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  • What does refresh rate dispaly means in smartphone?

    Do you have a query about one of the features of a smartphone? Should refresh rate be considered as one of the features for decision making while buying a smartphone? Find suggestions from our ISC experts here.

    What does refresh rate dispaly means in mobile? As I have known that more the refresh rate, better is the quality of display. So what does 90hz refresh rate stands for? Should we consider refresh rate dispaly as one of the factors to buy new a smartphone?
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  • This is a comparatively new parameter emerging in market to differentiate one mobile phone from other one. The mobile market is buzzing with competition as many big players are in the fray and it is natural that to woo the customers they will bring in some new features which the ravel company may find difficult to introduce in all the models.

    So far in the market we had mobile phones having refresh rate of around 60 Hz which technically means that the screen would refresh itself 60 times in a second and that is required to give a smooth experience especially when we are playing high speed games and animations and things like that. Interesting thing to note is that 60 itself is a quite high refresh rate and sufficient for a gaming experience. But companies always try to introduce better models in the market to make a niche in the crowd and so many companies are offering phones with refresh rates of 90 Hz or even more than that.

    The enhanced refresh rate technology was first incorporated by Razer Phone in 2017 and thereafter all the big players started to include this feature in their phones. Sharp, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi have already done it. Apple is also probably incorporating it in their iPhone 12 model. A higher refresh rate will definitely have a smoother game experience in the device but presently how many games are able to deliver that type of fast content is a matter to be examined and kept in view for deciding to go for a high refresh rate device. If the game content is slow what is the utility of high refresh rate. Moreover a high refresh rate means more battery consumption, which is of course a hidden drawback.

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  • The refresh rate is a measure of the rate of change of display on the screen of the phone. It will indicate how often and quickly the content on the screen gets refreshed. it is measured in Hertz (Hz). It counts the number of times the display refreshes every second it is on. It the refresh rate is 60HZ means the screen gets refreshed 60 times in one second when it is on.
    Recently 90Hz and 120HZ phones are getting popular. The following is the refresh rate information of some smartphones in the market.
    Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – 120Hz display
    OnePlus 7T – 90Hz display
    Realme X50 Pro 5G – 90Hz display
    Asus ROG Phone 2 – 120Hz display
    Google Pixel 4 XL – 90Hz display

    The refresh rate is not a major part of the specifications of a smartphone's display. There are many other factors p to be considered to decide on the purchase. The aspects like colour gamut, contrast, white temperature, and resolution will also have an impact on the quality of the phone's screen. But for the people who use smart for gaming, this will have an impact. But as on date based on the available data of various games, 60 HZ is itself is more than enough. But in future, there may be some games where you may require a higher refresh rate.

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  • The refresh rate is the measure how the smartphones display are being updated. In other words, we can say how quickly the content on the screen is being refreshed every second. The unit of measurement is denoted as Hertz ( HZ) and is the indication of number of times where the display undergoes refreshing every second. A 60 HZ display means that it would refresh 60 times per second where as 120 HZ would signify that it is capable of displaying refresh 120 times per second.
    If the updating time is fast, it is the reflection of lower latency since pixels are subjected to refreshing very frequently. However, the refresh rate is not only the chief factor in displaying the latency but it can influence a lot.
    It is not necessary that the smartphone would take up refreshing immediately in each cycle rather each horizontal row of pixels would continue to refresh until the entire display updates at the desired rate.
    A higher touch sample rate is the reflection of less lag between input and action and this is more relevant for the fast paced games.
    While choosing a brand smartphone, display of refresh is not the special feature but other factors such as contrast, quality of screen of the smartphone, white temperature, colour gamut are also taken into considerations.

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