other field. I have scored distinction in my graduation degree.
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  • There are many options for a B.Sc. Chemistry qualified person for enhancing the qualifications in this area and select a particular line for carer development. If you have anything specific in your mind as per your liking or interest you can sort out that from the following information.

    Chemistry is a discipline which has a job link to industries engaged in chemical, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, polymer products, food additives, biochemicals, drugs, and other related fields. So it has a vast coverage from that angle. Then there are many research laboratories where research related to chemicals and biochemicals is going on regularly to meet the demand of these chemical industries.

    One can go for M.Sc. in Chemistry and apply for it either through a competitive exam like IIT JAM or BHU Entrance Exam or Indian Institute of Science entrance exam or any direct admission in a university. There are many other colleges where one can try to get admission in this course. Depending upon the interest one has to choose the particular course in M.Sc. Chemistry. As per the interest indicated by you some of these courses could be in Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Medical Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry etc.

    There are many job functions which one can keep in mind while selecting a particular course. Some of these are Pharma Assistant, Geneticist, Clinical Research Specialist, Toxicologist, Biochemist, teaching discipline etc.

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  • Chemistry is a subject which is having many applications. You completed your graduation with distinction. So you have many options before you to choose.

    After B. Sc you can get jobs in chemical and allied industries as Chemist. While doing job you can do post graduation in open university. Alternatively you can do AIC course offered by Institute of chemists,India. This is equal to PG qualification. Even you can register for PhD also.

    Alternatively you can join in any university and do your M. Sc. This is for 2 years. Based on your interest you can take any specialisation like Analytical or Organic chemistry. After completing MSc you can opt for a job in any industry or a teaching job. Otherwise you can write NET and get qualified for a fellowship and do Doctorate. Alternatively you can do B.Ed and go as a teacher. After PhD also you can try teaching or industry job after PhD. There are many research laboratories in government sector as well as private sector also. You can try for that. There are many testing laboratories where you will get many jobs as testing chemists and scientists.
    If you have interest in medicinal chemistry some universities are offering this specialisation also. You can do that. Another option is to do a diploma in clinical testing and join in any diagnostic laboratory.

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  • As a chemistry graduate, you have a vast scope for a bright future. You may go in the following fields as:
    Academic researcher
    Analytical chemist
    Chemical engineer
    Clinical scientist, biochemistry
    Forensic scientist
    Research scientist (physical sciences)
    Scientific laboratory technician

    You may also have your future as hereunder:
    Civil service fast streamer
    Environmental consultant
    Higher education lecturer
    Management consultant
    Nuclear engineer
    Patent attorney
    Radiation protection practitioner
    Science writer
    Secondary school teacher

  • Chemistry relates to the study of molecules and their behaviours while undergoing chemical reactions with the different concentration of the reactants. This subject provides a backbone in all the traditional branches such as Organic, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry etc.
    After the graduation with the combination of Chemistry, an aspirant can go in for M. Sc in Chemistry. For his own interest, it would be better to choose a premier institution for his bright prospect. Some of the leading institutions are as follows-
    1) Miranda House, Delhi.
    2) Christ University, Bengaluru.
    3) Lovely Professional University, Punjab
    4) Madras Christian College, Chennai.
    5) IIT Kharagpur
    6) Delhi University etc
    Admission process would involve a written test followed by an interview comprising of subjects experts to assess your aptitude test and potentials apart from your minimum cut off marks in your graduation level.
    A post graduate degree in Chemistry would open plethora of jobs both in Research and Pharmaceutical fields and such aspirants may be placed in the following posts -
    1) Biomedical Chemist
    2) Laboratory Chemist
    3) Industrial Research Chemist
    4) Research and Development Manager in Pharmaceutical Laboraties such as Glaxo, Cadila, Alembic etc
    5) Drug Chemist
    6) Jobs in the chemical industries such as Rubber, Aluminium, Paints etc
    If the aspirant is interested for the post of a lecturer, he has to clear the NET test and after his selection in a college, he has to procure the doctorate degree in Chemistry for his better prospects and promotions.
    The aspirants may join even as a teacher in a higher secondary school after completing the B.Ed course from a recognised university. IGNOU could be the best option to continue studies in the leisure hours if engaged in some jobs.

  • If you wish, you can enhance both your career and knowledge by doing a Ph.D. in Chemistry subject. But if you want to move forward in the medical field, you can get information about the following courses after graduation. These are all course job oriented -

    Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
    Occupational therapy treatment helps people in all areas of their life in freedom. In this, the doctor helps physically challenged and mentally retarded persons. Good treatment is given by it through involvement in various activities such as recreation and activities of daily living.
    The pharmacist
    This includes the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, developing methods of pharmaceutical production, and quality control. After this course, you can work in pharmacists, drug manufacturing companies, private or government institutions related to research, etc. Pharmacists can also act as medical representatives.
    If you go into this field, you will get a lot of employment opportunities. Diagnostic tests are carried out in Radiography through radiation, including X-rays, Ultra Sound, CT Scan and MRI, etc. Mostly the role of a Radiologist in a large medical team is significant, and nowadays their demand is also very high.
    You can do a degree or diploma course in optometrists. This is also a good option. It includes both the structure of the human eye and its working method. In this, the initial symptoms of the eyes, the use of eye lenses, and other problems are tested. Nowadays, some people have started to go directly to optometrists instead of medical practitioners.
    Medical laboratory
    Everyone knows that without a test these days no doctor gives medicines or further treatment, hence the demand for the laboratory is also increasing. It includes clinical technology, microbiology, blood bank, and immunology, etc. Under the direction of technologists and supervisors in the Medical Technician Laboratory, work related to the test.

  • Chemistry is a good discipline from the career point of view. As mentioned above, You have done graduation in chemistry. So, there are various courses and job opportunities available which can be done as per your liking.
    After completing B.Sc, you can apply for the job in chemical, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, drugs and other related industries. Along with the job, you can continue your studies in distance mode which would help in the future career. You should go for and then for a PhD. Thus, you would be eligible in making a career in lectureship. Moreover, you may pursue a B.ED course from a recognised university for making a career in the teaching field. If you are interested in the medical field then you can opt following courses after graduation.
    Here are some of the job-oriented courses:-

    1.Optometry - You can apply for a degree or diploma course in optometrists. It involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for abnormalities as well as prescribing the correction of eyes and the treatment of eye diseases.

    2.Medical lab technician - Nowadays, this course is more in demand. The Medical Lab Technician (MLT) course helps students in working as lab technologists capable of collecting and storing samples, analysing them and creating reports based on the sample for further analysis by a doctor. The course includes elements of blood bank management, materials management, supply chain management as well as lab information system management.

    3. Radiology - You can apply for this course. It is one of the interesting medical courses that makes the use of imaging to distinguish and treat diseases available in the body. A radiographer produces radiography of patients with the help of X-ray to find the body condition of the patient. In addition to X-ray, a radiographer also does CT scans, ultrasounds and MRI for producing radiography.

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