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  • Choices to restart career after 4 yrs gap

    Intersted in restarting your career after a four year gap? Looking out for information regarding various work from home options for a post graduate computer engineer? On this page, oour experts shall respond to your query.

    I have done BE and MTech in CSE stream. I have also got 3 yrs of teaching experience.
    Being a full time parent, I was unable to do any job.
    After 4 yrs gap, now I am thinking to go for work from home job. I had taken tuitions but had terrific experience and not thinking to go for it in future.
    Don't have any company experience .
    Will you please guide me with some career options so that I can take care of my kid as well as do some job to stand on my feet.
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  • Being a computer science person you have definitely scope in the job area but today there is a huge rush of people searching jobs in physical mode as well as in online and due to that the situation is becoming tougher day by day. Still with hard work and focus one can get that ambition fulfilled. In your case due to the kid, it would be difficult for you to go out for job but nowadays in many parts of our country there are child care centres who charge some fees and take care of child for quite a substantial time. So you can keep that option also in mind in case you get a job near your residence so that you can attend to the child also in case of some emergency.

    You have some teaching experience but you are not inclined for delivering tuitions so that stream is almost closed for you. Let us see what are other options possible in your case. Before going for that today wherever you want to work offline or online the employers will ask your academic or professional strengths and in that perspective I would like that you first acquire some additional certification or diploma in a niche area so that you can get an engagement easily. Being a generalist would not help much in the present scenario an everyone is having some special qualifications in their kitty of learning. Being a computer science person you can think of undertaking some course which would make you more eligible for a large range of jobs. You can also consider an area where your interest coincide with your professional ambitions. Let us go through those options of learning as well as going directly for a job.

    1. Digital Marketing - This has already evolved as a big discipline and digital advertisements and techniques are going to be used more and more by the companies in coming times. Acquiring this learning can be instrumental for anyone today for hunting a job easily. There are many courses on this starting from few hours to months and in online there are so many agencies where this course can be taken up. Interestingly, the basic course is even free of charge at some leading sites.

    2. Web designing - This learning is particularly useful for independent working. If one gets opportunity one can join a company also. One has to acquire proficiency in codes by learning languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc. The short (2-3 months) and long (6-12 months) both types of courses are available from the leading training sites in internet for this.

    3. Animation - This is relatively an old area but there is ample work scope in it. In this course one can learn visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics etc. One can work independently by seeking projects from the clients or join an animation company.

    4. Coding - Today there is need and requirement of good coders in various areas and for that a robust knowledge of programming languages is required. Some trends are already there which indicate a large rush for learning languages like Python, PHP, C++, and Javascript and then getting assignment for developing codes independently or in a group.

    5. Invoicing, billing, and tax issues - There is a good demand by the small businesses, stores, and shops for persons having basic knowledge of using the financial packages like Tally or others and learning them would create an opportunity of getting a job in some nearby store or some small business. It is worth trying.

    6. Tiffin Service - If you have some interest or inclination in cooking related areas then this is going to be a very niche field in the coming times and already acquired a front seat in the big cities. Nowadays, many families where all the people are going out for jobs are getting tiffin from outside and everyone is desiring for a home made food. So, this is a lucrative area and if you can hire some delivery boys and may be one cook then you can start a small business from the house itself. Being a computer person you can get an app made for it and people can use the app for ordering and payment to you directly. I feel this is an area worth taking up.

    7. Miscellaneous online petty jobs - There are many online jobs which can fetch small amount of money and one has to undertake various such petty activities in online for that. For example online surveys, typing jobs, data entry jobs etc are there in the internet at various sites and one can take advantage of that. Only precaution that one has to take is that one has to first find out in internet about the credentials of these sites and only after that type of homework, can join them.

    8. Selling items online - If you have some idea about buying things from the local wholesale market and then repackaging them and selling on some online store by registering as a reseller with them then this is also a good opportunity and what you require is only a helping hand who can pack the items as per the stores guidelines and supply to the customers through the stores delivery persons in the area. Many people have joined this and selling items online. This is nothing but a trading occupation through the established online store.

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  • You have tried to reorient your career after a long time, which is commendable, you do not need to be disappointed because you have many options. Alternatively, do you feel that management knowledge will give you better stability in your chosen career path? If you are interested in management and business, then you should consider doing an MBA. Starting your own business is also a good option. This gives you the freedom to express your creativity and ideas. But this route is also not easy, for this you will need a lot of hard work and patience.

    Depending on your current degree and qualification, you can try in the following fields -
    In multinational companies, you can apply for these jobs -
    Software Developers: These professionals work in various activities of the software development process related to designing, coding, programming, project management, etc.
    System Analyst: As a systems analyst, your work will include research related to existing programs and the task of presenting a solution to the problem. You have to offer solutions for software and system-related problems.
    Networking Engineers: Today it is very much in demand. As a networking engineer, you will mainly have to do the designing, implementation, and troubleshooting of computer networks.
    Database Administrators: Your job as a database administrator will be to design the organization's database, maintain it, etc.

    Even if you want to work from home, you still have the following option -
    Online Tutor - In today's time, the demand for online study is increasing and this is why many large educational portals need good teachers. If you want, you can apply on any online educational site.
    Digital Marketing - As the trend of online shopping is increasing, so is its demand in marketing, if you are interested then you can apply for it, you can also get a good income in it.
    Software Bloggers - If you have good knowledge and you are interested in writing, then you can feel free to make a career in this field, for this, you will find many websites where you will be given the appropriate amount for your content.

  • You are basically a computer engineer and hence you might have interest in the different languages taught in your course stream. It is altogether a different issue that there is some discontinuation with this field due to your family issues. If you have the determination to go ahead with some jobs connecting to your area of studies or passions, you may look for the following jobs -
    Digital Marketing -
    It is a kind of advertising being delivered through the digital channels consisting of social media, mobile application, email, web application, websites or any other digital channels. The same can be carried out both offline and online. It is a revenue generating plateform where the aspirants could sit quietly in their rooms and are capable of earning huge money through video games, off line or online marketing etc.
    Here the different category on line marketing suiting in your case might be one of the following areas-
    1) Search Engine Optimization
    2) Search Engine Marketing
    3) Affiliate Marketing
    4) Email Marketing
    5) Content Marketing
    6) Pay Click Advertising etc.
    2) Web Designing- This area deals with creation with and designing websites, internet portals, and other related entities such as pages, wages and templates etc. You would require to create a unique brand identifying, hosting, technical coding, performance and optimisation etc.
    The web designers have different jobs and projects related to web design. You need to have enough exposures in multimedia, animation, graphic design etc so as to be successful in this profession.
    3) Software Developer - Software Developers are responsible for building webs and software applications to solve the related problems. Information System is a vast branch covering aspects of our lives in the field of computer programming. It is highly lucrative profession demanding your skills in varieties of fields. These professional are in great demands in different business and organisations since they are well versed in in the agile software development and test driven development etc so that they can solve their customers problems.
    4) Be the consultant of software of any industry - If you have any industry such as Steel, Alumunium, Copper nearby your area, you may approach their Managing Directors to include as a member in raising production by means of your expertise in ERP, Oracle, C++, etc. Even in case of problems connected to software solutions, you can sort out their issues.
    5) Start your meal business in your city - This may prove an exciting business for you since in the cities, couples have no times for the preparation of lunches for their busy occupations and in that case, if you could provide them wholesome meals at competitive rates, your business in this area will definitely flourish.

  • As mentioned above, you have completed M Tech in computer science. And after 4 years long gap you want to restart your career. Then there would not be a problem. You go ahead with your career. There are many job opportunities available in your subject. Some of the option available in your field are as follows:-
    1. Animation - This is a job-oriented course where a lot of job opportunities are available. In this course, you can learn animation, 3D technology etc. You can start independent work by seeking projects from an animation company.
    2. Coding - Nowadays, it is more in demand. Coding is good from a career point of view. Many tech professionals require to know the coding system. If you want to work in a technical field like software engineering, web development, or data science, understanding and using code is essential.
    3. Web designing- Web design is known for designing websites which are displayed on the internet. Its main purpose is to develop a website. It includes web graphic design; user interface design; authoring, standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine. After completing the web designing course you can start your career as a Web Designers, Freelance Designer, Web Application Developer, Web Media Designer, Design Consultant etc.
    4. Digital Marketing - As you know, online shopping is increasing day by day. So, digital marketing is more in demand. If you have an interest in this field then you can apply for that. It is the good field from earning point of view.

  • As a technical Personnel I do not think that you should be idle in home. And at present situation there are many options as already advised by the above experts. If you are not comfortable I think you should go for regular Jobs. There are various Jobs Notified by the Govt. department, PSU ,Banks etc. you should try for any Govt. Jobs which will be more comfortable according to your status. There are many scheme and leave system both Maternity and Paternal leave. Accordingly if your age factor permit then go for any Govt. sectors in your line like System Management Trainees ,System Analyzers ,System Manager etc. But you need to prepared yourself to the exam also in some cases as there may be competition. You can regularly check the home pages of Govt. PSU site like Coal, Sale, BHEL, NTPC,ONGC,IOCL.BPCL,NIC ,NALCO,ECIL etc ,and there are always recruitment notice regarding Fresh Appointment. Wish you all the best.

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  • You are a computer engineer with some experience in teaching Giving tuitions is not your cup of tea. Now you want to start a career with an option of working from home.
    Computer engineering is a subject which will be undergoing a tremendous change from time to time. You did you CSE and after that, for some time you are not in touch with the subject. There might have been many changes. So you should get updated with the latest developments. So you should take an online course in the area of your interest and get some new skills acquired so that you will have many chances to get a job online and you can work from home.
    There are many government jobs wherein you can apply if the age is within the given range. These jobs are not for working from home. But you can keep your children in the baby care centres and you can attend the jobs. Banks jobs and other eligible jobs will be announced from time to time. You have to verify and apply. There are some PSUs and you can try for a job there also. You can register your biodata in various job portals like, etc. You will be getting notifications from them and you can also search their portal for suitable jobs. You can refer Indiastudychannel. com also for various jobs listed that are suitable to you and apply.
    The following job options are available for you.
    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Coding
    3. Web designing
    5. Software developer.
    First, decide on the line in which you want to pursue then acquire the skill and then getting a job will become easy.
    There are small online jobs like content writing, participating in Surveys, Articles writing and publishing online etc. They may get you some income. There are many content writing portals also where you can write and publish.
    These days many people are trying to get food from outside but not interested in going to restaurants etc. So you can prepare food and start supplying around the area where you stay.

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  • I have also gone through the same situation so I think am perfect to answer this. I am an engineer with 5 years of experience in the Automation industry. After marriage and delivering the child, I had to focus only on my priority the family and child. When my daughter turned 2 years old then I learned new things such as Photoshop, Web designing for some online projects. Till then it was a gap of more than 4 years after I left my previous job. I had no option to work full time sitting in the office and I also lost interest to work in Industry.

    After learning the new skills, I registered on as a freelancer and started my career again working from home. It was tough to grab projects from the customers because of high competition among the freelancers but I managed to draw the attention of customers and found small projects initially. Later I did better and one of my clients approached me to offer a part-time job to assist in her online website. Now I am happily working with her.

    So you can become a freelancer and find out the different suitable projects for you. If you need to polish your skills then you must do it because you have to shine differently among the competitors to grab the project.

    Since you have teaching experience then you can also try to become an online tutor or teacher. There are so many websites or online platforms such as Unacademy, Byjus, Whitehat junior, Vedantu, etc where you can register as a teacher and start working from your own place and earn monthly.

    Also if you have an interest in any specific field which is valuable for others then you can create your own blog or open a youtube channel. If you are capable enough to write on your topic then you should go ahead with your own blog which you can monetize later. If you are good enough to create videos then the youtube channel is another option to monetize your content.

    Working from home is not easy, it needs interest, hard work, passion, time management, and a lot of motivation. Good luck for your career ahead.

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  • You are well qualified with BE and MTech in CSE stream. And being a women you can not ignore your family. But It is never too late and you can start you career now. There are many options available from which you can choose any one suitable for you. As many members has suggest several courses/jobs for you.

    As you have degree in Computer Science Engineering you can apply for a job online wherein you can choose to work from home. Several websites can help you in getting a good job like, shinejobs, Indeed, etc. But as you have a gap in your career, so it may be difficult in getting a job. So, first you can do a course to refresh your knowledge. I would suggest you to go for a Course in Artificial Intelligence, Robitics, Machine learning etc. These are the booming field and are currently in demand. You can do these courses online.

    As you also have a teaching experience, you can try in teaching filed also. Though you have not a good experience of tuitions but you can start online teaching by associating with other learning websites or you can start your own channel on Youtube.

    Further, I am going to tell you about an other option available for women who are postgraduates in Science and technology and have a break in their career. It is Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-C) running by Department of Science and Technology. Here you will get a training for one year and the best part is that you will also get stipend during training period. Here you will get one month orientation training at Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC),
    Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi and after that you will be posted at another place of your choice (probably near to your home town). After completion of the training, you can also get a chance to continue in the same organization or may try in other organization or firm. For this DST TIFAC invite applications every year and then conduct an entrance exam and then interview. Selected candidates are called for training.

    So, there are several options available for you. You need to think positively and act promptly.

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