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  • How to improve the signal strength to my Mobile phone

    Facing reduced signal strength of mobile device? Interested in enhancing the signal strength? Check out this Ask Expert page for all the ways to resolve the issue.

    I have a mobile phone Nokia 2.1 ( 4G ). My service provider is BSNL. I am in Bengaluru. Till last week I had been using my mobile phone successfully without any problem. While operating the Mobile inside my home, the signal strength use to be between 85 and 90 db. I used to receive my in calls and send my outcalls.

    Since last week, I am having a problem. I am unable to use my Mobile for out calls and I am not receiving any in calls. When I checked up the signal strength, it shows ZERO. When I go out from home and stand on the road, I get the signal strength of 90 db. And I am able to send and receive calls.

    My question is - How to improve my signal strength to use my phone inside the home? Can any Mobile signal booster help me to overcome the problem? Will it really help me? If yes, how should I go about? What sort of Mobile booster should I buy?

    Your good advice is requested.
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  • If the BSNL signal is in general weak in that area then even after manually setting the network or restarting the phone or updating the mobile system software or turning off unused services or any other method would be of no avail and only thing that one has to think is either go for a different network provider whose signal is good in that area or use a mobile phone booster. Going for a connection with some other ISP is definitely a good choice but it would increase one more SIM which may not be of much use when you go back to your usual place of dwelling.

    There are some branded company signal boosters like Cel-Fi, HiBoost, SureCall, Wilson, and WeBoost which are generally recommended for the mobile signal boosting purposes in the areas where the signal is weak. These are costlier ones and have prices in the range Rs 8000 to 20000. One thing that we have to take care is in some online stores some antennas are shown to cost Rs 300 to 1800 but they are only antennas and are to be connected with a mobile booster or Wi-Fi extenders. So please do not confuse that with a mobile booster.

    I have searched these items in online stores but there are either the antennas or Wi-Fi range extenders available and I could not get any information on the mobile signal boosters. So, one better way which I can suggest to search for a mobile booster would be to go to the the site and view the details and get quote for a particular model. One has to enter ones mobile number to proceed ahead in that site.

    Considering all the above factors I would suggest to go for a mobile connection of another ISP whose signal is good in that area. It would be a cheaper and practical option. There will be one more active SIM with you for some time.

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  • There are two issues here,
    1. This weak signal is a general problem to all the mobile users of the same service provider. In such case the signal in that area itself is weak. It is not a problem with the phone you are using. Many time we see that the signal inside the house will be a little weak that outside. But it will not drop down drastically. Then you have to change your service provider. You have to see which service provider's signal is strong in that area and you may have to go for that company's SIM card. There are some signal boosters available in the market. They will amplify an existing cell signal. They distribute the strong signal inside your home, business or vehicle. They work with all networks simultaneously. Another way is to use wifi to make and receive calls.
    2. If the weak signal is specific to your mobile, there may be something wrong with your phone. For that, you have to see that your phone is in good working condition. You do the following.
    1. The software used by the phone should be updated.
    2. See that unused app are turned off.
    3.Data and voice settings are to be changed if necessary
    4. Reselect manually the network provider and check the settings once.
    5. Please ensure that the cover you are using is not covering the antenna of the phone.
    6. Try to keep the phone near a window so that strength of the signal will be good.
    7. Turn off apps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other connectivity options.
    8. Check the SIM card and clean if necessary.
    9. Instead of 4G, try to use 2G or 3G network.
    By following the above precautions there may be some improvement.

    The best option is to change the network provider and go for the network which is having good signal in your house.

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  • Here in this case, I would suggest you to check with any other smartphone whether signal is coming proper inside home or not. This would be just to ensure whether there is issue with smartphone or the signal.

    If signal is not coming in other smartphone also, then it means there is weak strength of BSNL signal inside your home. To overcome it, you can either use your phone in a specific area like near window or upper floors to get proper network. I also heard regarding signal boosters but no idea whether they are really effective or not.

    If signal is coming other smartphone, then it means there is issue with your smartphone and you can replace it with another one. Alternate way would be to visit its service center to rectify that issue.

    With regards,
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  • Generally, BSNL doesn't have good signal. First, you check other people are also facing the same problems. If only you are facing then take your mobile to service centre. If all BSNL users are facing this problem then you may see following suggestions:
    - Port your number to any other network which has good signals in your area.
    - Update your software.
    - Turn off any services you're not currently using like WiFi, Bluetooth etc
    - Change your Voice and Data settings
    - Turn airplane mode on and off.
    - Reset your network settings.
    - Manually re-select the network operator. Go to "Settings > Find Mobile Networks > Network operators".
    - Following are some cell phone signal boosters to solve your problem.

    Wilson Pro 70 Plus
    Cel-Fi GO X
    SureCall Fusion2Go Max
    weBoost Home MultiRoom
    SureCall Flare 3.0
    weBoost Drive Reach
    SureCall Fusion5X 2.0
    SureCall Flare
    SureCall Fusion4Home Yagi
    SureCall Fusion5s

  • We are encountered with call drops, slow internet speed, poor email messages or may be poor voice quality due to the bad signal strength. Poor signal reception can be quite disappointing affecting the service of the mobile. If you do have such problems, there are some tips and if employed can boost the signal strength. The following tips may be employed to boost the signal strength-
    1) Remove the cover of the smart phone- By removing the cover of the smartphone or its case can eliminate the source of blockage of the antenna of the smartphone. Though cover offers added protection of the mobile but it may reduce its signal strength.
    2) Cells phones are designed to receive the signal from the cell tower constantly and the signals emanating out of the towers undergoes through the numerous obstructions prior to reaching the signals of the mobile.
    Distortions can be minimised by moving near a window or an open area. The other way is to keep your smart phone away from the electronic equipment or the metal objects.
    3) Mark the Cellphone Battery - It should be sufficiently be charged so as to receive the quality signal. When the battery is low, it would be difficult to search the signals.
    4) Examine the status of the SIM Card - Signal strength may drop all of sudden due to accumulation of dust or any damage of the SIM Card. Hence it is advisable to take out the SIM Card for its thorough cleaning. If required get a fresh SIM Card from the service provider for the distortion free service.

  • In general, few residential places across Bangalore city won't get proper signal despite the service provider tower is very near. Likewise, it happens in many cities across India too.

    Different service provider has an issue as such for its few subscribers though it is not for all. It may be depend on construction area or a different in nature of the device etc.

    I would suggest you to first check your SIM using it with another smartphone brand to know whether it is an issue with your Nokia (regardless of its brand or latest phone etc.) phone or same with other phones.

    In a few rare scenario, you might get signal on a phone but still the other end people may not be able to call/reach you sometime. It happens to many.

    Switch off or Airplane mode for few second would help on this. In your case, you need to call BSNL customer care to notify them about it if your phone or other tested phone is okay. Buying signal booster is not recommended in general. The same phone might work in other area too.

  • Mr. Anonymnous,
    I contacted the BSNL authorities and lodged a complaint explaining the nature of my problem with the weak/no signal strength. The authorities looked into the matter and rectified the same. Now I am getting the signal 80 to 100 dbs. They have intimated to me through an SMS that they have resolved my problem. I am quite happy with their prompt action. Thank you for your suggestion. You are right. A signal booster would go waste.

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