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  • Developing a website

    Developing a website

    Which all programming languages are used for developing a website
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  • There are many languages which can be used. The following are the languages which are used very commonly for developing a web.
    1. Java: This is the most popular language used for web development. It is object-oriented and useful on any platform. This language is developed in the 1990s.
    2. Python: It is a very recent invention. Very easy to learn. It is better known as all-purpose language. This language is very useful for web development. It is going to become the major language in the coming days.
    3. JavaScript: This is a front end language used for web development. It can be used on all browsers.
    4. C++: It is a general-purpose language. It is in use since 1979. It is an object-oriented language. It is very technical in nature and very powerful. A lot of literature is available for this language.
    5. Go: It is Google's dedicated programming language. It is a recent addition. it will be good for integration. It is easy to use.

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  • There are many languages for making and developing a website. Some of the most popular ones are as below -
    1. HTML - This is the most common and easy to use and makes good and appealing websites even by a learner.
    2. CSS - This is generally used in conjunction to HTML. It is good for styling and designing of a site.
    3. Java - This is also a very popular one and is very popular for making games and applications websites.
    4. JavaScript - This is also used by many programmers and is basically used where interaction with the user or customer is often required.
    5. Python - This is an easy language and getting much popular nowadays and easily provides a working framework for the intended site.
    6. SQL - This one is generally used in conjunction with some other language and especially suits for data base related work.
    7. PHP - This is preferred by big sites where large data is handled.
    8. .NET - This is also used in conjunction with other languages and has a good collection of class libraries which can be called in the program.

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  • Some of the common languages which can be used for developing a website as follows:-

    1.CSS - It is the language which can be used to designing a website. The style sheet language explains how your website is presented and its layout.
    2. Java - It is one of the popular web programming languages. It is used for making games and other application.
    3. JAVASCRIPT- It is used for website and mobile application development.
    4. Python - It is one of the easiest languages to use and work with. It can create a framework for any website need.
    5. PHP - It is often used for app development. It is liked by the large website where big data are handled.

  • There are a large number of programming languages some of which are well known and very popular while some are not so much in use but the person who wants to do web development work has to choose one from that lot in which one feels comfortable to work as well as it suits to his career goals which means that the area where he wants to make use of it and wants to have that expertise also. The programmer interested in game development will go for a language in which more such facilities are there to address the gaming strategies while a person going for scientific work might choose a different platform. So, we will now discuss some of the popular languages used in coding for web development work.

    1. JavaScript - From popularity point of view this scores much higher and a large number of web developers are using it as it is easy to use and has a lot of flexibility. It is basically a front end developer tool like others in its class that is HTML and CSS. However it can be used on the server end also in conjunction with Node.js. Incidentally it is to be mentioned that Node.js is well compatible with many operating platforms. Many popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube use Javascript language for displaying their pages to the users in an interactive way.

    2. Python - This is getting more and more popular with time and many old programmers are now learning it. The main reason for its popularity is its easiness of learning and versatility. So, this is a good option for the beginners. The Python syntax is very clear and devoid of ambiguities. It has a variety of applications in built in it which can be adopted by the programmers in their project. It has a very big library of utilities and functions which are very useful in scientific and technical work and that is the reason why some people are opting for it in their scientific projects. For back-end developers there is the open source Django extension framework available written in Python and can be used. In fact some sites like Mozilla, Instagram, and Spotify have already used this framework.

    3. C# - This is also a popular option and those who have already learned C or C++ can pick up this easily. It is good for designing windows application especially with .NET configurations. C# is mainly used for work in cross-platform mobile application development. It is a good language choice for those who want to develop 2D/3D games based on unity game engine. Many games in market are coming through this channel only.

    4. Rust - It is a low-level programming language just like C and C++ and has an inbuilt direction for making safe codes. By telling safe codes, we mean that program will not peek into memory unnecessarily and use it only when it is required. It is said that it helps the application to run smoothly and system crashes are minimised. Mastering this language seems to be more difficult than others but it is hoped that it is going to pick up the momentum in near future. It is reported that some big platforms like Dropbox and Coursera are using it internally in their site page interactions.

    7. Ruby - It is also one of the commonly used scripting language for web development. It is a friendly language and has a very good user community support which is very helpful for the new learners. Ruby on Rails is the popular platform provided in it and many platforms like Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Shopify have taken advantage of that in developing their sites.

    8. Java - This is an established language and is used by the developers worldwide. One can learn it in the beginning to have a feel of the web development and then switch to the other more versatile ones. Java is basically used and is popular for game designing and developing.

    9. CSS - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a useful utility language for presenting the web pages and sheets in a particular style. It is mostly used in conjunction with HTML and Javascript.

    10. HTML - This is the most common and one can learn it just to proceed to learn other languages in this class. A beginner having no exposure to computer programming can also learn HTML for various web page related things and it is more fun to learn it as a basic step to go ahead to more subtle web designing languages.

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