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    Is BCA LL.B. (Hons) enough to become company secretary

    Do you have a question about the eligibility of vecoming a compnay secratary or a legal advisor?Searching for information regarding the above question here? Our experts have responded to your query on this ISC page.

    I'm pursuing 3rd yr B.C.A. LL.B. (HONS) in a law school. I want to become company secretary or legal advisor. So, is my integrated law course enough to become a company secretary or legal advisor or else CS exam qualifications are needed? And now I'm 3rd so in, CS exam can I directly attend executive exam?
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  • The Company Secretary Course is conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). It is a distance learning course. The course consists of 3 modules - Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, and Professional Programme. The duration of these programmes is: Foundation Programme - 8 months , Executive Programme - 9 months, and Professional Programme - 10 months.

    For foundation program the eligibility is 10+2. The graduates (as in your case) can directly join the Executive programme. After completing the executive programme, the persons can join the Professional Programme. One can apply for company secretary or legal adviser positions in companies or organisations after successful completion of the CS course.

    During the CS course the students will develop their skills in company law and related matters, will be learning as how to use their accounting and auditing knowledge in the company environment, learnings as how to use the computer skills in time management and multitasking, learnings of legal aspects of taxation laws etc.

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  • No. The mentioned two are additional qualifications. Unless otherwise you study and pass the course and examination conducted by Institute of Company secretaries of India you cannot become a company secretary. Passing the examination through them only you become a 'qualified' company secretary. Your studied course subjects will be helpful highly to grasp the subjects and can easily pass the examination. Institute of company secretary has many centers all over India. The course details and other details can be had through

  • CS course is a distance learning course. It is offered by institutes of company secretaries of India. The eligibility for the foundation programme is 10+2 in any discipline. The duration of the foundation course is for 8 months. A student who wants to pursue the Course after passing the Graduation has to undergo two stages of the Company Secretaryship like Executive Programme and
    Professional Programme. The duration of the executive programme and professional programmes are for 9 months and 10 months respectively. After completion of CS course, you can apply for a legal advisor in the company. There are different fee structure for the different course as:- For Foundation Programme, Executive Programme and Professional Programme are 3600/-,7000 /-and12000/- respectively.
    A company secretary can get a job in the public and private sectors, financial institutions and banks. Company secretaries are also required in company law boards, various government departments, Department of Company Affairs etc. Top company pay attractive salaries to company secretaries.

  • You have to get qualified in the company secretary course conducted by the Institute of company secretaries of India. Otherwise, you can't be a qualified company secretary.
    There are three stages of course. They are called
    1. Foundation Programme
    2. Executive Programme
    3. Professional Programme
    The students who completed their graduation need not do FOundation Programme. They are exempted. But 10 + 2 students should complete the Foundation programme before doing Executive Programme. As of now, you have not completed your graduation. Another one year, you can complete your graduation. Then you can directly go for Executive Programme. The duration of the course will be for a graduate is about 9 + 10 Months.
    After completing the three-stages of this course you will be awarded an ACS degree. Once you get that certificate you can become a company secretary. All Limited companies in the Private and Public sector should have a company secretary. You can get in any of those companies. You may also get jobs in banks and other financial institutes.

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  • The course persued by you currently may be quite helpful to you in the ongoing preparation of CS course being conducted by the Institute of Company Secretary since the course materials of this course is also included largely in the CS course.
    The other advantage would be that you would be exempted from the Foundation Course essential for the undergraduate students comprising of English and Business Communication, Economics and Statistics, Financial Accounting and Business Law. The aspirants would be required to secure 40 percent in each paper but the aggregate marks should not fall below 50 percent.
    Exemption from this paper would curtail your time in the preparation of the course.
    What I would suggest you in relation to your preparation is as follows-
    1)Be familiar with the pattern of the examination.
    2) Devote sufficient time to the course materials in each of the programme ie Executive Programme and Professional Programme.
    3) Take liberal assistance of the Professional Coaching Institute having wide experience in this line.
    4) Maintain positive approach throughout your tenure of preparation.
    5) Solve the previous years questions of at least eight years and get feedback of your performance from either an experienced professor or from your teaching faculty of the Institute. Pay enough attention to their genuine suggestions.

  • BCA LLB (Hons) would not suffice for you to apply for a post of company secretary or legal advisor. This position is a very responsible and important one in any business organisation or other organisation. The company secretary is supposed to keep a track of all the important affairs of the company and has to support the board of directors and the chairman or Managing Director of the company. He has to be well acquainted with the legal procedures and financial measures which are required in a company atmosphere and has to be on his toes to coordinate and conduct all the important meetings etc at the highest level of the company. A good company secretary is always in demand in the industry and it is a lucrative career.

    To achieve this career line one has to pursue CS or CA course which are covered in a modular scheme delivering step by step the learnings required for completing the full course. The CS course comprises of three modules that is - Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, and Professional Programme. The students who have already achieved their graduation are exempted for the first module and start the programme from the second one. This course is conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). A graduate person can join at the Executive programme and complete this and then go for the Professional programme and that would take about a total of 19 months time after which on successful completion one will be awarded a CS certification. Then only, one can apply for the Company Secretary position in any organisation.

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  • A company secretary handles the legal and administrative responsibilities of a company. If you are interested in this field then you can also become CS. A person working in such an important position is required to undergo an examination and practice to become a company secretary. Before coming to this field, he has to take a course as a company secretary. The institute that conducts this course across the country is named The Institute of Company Secretary of India.

    The CS usually serves as the company secretary to handle the administrative responsibilities of the company. Whether the law is being followed in the company or not, in which direction its development is being done, it is the secretary who sees it. He has to keep knowledge of many subjects like law, management, finance, and corporate governance. It is the link connecting the board of governance, shareholders, government, and other agencies of a company.

    Knowledge of corporate law, security law, capital market, and corporate governance, CS is the company's internal legal expert. He also serves as a corporate planner and strategic manager.

    To become a company secretary, it is necessary to pass three levels of examination. For this there is no entrance examination or interview, just registration is enough. Students of all subjects, science, arts or commerce, can come in it. The institution associated with it trains students through correspondence. To become a company secretary, you can enroll in an executive program after doing an eight-month foundation course after twelfth. After this, you can do professional programs and if you are a graduate, then you can take admission in the executive program directly. After this, professional programs and practical training have to be done. After doing a professional program, they become Associate Members of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

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