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  • Engineering details in JIS University

    Have you taken a drop during your studies because of medical issues? Want to know if one can join after a 2.5 years drop? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get responses for the addmission validity criteria.

    I am from JIS University. I took admission in Food technology in 2017.
    But for my medical issues I couldn't continue my classes from 2018 January. In 2019 July when I was little bit ok I thought to continue my studies from 2nd year. But again my health issues arrived and I had to stop my classes.
    Now I am completely ok. Can I continue my engineering course after 2.5 years of drop? And I want to know how long my registration will be valid?
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  • Normally a university allow a gap of one year in case of medical issues that must be with the prior permission of the Dean (academic) of the university. And the rejoining is governed by the Government of India rules. This varies from university to university.

    As you got admitted in 2017 in Food technology course and stoped classes in January 2018, I am assuming that you might have attended classes during that period ( from 2017 to December 2017). And when you took break from your studies, had you informed to the university authority about your health issues? Had you appeared in semester exams?
    Further, you again started your classes in July 2019. At that time have you re- joined the course as per university regulations. If yes, then there will be no problem.

    However, whatever is the case, you are a student of JIS university and also attended some classes and you are away from your studies due to health issues, in this case you must visit your university and meet the officials. They will definitely help you.

  • As mentioned above, you got admission in 2017 and stopped attending class from Jan 2018 That means, you attended class only for a few months. That time, you should have informed concerned authority regarding your health issue so that they would take necessary action. Did you inform to university office?
    Most of the university gives permission for one -year gap on the health issue. Every university has a different rule. Maybe, your university permit for more than one year in special cases. So, you should contact from university office and give details about your situation.

  • Generally, Universities allow a gap of one year in education. You can restart coming to college again after one year. For this, you have to inform the university when you are discontinuing the attendance and take permission. The reasons should be informed to the concerned.
    In your case it is a gap of 2.5 years gap. Re-entry students who are away from college from the college for more than a year should re-apply for admission, So you may have to apply for readmission. But definitely, the will consider and allow for readmission. Go ahead and contact the university authorities and apply as per the rules of the university. Your case will be considered.

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  • I don think you would be allowed to continue your study as per rule of the university because you might have not informed your university when you faced medical issues and stopped attending classes. However, you may contact them with medical reports and related papers. I hope they might show some magnanimity in your case.

  • Every university or college have some rules in this regard that after a particular gap they would cancel the registration and will not allow the student to resume the course. So from that angle you do not stand chance to resume your course. But there is a human angle to all the things and the Principal and the management committee of a university and college has specific rights in some medical cases where due to severe illness the student could not continue the course. So, you have to apply on considerate grounds bringing out this fact in your application that you fell severely ill and were not in a shape to attend the classes and you have also to attach the copies of the medical prescriptions and doctors certificate in that matter and may be the management of the university take a separate medical opinion also on that. If your case is a genuine one then I am sure they will consider your case on based on these medical condition and approve a one time relaxation in your case. So there are solutions to all such problems where deviations from rules are taken by the supreme authorities and the benefit is passed on to the student. But only thing I would insist is your case should be a genuine one and not an execuse for something else. So apply for the same in honest ways and I hope that they would consider your case.

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