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  • What is Bandwagon and Snob effect? How to avoid Bandwagon effect?

    Do you have questions about the Bandwagon and Snob effect? Want to understand the detailed difference between them and their effects? Find responses from our ISC experts to this question here.

    I want to know what is Bandwagon and Snob effect? How to avoid Bandwagon effect? Explain both the terms with an example. Please elaborate if this effect is good or bad. What is the effect of bandwagon in marketing or other fields? Expand your views on this.
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  • The bandwagon effect occurs when the people go for an act which is done by most of the people. You can also understand it as "to follow the crowd/herd" in simple language. It is a psychological phenomenon and occurs commonly. In this phenomenon, people ignore their own beliefs while following others and do the same thing primarily because other people are doing it.

    Examples: We can see many examples of the Bandwagon effect in our daily life:
    Fashion: To follow a fashion trend is very common People try each and new fashion and follow it without giving a thought.
    Elections: People usually vote for a politician because other peoples are also voting for them or they are winning.
    Diet: People follow a diet pattern
    Favouritism: Like in games mostly people like cricket while there are so many other games also but as the herd is liking cricket most people love cricket.
    People like an actor/actress because most people follow them.
    In the case of a consumer product, the same effect works very well.
    When you are going for admission to your child in a school, first of all, you will also select the most popular school in the city.

    The snob effect occurs when a brand that is very popular and has a good image lose its identity and status in the market on the expansion of market shares. You can understand it as at a given time a particular brand product was owned by too many people as it is very popular and is in high demand but gradually its demand will decrease as new people no longer will attract to it because too many people already owned it. It is due to the snob effect.

    Example: When many people owned a particular car brand new people will not be attracted to this brand and will search new card brand. Similar the case with other consumer products.
    Snob effect is opposite to the bandwagon effect.

    How to avoid the Bandwagon effect? It is very difficult to overcome it. Because the decision we make under the bandwagon effect is influential decisions. But you can avoid it by following some simple tricks like do take a decision instantly and do internet research on things before going to conclusion. Think critically and then come to a decision. Do not take a decision under pressure. Follow an open-minded approach and also think about alternatives.

    The bandwagon effect is not good because the same thing can not good for all and it is quite possible the thing good for others may not be good for you. And when you follow a herd you may take wrong decisions. So don't follow the herd and avoid it.

    Further, in marketing, it may have some negative effects. A buyer may take a wrong decision and pick a product (that is not good or suitable for him) just because other people are buying it. Then after using it he/she will give poor feedback which will definitely an effect on marketing.

  • If somebody starts a new style of clothes and if it looks attractive. many people follow the same fashion. This mass following tendency is known as the Bandwagon effect. During my college days, bell-bottom pants newly came and almost all students start wearing those pants. This is an example of the Bandwagon effect. To follow the group of people or herd or crowd can be described as a Bandwagon effect. Many people go by the review of the people to select a good mobile. That means if a majority of the people accepts an item other people will also take it as acceptable. Same is the case with hair cuts.
    Snob effect is a desire to have a unique commodity having a prestige value. A desire to be identified as a unique person having unique items with him. Some people procure an item which is alone with him in the crowd and will be identified as a different identity. For example, many people own a car. But Benz car will be own by a limited person only. So the person owning a Benz car will be identified as a unique person in that group. This is an example of a Snob effect.
    The bandwagon effect is not good. Following the people without knowing the issues properly is never advisable. But it is very difficult not to follow the herd. One can come out of this habit by studying the issue in detail and doing research about a fashion or an item before going for it. One should analyse the situation and based on his own position the best commodity for him should be chosen. But it is very difficult to overcome this phenomenon. A lot of understanding and temperament is required to come out of this effect.

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  • Bandwagon and snob effect refer a psycological act of human to adopt the crowded trends of action. Human want to make them a seperate identity in compare to others and this habits attract them towards every new things. They make an image themselves with that new one. But unfortunately due to this act the new things covered whole of the marketplace as well as majority of the consumers. But all of them can not effort the financial burden as such alternative services come in the market with low cost and these process goes on. Therefore it has a great impact on market place and specially on Sales marketing and advertisement sectors. Generally it is impossible to come out from this habits, only a few can avoid it which can be seen at present market also in the fields of Fashion, transport, hospitality, telecommunication etc.

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  • Bandwagon effect is a psychological behavior of human being compelling them to adopt the trends being followed by the common masses. They don't have their own priorities for the same but they are guided by the beliefs and behaviours of a particular group.
    Bandwagon effects stems from politics and finally percolates down to the consumers being seen promoting a brand. This effect can percolate down in many aspects of life from the stock market to the clothing trends. This can also be seen in our consumption level where the consumers buy expensive products copying the affluent people. The same effect can be extended to politics even where people are being seen to vote for a particular leader since the same leader is liked by the majority of people.
    Snob effect is the manifestation of desire to acquire an unique commodity having a prestigious value. It works opposite to bandwagon effect.

  • A bandwagon effect is a psychological effect in which people do the same what others doing. They don't have their own belief and thinking. They are completely guided by a particular group. You can see a bandwagon effect in various field of life. In the fashion field, if any stylish cloth comes in the market then it is adopted by a large number of people without thinking good and bad effect. This effect can be seen in the share market also. When some people start money investment in share market then many people start following the same without thinking advantage and disadvantages. This is known as the bandwagon effect.
    Snob effect is understood as the desire to possess a unique commodity having a prestige value. It is quite opposite to the bandwagon effect. The demand for a commodity having a snob value is greater, the smaller the number of people owning its.

  • Under theory of demand, there are several factors affecting demand for a commodity, and one the of such factor is consumer's taste and preferences. These preferences are governed by four effects, which are demonstrative effect, bandwagon effect, snob effect and Veblen effect.

    When we talk about basic definitions of snob effect and bandwagon effect, then then following observations can be made about both if them:
    1) Snob effect: It refers to decrease in demand for commodity because other people are consuming them. It is desire of people to be separate or dissociate from common herd.
    For instance, if Miss. A and Miss. B are arch rivals of each other. If in a party Miss. A wears a dress, and on seeing it Miss B who also have same dress decided to reject its use from future as other people(here Miss. A is able to have it). Hence from following example we can conclude that demand for particular commodity(dress here), is decreased owing to the fact that other people (here Miss A) is able to have it.

    Bandwagon effect: It refers to increase in demand for a commodity to emulate consumption of others or to be associated with a particular group of people. For instance in a college, a particular group of boys are having IPhones excluding one. And on seeing it that particular boy decided to purchase it, to he associated and match consumption behavior of his friends. Hence here demand for a commodity(IPhone here) is increased owing to the fact that group with which he want to associate is able to have.

    Both snob effect and bandwagon effect are function of consumption of others, but one lead to increase in demand whereas other decreases demand. Bandwagon effect for a particular brand whose influence is spreading over market is good for it, but not good for society. Similarly from society's view snob effect is not good.

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