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  • What all I have to do before starting a journey?

    Looking out for tips for travelling? Wondering what to do if you are a newbie? On this page our experts shall provide with information which can enable you to start a long distance journey.

    I am not a frequent traveler .I have only visited very less places.Still I dont know all things I have to keep in mind before starting a journey. What all apps I should use before starting a journey? Please explain me what all I have to do before starting a long distance journey in bus or train? If you have a good experience in journey, do answer here.
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  • There are many tips for a smooth journey and a good meticulous planning made before the journey is a great help later during it. Today because of the covid threat there are some additional things that one has to do and in this context one has to install the Arogya Setu app in ones mobile device before moving out as it can be asked at places especially at airports by the police or other authorities.

    The preparation for going out starts with the information as for how many days one is going out and the destination and its weather at that point of time. Accordingly the clothes are to be selected and packed. It is always advisable to move out with minimum luggage and it is necessary to keep the minimum clothes as far as possible. Many luxury items are heavy. For example a good towel will occupy a lot of place while a thin cotton towel which would do the job equally well and is easy to carry. Like that there aren many space saving ideas that we can think of. Some of the things which are very useful and helpful during the journey and outstation trips are -
    1. A small torchlight. As mobile also acts like this, one can use the mobile in its place.
    2. Some small cotton clothes pieces (old or new) which are very useful in various situations.
    3. Some old paper magazine or a newspaper for rough purposes.
    4. One glass, one quarter plate (or a few disposable plates) and one knife.
    5. Water bottle.
    6. Credit card / debit card / some cash / ID card etc.
    7. Shaving kit / protective creams / ladies mini cosmetic set / odomos etc.
    8. Some important medicines in minimum quantities.
    9. Address / phone details in physical shape may be in a small diary.
    10. Mobile charger / poewer bank etc.
    11. Small packets of biscuits etc for emergency.
    12. Items related to kids if they are accompanying.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Going for a long journey by bus or train is a thrilling experience and those who like outing it is a great time to enjoy the surroundings and also enjoy the various food items and site seeing in new places. The adventure and curiosity to visit other places is one thing that inspires us to take such journeys to reach there. Apparently it looks so rosy and charming but one has to prepare well for a long journey otherwise the inconveniences and problems will mask all our excitement and interest. So, for preparing for a long journey either by bus or train we have to make all the arrangements which will keep us comfortable and well organised during the trip.

    First thing which I put on the first priority is to keep our personal identification document like ID card and financial sources like debit card or credit card with us without which we would not be able to spend money and get accommodation in hotels or guest houses. It is also necessary to keep some cash depending upon our casual needs and one thing which is important is to keep sufficient change with oneself as you do not get much time for getting the change back from the vendors or hawkers while on the go and may get the tea or something just across the window and would be paying for it.

    The next thing is the clothes and other accessories which are to be kept for the trip. We have to keep light clothing so that in emergency we can wash them and it gets dried up sooner. Woollen clothes are to be kept only when one is going to a cold place. There are some items which are very common but of great use during the journey. These are cap, goggles, scarf, muffler etc and help much to protect ourselves from the dust and wind.

    Another important thing is the medical support. During the journey you are your own doctor and must carry some basic medicines like analgesic and antipyretic, anti-allergic, anti-vomitting, medicines for stomach disorder, and any other medicine which has been prescribed by the doctor to you for a long time management like medicine for hypertension or diabetes. It is also advisable to keep small tubes of eye drops, general purpose ointments etc which are useful especially when moving with the kids and some cut or bruise is unfortunately made during the journey.

    When you are leaving the house please ascertain that you have switched off the lights fully and closed the water taps and also closed all the windows and such things so that when you return from the journey the house is not full of dust. You can keep the fridge on if there are many things stored there otherwise you can defrost it and wipe and close. Of course it there are people who will be there in your absence then you can skip all these processes.

    When one goes for a long journey then one must take some good reading material with him as it is a big pastime in monotonous surroundings. Mobile phone plus its charger and if possible one power bank are must in any journey. Keep your mobile fully charged before leaving the house.

    There are some general precautions which are to be adhered during the long journey. First thing is do not overeat and keep a control on the lures of taking snacks and food items at every break during the journey. One has to keep the stomach in order during the journey otherwise it will spoil the trip. Wherever fruits are available buy them and they are very good for a feeling of stomach filling and are a healthy option.

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  • Especially if you are traveling with a small child,
    1. A flask
    2.medium sized vessel with widened mouth
    3.a small sized immersion heater which is normally available with electrical items. This is to heat water through the plug point available in coach bays.
    4.milk powder normally using for the child
    5.sugar - powdered as it will dissolve easily
    6.a bottle of mineral water
    In addition to these above,
    7.a chain and lock to tie our luggages in the ring provided under the seats.
    8.If traveling to cold places, sweater, glowses, socks with fingers, shawl, woollen scarf.
    9.some old newspapers to spread while eating,cleaning the dusts in seat/berths, can even be useful when we staying in the station for another link train.
    10.if food taken with us in vessels, some quantity of soap /powder or cleaning liquid to clean the vessels.
    11. If minimum persons, food can be get packed in aluminum foils or packing bowls so as we can throw out after eating which reduce weight of our luggage.
    12.If more persons, it is good to have in vessels and easy to get from hotel while returning. Along with some Stainless steel or melmoware plates and spoons can be taken.

  • When you are planning a journey, you have to first ensure that your reservation is done and it is confirmed When you are going for a long-distance journey, you should never go for a journey without any reservation. You decided the dates first and then get the reservation either by bus or by train.
    Then based on the need you can arrange accommodation reservation also. There are online reservation facilities and you can book a room in a hotel or a guest house as per the dates required for you. If you have reservation some hotels will arrange for picking up you from the railway station or bus stand. If we go without reservation for accommodation you have to arrange after going there. Moving with luggage is difficult. So It is preferable to book in advance and you can directly go there without any problem.
    Once the journey ticket is confirmed and accommodation is booked, you will have a peace of mind and now you have to get all the required items for carrying with you.
    1. Your clothing should be suitable for the atmosphere at the place you are visiting. Know about the atmosphere there. If it is very cold there you have to arrange thermals so that you will not feel cool. Based on the number of days you are going to stay there, you have to pack the dresses required. Nightdresses, formals and casuals as per your programme are to be packed. Bedsheets and air pillow for the journey can also be carried with you.
    2. You have to carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and other requirements based on your usage. A shaving kit is also required. I used to travel very often. So I used to keep a kit bag in which all the items are available. Before starting my journey, I used to check the kit and if anything is required I used to add that.
    3. Emergency medication like pain killers, Paracetamol, Digene and other medications you use regularly is to be packed. You should keep the medicines based on the duration of the tour. Keep in mind that the medicines you use in your place may not be available at your visiting place. So keep enough quantity and also carry the prescription with you. That will ensure that you will have the required medicines with you.
    4. You have to keep sufficient money with you. But don't carry too much cash. Carry credit or debit card with you. But keep some cash also. Never keep all the money you are carrying with you at one place. distribute and keep in different places. When you make purchases never take out all the amount you have with you. Maximum try for card or payments apps like Gpay,pay, BHIM etc.
    5. Laptop or tablet, mobile phone, their chargers etc are to be packed separately. If the journey is during a day time journey you can carry some reading material with you. If you have a laptop you can use that also during your journey.
    6. If you are having the habit of wearing shoes, you have to carry chappals also with you so that when you stay in a lodge you can use them. Star hotels may provide chappals but many hotels will not have them.
    7. Water bottles are available everywhere. So no need to carry any water storage containers.
    8. If you have kids with you, you should ensure that whatever they required are packed properly.
    9. If you are locking your house and going, ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off and all the plugs are removed from the sockets. All the almirahs are locked properly. Ensure that all the jewellery, gold and silver are kept in the locker.
    10. Please ensure that your ID proofs like Aadhar card, PAN card, Journey Tickets and other required documents are with you before you start.
    11. You may require some items when you are travelling. So such items should be packed in such a way that you can reach them very easily. Some people will carry some eatables with them. Some prefer to purchase. If you are interested in carrying some snacks made in the house you can pack them also.
    12. WIsh you a happy journey.

    always confident

  • While going for a long trip or small trip, solo trip or family trip, you must keep following things with you that are very useful.
    1. Newspapers, small cotton cloth
    2. Watter Bottle (Flask)
    3. Glass or Plastic cup, Knife
    4. Lock and chain (for security)
    5. Soap/Paper Soap/Washing soap
    6. Medicines for fever, pain relief
    7. Trimmer
    8. Power Bank
    9. Bedsheet (at least 1)
    10. ID Proofs, Plastic money cards

    Note that above items could vary from person to person depending upon their needs. Also to mention, luggage should be minimum and only relevant items should be carried with you on trip.

    With regards,
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  • First, you have to ponder over a few things if you are planning to travel:
    a) Your age
    b) Destination
    c) Weather of the place
    d) Going alone or with friends or family or business partners
    But here I suppose that you are young and planning to go with your friends.
    Following things, you have to have in your backpack.
    a) Essential clothes as per weather of the place you are to visit, including socks, undergarments, hanky, flip flops, sunglasses, rain-coat or waterproof mac with hood, sun cream, lip cream, walking-shoes, sleeping bag liner, googles.
    b) Water-bottle, glass, plate, spoon, knife, needle and thread, scissors, pen, diary, safety pin, button.
    c) For safety: Rope, whistle (may be used if stuck somewhere and can't call others loudly for help) and salt ( some insects may suck your blood, a pinch of salt can kill them. These insects are found on hills or rainy- area)
    d) Necessary Medicine for fever, cold, pain, vomit and others, including first aid medicines.
    e) Toilet paper, paper napkins, sanitary napkins (for female), toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, oil, shampoo, hair conditioner, hairbrush, spray etc.
    f) Aadhar card, DL, phone charger/portable charger, cash, credit card, a camera with a charger, shaving kt
    g) Packed food, Dry fruits

  • We travel for different purposes. Many times we have to undertake some suddenly decided urgent travels. But otherwise most of our travel will be pre-planned especially when we travel for leisure or vacation etc. I this I am considering such a travel which involves long distance and a few days.
    We would like our leisure travel or vacation travel to be a pleasure and relaxing experience. However many times many of us have to start our travel with lot of tension sweating and fretting. While there could be a few contributory reasons beyond our control there are many where proper pre-planning and systematic compliance can make things very smooth and pleasant experience. I suggest them from my own experience and what I do.

    Make a Travel Note book or travel diary:
    The moment you plan a travel take a small note book and keep it exclusively for that travel trip.(Alternatively you can have a 200 page note and use it for all your travels.). Give the note book a label or heading like " Mumbai Trip 20th January 2021 to 5th February 2021.
    Then earmark at least two facing pages each under headings like " To do at Mumbai", " To take from here to Mumbai", "To buy from Mumbai", To do before starting date , "On starting date" etc.

    Note down what are relevant for each heading. Over the coming days also go on noting whatever comes to your mind as and when you remember it. Then review it every day and complete and comply whatever can be and has to be done.

    For example in the page for "On starting date" I start writing the schedule in the countdown reverse order. If the train starts at 12 noon, I start noting like below:
    12.00 noon train starts
    11.30 board train
    11.00 - reach station -Board taxi (if there is a travel time of about 1hr)
    9.50 – Leave home (if taxi is readily available in front of home)
    9.40 - be ready for staring-ensure once again tkt. Money, chargers, mobile etc.
    I also mention things like, close all taps, put off all switches, and switch off inverter and mains, etc

    In 'To do before starting date' page I note Keep ticket ready, Keep Credit /Debit cards ready, Keep money, Withdraw money from bank, buy. etc. This also I schedule date wise and on the date previous to travel I would have mentioned pack and keep things ready for travel tomorrow.Like that you can improvise as per your need.

    Whoever member in the family remembers something, that is to be noted down under relevant page and date. Everything from water, water bottle, foods for the travel etc all have to be noted down and ticked on compliance and arrangement.

    If you are taking medicines regularly separate doses to be taken during travel have to be packed in small zip-lock packets and labelled as first day morning Ist day night, or 2ne day morning etc. and kept in the hand bag in an easy to take and use way. We even label the luggage box with name, train or fight number and date of travel etc and paste it at a discreet place so that we can identify our luggage when needed.
    We are following this for the last two and half decades.

    I also extend this to the itinerary also. For example date... visit Uncle and Aunt, or visit so and so place etc. For this we have to do homework by seeing the calendar and holidays and accordingly adjust and plan.

    For the last two and half decades I am following what I had written above and it is really helpful to me. But what is given above is just illustrative and a simple guide. One can make it exhaustive and comprehensive as per need and from experience.

    The following ISC articles titled
    "Travel Tips on luggage for long distance travel" and "Travel tips while travelling with children in India"can be useful too.

    Wish you happy journey always.

  • There are different types of travel such as business travel, leisure travel, special interest travel, Event travel, relatives travel etc. So, we should do planning accordingly. Moreover, you should do all planning by seeing number of people, weather of place and age group of people in your travel.
    Here are some necessary item which need to be kept before travelling:-
    1. Try to keep light weight suitcase.
    2. Keep cloth according to weather of place. If Place is cold then keep woolen cloth and Keep cotton cloth for summer place. Bedsheets and air pillow are also necessary item which need to be carried for journey.
    3. Keep extra bank card and credit card with you.
    4. You should be ensured that your ID proofs like Aadhar card, PAN card, Journey Tickets and other required documents are with you before starting journey.
    5. Keep necessary medicine like pain killers, Paracetamol, Digene and first-aid kit.
    6. You should carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and other required items.

  • Traveling is a pleasant experience, if our preparation is done properly, for this, we start preparations for many days in advance, yet many times it happens that during the journey we get that if we do this job Forgot it and then nothing happens except regret.

    Along with the tips given by other authors also keep some things in mind so that you can enjoy the journey.

    1. Make a list - Start planning the journey, preparing the list in which you write all the important things like essential items, dates, etc. And as the work gets done, tick it in the list, it will make you easier to pack. Many times when we are doing some work and at the same time we remember any other work or preparation but at that time we do not do it immediately and forget it later, so write it in this list immediately.

    2. Packing Smartly - Whenever we go outside, packing is not arranged many times, so whenever packing, do it smartly so that you do not get confused in finding things and you can enjoy the journey comfortably.

    3. First Ad Box - This is a very common thing, but many times people give it a beat and forget it at the last moment, so we should keep it in the beginning. In which all the necessary medicines, Dettol, antiseptic cream, etc. are necessary.

    4. Wherever you are going, the more information you will keep with you, the more you will be good information, try to avoid any kind of cheating at that place. Girls should also keep in mind that while they are aware of safety, they can carry spray with them.

    5. Keep money organized - This is the most important thing, many times people keep cards and all the money together in a purse which is not appropriate. Safety from accidents is more sensible, so keep the money in such a way that even if there is a theft incident, then you have a backup. By the way, keep the precautions during the journey so that there are no such incidents that will disappoint your journey.

    During the journey, some apps will help you -

    DigiLocker: This app was launched to keep the necessary documents completely safe. There is no need to keep hard copies of documents with this app. To sign up on this app, it is necessary to have an Aadhaar number linked to the mobile number. In this digital locker, you can keep a digital copy of the PAN card, certificates, Aadhaar card, RC, insurance, etc.

    IRCTC Rail Connect: This is one of the most popular apps. IRCTC has created this app to make the journey of passengers easy and convenient. With the help of these apps, you can go from booking tickets at home to serving food you like during the journey. If there is any kind of problem along the way, then this app is very helpful.

    Rigo Taxi: When you visit during the journey, then the demand for a taxi will be highest, for this, if you want a taxi on the sea or early, the help of the Rigo app can be taken. This is a great app for booking taxis.

  • It would be the best way to note down in your pocket diary to enlist the essential items to be carried along while proceeding to journey especially if you do have the infant child with you. In order to have the stress free journey ensure the following points and for the fool prof planning we should log down the same in your planned list. The following should be enclosed-
    1) Your tickets for the Railway Journey
    2) Date of Journey and its timing
    3) If the ticket is not confirmed ensure that the ticket is confirmed prior to your final journey
    4) If you are accompanied by you infant baby, take care of taking infant milk, three water bottles, two flasks one with hot water and other purified water.
    4) Medicines relating to common fever, cough, cold, stomach ache and any medication for you and your wife currently under the prescription.
    5) Your ATM card for the withdrawal of cash in the emergency situations.

  • It's better to have a pocket diary before getting into the preparation for your journey. Make a list of things you want in advance to make sure that you forget nothing. Apart from your clothes and train tickets, there are certain things that you need to carry:
    1. Try to install some necessary apps like online banking apps, online food ordering apps, etc., so that you wouldn't be depending on others in an unknown place.
    2. Carry some essential items with you all along the way such as portable charger.
    3. Have some cash in hand as you cannot totally depend on your online transfers and credit/debit cards. Use the cash in case of emergency.
    4. Also have your credit/debit cards always with you.
    5. Take things like your soap, shampoo, perfume, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush and other cosmetics that you need.
    6. It's very important that you don't forget to take your medicines before packing.
    7. Have your Id proof like aadhar, PAN card, etc.,
    8. Buy some readymade packed foods.
    9. Take a sweater in case if you are going to some hill stations.
    10. Carry your water bottle always filled with water.
    11. Everything depends upon the place you chose to go, so do plan wisely.

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