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  • How to start a roller flour mill in odisha?

    Interested to start a roller flour mill in your state? Know the procedure and other details from this page.

    Can any one please guide me how to start roller flour mill.
    Where I can produce flour (atta). Maida, suji( rawa) in single machine.
    How much would be the machinery cost?
    What will be the total project cost?
    Where to purchase machinaries?
    My expected daily production capacity is 1 MT including all three
    Atta , maida and rawa.
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  • Installing a roller flour mill is a business that is lucrative as there is much demand for flours of all kind ranging from wheat flour and maida to coarse grain flours like bajri, jowar, ragi etc and the latter have become a health signature today. It is a good choice to start a business in this line as expected volume of work is sufficient to make it a viable one.

    A roller mill of 1 MT daily flour capacity generally costs in the range of 10 to 15 lakhs. You should have proper place for installing it and an electric connection as per the horse power of the mill.

    One has to register the flour mill business in the Registrar office as per the category of the business. This is an important legal step for starting the business. Second thing is as this is a food item so one has to get a FSSAI registration which can be obtained online. This ensures that you are treating the food products in accordance with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) regulations and directions. In addition to that one has to get the shop license or trade license from the state Govt in Orissa state. Another registration is for GST which can also be done online.

    You will require some manpower to run the machine and manage the shop. If you want to do packaging also for sending the packets to other places then more people will be required for that work. That would of course require working finance to pay salaries to them. For making the flour you will also require a continuous supply of the raw material hat is the grains and for that also some capital would be required.

    You can take help from an online project making agency for getting a detailed project on Roller Flour Mill so that you do not miss any element which is crucial for the execution of this business.

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  • A flour mill is good for making good business. You can use this mill for making flour from various grains like Rice, wheat, maize and others.
    You can install a mill of capacity 1000Kgs per day. The cost of the mill will be around 15 lakhs. You have to have space sufficient for installing the mill.
    The various permissions to be obtained before starting the activity.
    1) Registration of Firm: Y
    2) GST Registration
    3) Trade License:
    4) MSME/SSI Registration:
    5) Trade Mark
    6) Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI):
    7) IEC code: for export of flour you need IEC code
    8) AGMARK if necessary.

    An area of about 1500 sft is required for installation, raw material storage and final packing area.
    You require a water supply, electricity supply and a skilled worker to operate the machine.

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  • A flour mill is a good business from earning point of view. The mill can be used for making different kind of flour such as rice, wheat, maize, gram etc.
    Before starting mill, you need to be arranged various things as follows:-
    1. First of all, you will have to register for opening mill business at registration office.
    2. You will require to arrange sufficient space for installing machine.
    2. Arrange some staff to run the mill.
    3. You will need 10 to 15 lakh rupees for buying a mill.
    4. FSSAI registration is also necessary for food purity purpose. Additionally, you will require the shop license or trade license from the Orissa state govt.

  • A flour mill can be started with a little effort in your area. Depending upon your interest, the same can be initiated either in a city or in a rural area lying in Orissa.
    The roller flour mill is a process industry having the provision of milling the grains such as Maida, Sooji, Cornflour etc. Even the bakery industry is largely dependent on the ingredients as a source of raw materials
    However to start with this business, the following initiatives are to be taken up -
    1) You will have to establish contacts with the farmers to procure raw wheat for your requirements.
    2) Let it be registered with the industrial department of the state government.
    3) Necessary license like FSSAI is to be procured.
    4) Look out for the appropriate place for marketing the end product.
    5) Packing should be attractive and durable so that in course of transportation, there is no loss of material.
    6) You need some personnels to operate the machine, cleaning the flours prior to grinding, packaging the finished products and for which the strength of man power deployed in your mill is to be intimitated to the commissioner of labour of government of Orissa.
    7) The initial investment cost would be to the tune of 15 Lakhs and if interested, you may avail of loan from any nationalised bank with the repayment of loan on easy instalment plan.

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