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  • What is Deepfake technology and what are it's pros and cons?

    Interested in learning more about Deepfake technology? Looking out for detialed information and its pros nad cons here? On this page our experts have provided you with responses which can enable yuo to understand the technology.

    Deepfake technology is emerging very fast in deep learning sector. Can you explain what is Deepfake technology and what are it's pros and cons? Is there any way to detect that particular video, image and audio is using Deepfake technology?
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  • You have seen a video in which the Prime Minister of India was interviewed by a foreign journalist. You shared and forwarded to your friends. They forward it to their friends. Like this, it will become viral in social media. But after some time you came to know that no such interview was held. It is a fake video. Later on, you came to know Modi's face was superimposed on somebody's body. This video is a crafted deep fake video.
    Deepfake is a technology invented in 2014. The inventor is Ian Goodfellow, He is working at Apple. The technology is made using generative adversarial networks (GANs). The biggest threat with this technology is that the face of a celebrity can be superimposed on a nude body of ordinary women. This is the biggest threat. Many people are making such Deepfake videos. They use powerful highend desktops, graphics and AI for making these videos.
    Poor quality Deepfake videos can be identified by observing them. Generally, you will not see blinking in these videos. Lip moment may not match. Skin colour may not match exactly. Hair may not be similar.

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  • Deep Fake is a sort of artificial intelligence employed to create convincing images both audio and video hoaxes. It would prove to be a dangerous mechanism when other can take undue advantage by defaming some important personalities.The same technology can be used for spreading false information from an otherwise trusted sources. This can be used in the election propaganda compelling the audience to think that they are viewing the real scene with the real personality.
    Some of the benefits can be derived with the deep fakes are as follows-
    1) It would not be necessary to record voice cloning in every session or to record it again and again to rectify the potential mistakes thus reducing the financial cost of the session accompanied by reduction of time by minimising frequency of the sessions.
    2) It can provide you entertainment with the use of artificial technology.
    Cons -
    It can be utilised to defame a personality with the spreading of fake news against any important personality.

  • Just as we get the same copy of a paper through photocopying, in the same way, humans can be copied through DeepFake technology. It has been mainly used in the cinema world, but nowadays many people are misusing it, which is also a matter of concern.

    Technology can prove beneficial in every way if a person does not use it improperly, but it is not possible in the normal form because people start misusing their selfish technology completely. In today's time, many fakes can also be created by deep throw technology and people do this work so closely that it is difficult to detect.

    In this, the user first replaces the real face in the video with the face of another person, then using lip-sync technology, editing the voice of these videos and inserting the audio is difficult to identify. At the last, facial expressions are worked on and thus a fake video is created. But misuse of this is a punishable offense and for which jail is also provided.

    There are some ways through which fake videos can be identified. It is understandable to look at the eyes carefully that the eyelids do not blink in normal form, as well as while talking, the lips and the way of talking are also different and strange which you will not find real. If one looks carefully one can probably identify such videos but common people often get tricked.

    Nowadays, there are many anti-social elements in social media who are using these types of technologies wrongly and hurting people through fake Videos. We should be aware of such anti-social elements and be able to identify such fake vedios.

  • Deepfake technology is nothing but to make use of advanced computer graphics and artificial intelligence methods to create some fake videos or to edit some old videos in such a way that it misleads the public about something of important issue or topic. Alteration of existing footage by these high tech methods is not a new thing but with the newer precision tools it is getting professional in its approach and even the experts cannot distinguish between the original and the faked one.

    The main purpose of deepfake technology is to package the lies and untrue things in an apparently true video image. The common and gullible ones, who do not have the knowledge of national political scenario and the attitude of some of the politicians especially in opposition parties, get a wrong dose of information and when they share it with their friends in social media it gets transmitted at high speed and becomes viral. Only after some time when someone tracks it and finds that it is not genuine then it is clarified in the media but the damage is already done as many people might had taken view on that after seeing the fake one.

    Anyway, the deep fake technology may have some positive usage also but if we analyse its potential and find as what would happen if it goes in the hands of some bad or evil elements so that they can make its use in negative territories and it will be a big threat for the whole of the mankind and can create havoc to same degree as long back the computer virus did in the IT industry.

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  • Deepfakes are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced by another liking person. It uses a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to make fake images events. It is a machine learning method and can be made much faster at a lower cost. In this technology, anyone can create realistic-looking photos and videos of people saying and doing things but in reality, they did not say or do so. Sometimes, it is done by a gullible person for blackmailing someone. It is considered as one of the most dangerous crime through artificial intelligence.
    As a positive impact on society, It can be used to improve people's lives and empower communities and institutions. It can provide a voice, purpose, and an ability for people to have an impact at scale and with speed.

  • It is said that every good thing has also a black shadow and this hold true for the manipulations and alterations in the digital world. There was a time when only cameras with photographic rolls were there and once developed it was not easy to alter them as they were in physical mode and one could find out the alterations very easily under a lens or expert investigative eye. Unfortunately, the advent of digital age with all he facilities of editing a picture or video or to that extent any digital document is having a big risk of falling these facilities in wrong hands and they can definitely do a lot of bad deeds using those facilities only which are being used by the professionals in the progress and development of their companies and organisations. We have already seen the disastrous effect of virus applications in the internet and the anti-virus making companies have a great responsibility in upgrading the app whenever a new virus is floated by the mischievous elements in the web.

    Now, same thing we are facing with the altered media whether it is a picture of a person or video or any such documents the bad elements are altering it with advanced tools and changing it to such an extent that the viewer feels it authentic and correct. This has a very threatening results for the society as a wrong thing floated in the social media can become a matter of great mushrooming in no time. This threat is emerging in many fields and in fact Govt are worried about this as the criminal elements can always take advantage of these manipulations and alterations. The IT professionals have a herculean task to find out methods to identify these alterations and in coming times it would become a big tussle between the fraudulent elements and the IT professionals. If good tools are in the grip of criminals then it would have disastrous effects.

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