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  • Best free anti-virus for desktop and smartphones

    Interested in getting the best anti virus softeare for both desktop and smartphone? Searching for thse details online? On this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    Is there any latest and best free anti-virus for Windows 10 or Android 10 phones? Is it free for one year or one month? Any cheapest antivirus available? Let me know its website and tariff (including for free version).
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  • There are many popular and established brands of antivirus. They have versions for smartphones and desktop/laptops. Most of them have free versions. Some of the free versions are trial versions and some others permanent free versions too.

    The following are some of the popular antivirus brands in our country.

    Mc A fee
    Quick Heal.
    Net Protector. etc.

    The list is not conclusive and only illustrative and not in any order too. Listed at random as came to my mind.

    If you are using the paid version of Windows 10, there is always the Windows Defender security coming along with it. They claim and many opine that or normal and light user that is quite enough. However we can also red opinions that the detection rate is les in Windows defender. Being used to third party software, I found Windows Defender less user friendly and hence I am using another security software.

    Most free versions have some optimum security and if you are a light user using net for just surfing known and safe websites and do not do frequent financial transactions and other important, and do not do wild searching etc, free version of any popular brand security software is enough. In my case I do not use my phone for any financial transactions. I visit net and surf only known sites and use only established and well known apps. Hence I use the free version of Avast Mobile Security.
    But I use the paid version of Kaspersky Internet Security on my desktop.

    You get various options like 'One device one year' or 'one device three years' or 'Three device three years' etc. Depending on how many devices you are using in your home/office you can buy the suitable one. It is always better to buy the CD version rather than the code number alone. This will help when we face some problem and need re-installing.

    It is always better to go for the popular brands in your area as it is easy to get service when needed.
    I suggest you visit the web sites of a few of these security software given in the list.Then you familiarise the various alternatives and combinations and short list the one you need. There are separate versions for home and business too.You may short list a few ones from your search . Then check their prices with the local computer service centres/technician /vendor and also compare same with online price.
    From these you can decide on the optimum one for your use.

    If you need only a free version it is just enough to read the user opinions about the various brands.

    Personally I had the experience of using, AVG, Norton, Mc A fee, Bit Defender and Kaspersky. But for the last about five or six years I am using only Kaspersky Internet Security on my desktop and using the free version of Avast Mobile Security in my phone. I find them quite good enough for my use.

  • Antivirus act as good defense against virus, malwares and unwanted internet attacks. If we are a bit aware and updated then there is no need of antivirus as such in your system (desktop).

    If you are using Windows 10, the Windows Defender itself act as a good antivirus and one would not need any other software or tool as it is regularly updated and is lightweight. Most antivirus consume alot of your memory and Ram and slow down the system.

    Even for smartphones, if you are little cautious and avoid visiting spammy messages and links then your smartphone also is safe enough as it receives regular security update that keeps your android mobile secure.

    For smartphones, download apps only from official app store viz., Google Play Store. Also avoid opening links received from unverified sources will keep your mobile safe for use.

    Still if your wish to get an AntiVirus then you can go for Kaspersky Antivirus which is lightweight and good in scanning and removing virus/malwares if any. Kaspersky is available for desktop as well as mobile so you can choose one Antivirus for both your devices.

    Free Antivirus are themselves loaded with a lot of advert or alerts that would make them a headache to use. My personal experience was with Avast which I think is still free but it slowed down my system, so I ended up removing it completely.

    Regarding price of Antivirus the price will vary depending upon the modules you select for use. Still it will cost you under Rs. 800 for 1 year license.

    Lastly, if you are a caution user then you do not need an AntiVirus but if you are a carefree one then you must go for a lightweight Antivirus like Kaspersky.

    I am not suggesting other Antivirus as I do not have first hand experience with them.

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  • The following are some of the best antiviruses for Laptops and smartphones.
    For smartphones, it is always recommended to download the apps from Google play store or Apple store.
    I am using windows 10 and I don't have any separate antivirus on my PC. Windows Defender itself is a good antivirus. One should keep in mind that this defender will be getting updated from time to time and don't require much space for this.
    1, Avast Free Antivirus
    2. AVG AntiVirus
    3. Avira Antivirus
    4.Bitdefender Antivirus
    5.Kaspersky Security Cloud
    6. Sophos Home Free
    7.Malwarebytes Free
    8.Panda Free Antivirus
    9.ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

    The following are some antivirus apps for smartphones.
    1. Bitdefender's Antivirus Free
    2. Avira Antivirus
    3. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus
    4. McAfee Mobile Security
    5. Kaspersky Internet Security
    These antiviruses will be useful to your smartphone which will help in keeping your personal information private. It Protects you from malicious websites, It prevents loss or theft of your device and also ensures you're connected to a secure Wi-Fi network

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  • Many of us use the internet on our desktop, laptop and smartphones which get vulnerable to different types of malware, trojans, phishing, webcam hijacking, etc. Antivirus applications help in cleaning the system by scanning from time to time and making it safe for you to use different features like online shopping, online banking transactions, using VPN, social media, etc.

    As you have mentioned about free anti-virus for Windows 10 or Android 10 phones, every Windows computer comes with their pre-installed free antivirus called the " Windows Defender." Even though it provides internet security protections but as we know that all free or inbuilt/pre-installed package does not give complete protection and thus now needs to buy third-party antivirus software that can give your system/PC all type of protection. Some of the best or top-rated antivirus available in the market are given below for your reference:

    1. Bitdefender: It is one of the best and most affordable cybersecurity antivirus that supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS options, supports a maximum of 10 devices, user-friendly yet well-balanced interface that provides a firewall, anti-phishing protection, a quality spam filter, multi-layer ransomware protection for VPN and Safepay, parental controls, Cloud Management, plus privacy extras like webcam and microphone hijacking countermeasures. The cost of BitDefender Total Security Latest Version (Windows) - 1 User, 3 Years (Activation Key Card) on amazon is Rs.649. If you want to purchase from the BitDefender site, you can log into that sells BitDefender Total Security(MULTI-DEVICES) at a price of Rs.2,450.00+GST for 1 year, Rs.6,500.00+GST for 2 years and Rs.9,995.00+GST for 3 years.

    2.Kaspersky: Kaspersky antivirus also supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS options, supports a maximum of 10 devices, dedicated ransomware protection, a virtual keyboard, highly configurable virus scans and a convenient online account portal, system cleanup tools, fully-fledged password manager, and automated Dropbox backups. It has a free and paid version. The cost of Kaspersky Total Security - 1 User, 1 Year (CD)is Rs.499. on Amazon.

    3. Norton: Norton is an excellent malware protection antivirus along with unlimited VPN service, dark-web personal-data monitoring, browsing protection, parental controls, more online storage and is light on the system. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS options and supports a maximum of 5 devices. The cost of Norton Antivirus Plus for1 User 1 Year is Rs.494 and Norton 360 Standard - 1 User 1 Year is Rs.897 on Amazon. If you want to purchase from the Norton site, you can log into which sells
    Norton AntiVirus Plus at a price of Rs.899.00+GST for 1 year, and Norton 360 Standard at a price of Rs.1199.00+GST for 1 year and both for 1 PC.

    4. Avast: Avast antivirus also supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, supports a maximum of 10 devices, has features like Ransomware Shield, Real Site DNS hijack prevention, gaming mode, a Wi-Fi network scanner, Anti-phishing, personal firewall, antispam, Banking and payment protection, etc. The price of this Avast AntiVirus Pro - 1 User, 1 Year (CD) on Amazon is Rs. 599. If you want to purchase from the Avast site, you can log into which sells Avast Premium Security at a price of Rs.1199.00+GST for 1 PC 1 year and Rs.1599.00+GST for 10 devices/ year.

    5. Webroot: Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is a lightweight antivirus option that supports both Windows and Mac and provides protection to a maximum of 3devices. It provides solid malware protection, identity protection, real-time anti-phishing, firewall monitor, new threats like crypto-jacking, and is fully cloud-based that helps computing power remains free to be used by the user. You can purchase Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus from at a price of Rs.3330.00+GST for 1 year.

    Now when we talk about antivirus for smartphones, you can review our ask expert thread Best Anti-virus software for Android smartphones

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  • Many companies provide free anti-virus apps for windows and android. Generally, companies provide a basic free version and also offer a premium version where more facilities are provided and the app is versatile in its operation providing full guaranteed security. The paid version generally has a price tag of at least Rs 700 to 900 per year and if one goes for a 3 year license then some discount will be there. Let us go through some of the reputed and popular anti-virus softwares in the market -

    1. TotalAV - This is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS.It tackles all sort of virus programs like trojans, adware, spyware, ransom ware etc. It eliminates the detected virus and it is updated almost on a daily basis. One can browse safely under its secure environment.

    2. Bitdefender - It is having a very good virus detection performance. One can safely chat in the social media and also can surf the web under its protection mechanism. It has an anti-theft provision in it.

    3. Norton - It is an old player in the field and is very capable in keeping the passwords secured and safe. It does not allow the hackers to enter the system. One can manage the device from a remote location also.

    4. BullGuard - It scans the system frequently to check for any unwanted entry in the system. It has an elegant interface and spots the new virus also early at the time of attack.

    5. Avira - This is a comparatively newer application. It comes with many features like device scan and real time protection. It comes with a VPN facility. Its paid version is packed with many facilities.

    6. Avast - This is a very popular one. It is used by about at least 100 million users. It has features like antivirus scanning, app lock, call blocker, anti-theft support, a photo vault, firewall for rooted Android devices, booster feature, VPN etc.

    7. AVG - It is also a well known name. It has features almost like Avast. Only difference is that it does not provide rooted firewall.

    8. Dr Web - This is an old player in the fray and is inexpensive one. It has quick and full scans, protection from ransom ware, quarantine space, anti-theft features, call and SMS filtering, URL filtering, parental controls, firewall etc.

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  • There are many company which provide free antivirus app for laptop and smartphone. Windows 10 doesn't have any separate antivirus. Windows Defender itself is a good antivirus. Some of the popular antivirus are as follows:-
    1. Norton AntiVirus Plus.
    2. Avira Antivirus Pro
    3. Avast Antivirus
    4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    5. Trend Micro Antivirus
    6.Bitdefender Antivirus
    Above all antivirus will help your device secure.

  • Antivirus has great importance in the correct operation of both system and mobile and hence the antivirus accuracy and subtests should be taken care of from time to time. In general, the antivirus can also be easily purchased online, but you can download free antivirus if you want. Free antivirus does not cover some threats but to a large extent can secure data to your PC or mobile. Following are some free antivirus that you can download online -

    Avira Antivirus.
    Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free.
    Avast Free Antivirus.
    Sophos Home Free.
    Bitdefender Antivirus Free.
    AVG AntiVirus FREE.
    Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

    It is also very important to install antivirus in the right way on your computer or mobile, so be careful in the installation process.
    Download the anti-virus that you want to install on your computer or mobile, then click on the option of Run as Run on that icon, antivirus will start to be installed on the computer as soon as you click run. Before installing the antivirus will have the option of custom and manual, select it yourself, and then install the necessary updates. Once the antivirus is installed, the antivirus icon will appear on your computer screen, and click on the icon, the anti-virus control panel will be open as soon as the icon is clicked. For which internet connection will be required. Updating antivirus for the first time may take some time, so wait a bit. After the anti-virus update, the control panel will show green color instead of red. Be aware when installing any antivirus or any software from the internet, do not download or do not click on any link which is not trustworthy.

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