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  • Earning opportunities to maintain family.

    Want to know the various methods for earning money in case a person has lost job during the pandemic? Looking out for alrternative ways here? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Last one year many people have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Some of them are doing any part time jobs to maintain their family. Most of them are still searching employment. Many of them are Labor, Class 10th to graduate and some are post graduate. Our govt is providing free ration to them, i.e. rice, atta and sugar are provided which is not sufficient for their family. Accordingly they have to earn something.
    What alternative ways of earning do you prefer for the above catagory of people? Please provide your valuable advised.
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  • Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and the help that is coming from the government may not be sufficient for the family. So many people suffered and now slowly the situation is becoming normal.
    Many qualified people started working for daily wages to take care of their families. Schools are not opened. Online classes are going on. Many parents are thinking of home tuitions to their children. Graduated and Post Graduates who are interested in teaching can take up tuitions to such students. One to one classes also can be taken and you can earn a good amount. Look for such people around your area and try to earn some money.
    People are not interested in purchasing ready-made items from shops. If you can make them in your house and supply to your known people in your area. That will also get you some money. Another option is to make some pickles in the house and supply to known people. Some families are cooking food and supplying to the people who are not able to cook for them. These activities can be taken up by the people who are good at cooking. Content writing, Participating in various paid surveys that are conducted online are some other ways to earn some money. You can spend some time on sites like ISC and contribute so that you can earn some money.
    Many people are ordering items online and hence there is a demand for delivery boys. You can also try to get some temporary job as delivery persons and earn some money.

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  • The past year proved to be very tough in relation to get a suitable assignment after loosing the jobs from the different sectors. The lay off employees were from the different sectors such as IT, education sectors, service sectors and so on. Now the economic situation has somewhat eased and their possibilities of getting some alternative assignments are not the distant visions if they could think of their potentials and passions in the different fields. They can think of the following assignments if they are interested to take up any one of these avocations. They may think of the following lines if interested-
    1) Taking up tuitions of class twelve students preparing for engineering tests - Most of the employees from the IT sectors had great fascinations for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They can choose any one of these subjects for imparting tuitions to the prospective candidates either joining a commercial institution or they can start of their own taking smaller batches initially and later it can be expanded with the growth of your business.
    This business would provide you enough opportunity to earn money substantially with the passage of time.
    2) You can set up your computer institutions- This would be a fine idea in case you want to provide computer education to the needy aspirants interested to know basic programming in the different languages such as Java, C++, Oracle etc. Provide the arrangement of certifications of such modules through APTECH or NIIT so that they can ultimately gain some employments in their chosen areas.
    3) Try to secure a job in Amazon or any other such sectors- If you are fluent enough to convince the customers regarding the quality of a product, you can successfully manage your job as a manager in such plateforms. You have to believe in your own potential so as to be successful in this profession.
    4) Start thinking of setting up of food outlets- If you have the real passion in cooking and are able to demonstrate your skill in this area, you can go ahead for it with your humble investment initially but with the surge of the customers, your earning potential would rise phenomenally.
    5) Be a consultant for the people interested in the share market - If you could offere some valuable ideas to the customers where they should invest their money in the share market to maximise their investments in the different corpus such as Hindalco, Infosys, Tata Steel, HDFC etc and if your suggestions go favourably, you will have pool of customers fetching you substantial earnings in near future. You will have to refer to a lot of financial magazines and newpapers such as Economic Times to update your knowledge.

  • Pandemic has affected almost all people worldwide and in our country too. But life is back to normalcy. Now there is no dearth of work for labour class. They can still earn Rs 500/- to Rs 1000/- in metro cities. 10th class people can also work as labour in any construction site and can earn good amount. No work is menial for any person who wants to work. If someone has done graduation or post graduation it does not mean now he can't do any other work except a job in any company. If they have no job and they have just Rs 10k to 15k they can purchase packed food items of children from wholesale market and can start their own business as salesman. If they have bike they can go far places too. They should go shop to shop especially in remote areas. They can earn Rs 1000/- or more per day easily.
    They can purchase ready made clothes from wholesale market and can sell to people and can earn up to Rs 2000/- per day.
    If they have no money to invest they can take goods from wholesalers and can sell goods to shopkeepers. They can work on commission basis.
    If they have good knowledge in any subject or have any special quality or talent or smartness or good conversation skills they can start their own YouTube channel. When their presentation is liked and subscribed by viewers they will start earning from You Tube. How much they can earn, sky is the limit. They can earn Rs 1 lac to Rs 10 lac. It all depends on their popularity. I know a young lady who was earning Rs 50k in an MNC. She was a very good cook. She started her YouTube channel. It became so much popular that now she has left her job and she is earning a handsome amount from YouTube.

  • There was a big setback during the onslaught of the pandemic and many people lost their jobs and went back to their native places from the place of their employment. There was a general industrial slowdown which was further fuelled by the decreasing demand of goods and services and many industries had to close down or diversify in some other items which were still having a demand in the consumer market. So for the industry and business it was a tough time and for the people who lost their jobs and shelter it was a disastrous thing to happen. Now it appears that the pandemic is getting contained in many parts of our country and moreover the availability of the vaccine has added a new confidence in the people and things are now looking up and the employment opportunities are generating in various spheres and people have more chances to get employment in this revival phase. In the present scenario some of the areas where employment can be tried are -

    1. Home delivery of food items - This area is now flush with activities and many big online entities and some local companies are delivering food items as per the customer choice. Some of these companies are Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Foodpanda, Domino's, Pizza Hut, JustEat, Fasoos and many more. Many young people are joining them for delivery service and it is a good job as demand for home delivery is increasing. Depending on how many deliveries one can make, the commission earnings would be there.

    2. Helpers in shops and other business units - As the business of all types is in a revival phase there is a demand of helpers in the big shops, stores, megamarts etc and one can try to apply and get a job of helper cum salesman there.

    3. Cleaning jobs - Due to cleanliness drives and environmental concerns many municipalities or private contractors are hiring more and more people for civic cleaning jobs under the municipalities or other administrative agencies and the salaries are now better than the earlier times. So this is one area where one can definitely try to get a job.

    4. Local courier - There has been a phenomenal rise in local as well as outside courier services and there are job opportunities in their establishment for sorting and forwarding the big volume of letters, packets, parcels etc. One can try to get a job in such establishments.

    5. Call centres - Those who are qualified and have fluency in speaking can consider this as one area where there is good job potential as many people join there temporarily before moving to other better propositions and there is always some scope for new people to join.

    6. Miscellaneous support - Nowadays wherever one goes whether it is Post Office or Bank or some state Govt office or Railway reservation or Air services, Bus services etc, people require help and guidance. If one has some basic education and is good in communication then one can associate with one of these places and become an agent for their services and earn the commission amount on that. For example the RD (Recurring deposit) scheme of the Post Office gives good commission to the agents who bring customers there for investing in this scheme.

    7. Insurance - There are a variety of insurance schemes are there and insurance companies which are wooing the customers to go for their schemes. For educated persons this is also a prosperous area as commissions in this segments are lucrative.

    8. Labour or mason - The construction activity is back to its earlier glory and there is a need of labourers and masons everywhere and one can learn the things while working only as there is no formal training required in this segment. I have seen many labourers turning into perfect masons with time and earn quite a good amount. For educated people there are supervising cadres also available in this area.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Yes. Many Labor, Class 10th to Graduate or Post Graduate lost their job due to Pandemic or COVID-19. Patience and effort is very important and they can change an unemployment man to employment. Till they get a proper job, they can ignore their education time being and search for the alternative or any task force assignment temporarily or a daily wages work available around.

    At the same time they shall not continue the temporary work for a long and they shall try or apply for the suitable job available through online or offline mode sources.

    After COVID-19, the new normal is coming slowly and people who lost their job can get the right or better job at the moment for sure. In general, we can see the latest Newspaper for many vacancies or online portal for latest vacancies where many employers are looking and recruiting for different profiles with better package. Why they can't try or apply it? Do you think employer also telling themselves or others as they are unable to get the right employee or workers after Pandemic? Like you? I believe - No. They tried their best to get an employee to fill it and you need to try your best to get the suitable job opportunity.

    In addition, this site itself has a Jobs section where many latest job posts are still publishing regularly by its members and by seeing this we can know that there are many vacancies available that might suit 10th or Degree holders for sure.

    We shall not give up, so, we need to try it to get the best out of it. Try cost nothing. It may give you fruit for sure.

  • This pandemic made our life worse, No doubt. Due to COVID-19, millions of people lost their job world wide. Unemployment are on the rise day by day. Gradually, situation is being normal. But, it is difficult for govt to solve unemployment problem. In such a situation, people should start alternative job until they get a suitable job. Many qualified people are being seen starting small job to run their families. Nowadays, many online portal available where employer recruiting candidate with good package. So, once you can try for that. You can start online or offline tuition class as it is good field for earning money. Moreover, you can start cyber cafe as it is more in demand. These days, many people want to learn computer as we are living in digital world. So, opening computer institution would give good earning.
    Apart from that, you can start work as a delivery boy and can earn some money. You can start work as a food supplier. Many people are not able to cook food. In such a situation, supplying food would give good earning.
    Another option is to start you tube channel. If you have good knowledge in any field then you can start your you tube channel and can earn some money. You can spend some time on ISC itself and can earn some money.

  • It is true that after the epidemic, many negative effects have been seen in the lives of people, especially on health and finances, but with time, technology has developed so much that human beings will get many options if they want to. In today's time, every person is part of two worlds, that is and if you are no getting jobs in the offline world then try your career in the online world.
    YouTube Videos - If you have any type of talent, then this is a very good option for you, if you keep cooking or any other special talent, then make related videos and upload it to your channel, for some time. I will have a source of your income ready.
    Trading - If you have knowledge of accounts etc. and you have information related to shares and other stocks, then you start trading, this is also a good way to make income.
    Content Writing - If there is interest in writing and a good grasp of the language, it is now in most demand tomorrow. You should submit your content, articles, blogs, etc. on various websites. You can also deliver good content in a short time. Regardless of the subject in which you have studied, write blogs or articles related to it.
    Online tuition - The most common but most sought after the epidemic. Start taking online classes in whatever subject you have good knowledge of.

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