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  • How to reach Cherrapunji from Bangalore

    Planning to visit Cherapunji from Bangalore? Looking out for details of how to reach and where to stay? Find suggestions from experts on this page for all your queries.

    Many of us are aware about the well known location Cherrapunji for its heavy rain through out the year. Have you been there? Kindly share your experience if any. Also, how to reach Cherrapunji from Bangalore or Chennai? Which is the nearest Airport or the nearest Railway station? Also which are the best hotels nearby?
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  • Cherrapunji, located in Meghalaya, is the best location to visit for Monsoon lovers. Here, you will feel near to nature. The nearest airport or railway is Guwahati.

    If you want to go Cherrapunji from Bangalore, no direct train or flight is available. You can take flight of Air India, Spice Jet, Air Asia or GoAir. Distance of Cherrapunji from Bangalore is approximately 3000 km and will take around 30-35 hrs if you go by train or taxi.

    You can go there by these ways:
    1. You can take a taxi to reach to Bangalore Airport and from there you can take a flight from Bangalore to Guwahati. It will take around 3 hrs to reach Guwahati from Bangalore by flight. From Guwahai airport you can take a taxi to Cherrapunji.

    2. After reaching Bangalore Airport via taxi, you can take a flight from Bangalore to Shillong. Then you can reach Cherrapunji from Shillong via a taxi.

    3. Alternatively yoh can go to Cherrapunji by train also. First you will have to go to Guwahati via train and then to Cherrapunji by another train.

    4. You can alsi take a taxi to reach fron Bangalord to Cherrapunji.

    The cost of flight (from Bangalore to Guwahati) will comes around Rs.4000 to Rs.8000 while that of train will be around Rs.4500 to Rs.5000 (from Bangalore to Cherrapunji). So, train will be the cheapest mode to reach cherrapunji from Bangalore.

    Distance between Channai and Cherrapunji is approximately 2000 km and i riad travel it is around 2400 km.

    If you want to go Cherrapunji from Chennai, still you will have to go via Guwahati. You can reach there by following ways:

    1. You can reach to Chennai Airport and from there you can take a flight to Guwahati Airport. The flight will reach in approx. 2:30 hrs at Guwahati Airport. From there you can take a taxi to Cherrapunji. You can take flight of Air India, Spice Jet, Indigo.

    2. You can reach Guwahati by a train and then to Cherrapunji by a taxi. Train and taxi combined cost will be around Rs.3500 to Rs.4500. It will take around 2 &1/2 days.

    3. You can also take a taxi or drive yourself. Taxi will take around 2 days to reach Cherrapunji and cost will comes around Rs. 7000 to Rs 10000.

    There are several good hotels in Cherrapunji where you can stay. Prices will start from Rs.3500.

    Sone of the good hotels are: Coniferous Resort, Traveller's resort, Polo Orchid Resort, Labana Hotel, Cresent Hotel etc. Several honestays are also there. You can choose by comparing these hotels on makemytrip or yatra or goibibo or any other website.

  • Cherrapunji is also known as Sohra or Churra which means 'the land of oranges'. It is located in Meghalaya, north east indian state. It is the only place in india which recieve rainfall throughout year. The cheapest way to reach from Bengaluru to Cherrapunji is via train and taxi which costs approx 4000/- and takes 2 days 15h. There is no direct train Or flight from Bengaluru to Cherrapunji. At first, you will have to reach Guwahati by train and then take taxi to reach Cherapunjee. You can go by flight from Bengaluru to Gwahati, then take the taxi to reach Cherrapunji. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Bengaluru airport, fly to Shillong, then take the taxi to Cherrapunji. Distance between Bengaluru to Cherrapunji by Road and flight are 3068 Kms and 2016 kms respectively.
    The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Shillong is flight to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, then book cab to Shillong and takes 6h 45m. Cherrapunji is just 58 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Buses and taxis are easily available to Cherrapunji from Shillong. There are Five star, 1 Four star, 17 Three star, 2 resorts & 4 Budget hotels in Cherrapunji. Polo Orchid Resort is most famous hotel for staying. Besides, La Rose Hotel, Britannia Hotel, Crescent hotel and Labana hotel are some of the most popular hotel in Cherrapunji.

  • Cherrapunji is quite famous for its natural beauty. Cherrapunji is considered not only in India but also the place with the highest rainfall in the world. The main reason for this is that Cherrapunji is a district surrounded by three hills on three sides. The names of these hills are Garo, Khasi, Jayantia respectively. The winds from the Bay of Bengal fall into these three hills and collide with these hills and heavy rain at this place.

    As you are planning to travel to Cherrapunji, you will have the best and comfortable flight. The nearest airport is Shillong Airport. After reaching Shillong by flight you can reach Cherrapunji by taxi from there. If you want to go by train, then Guwahati station is the nearest. Helicopter services are available from Guwahati to Shillong. Both the bus service and taxi service between Shillong and Cherrapunji are quite good.

    The best time to visit Cherrapunji is between September to May. If you make a plan after June, it will not be right because there is rain from the month of June, in which problems may come more during the journey. Therefore, make a plan in such a way that along with the hourly employment, take care of the safety of you and your family.

    Some important hotels of Cherrapunji where you can stay-
    Polo orchid resort
    Saw Aeom Residency
    OYO Nirvana Guest House.
    Silver brook homestay
    Hotel Barbereek
    Coniferous Resort
    San nael resort

  • You can go by flight or train. Some people may plan by car also. But it is a very long distance and hence I never suggest going by car from Bangalore to Cherrapunji. The following are the various options which can be considered.
    1. From Bangalore you can get a flight to Gauhati. From Gauhati, you can get a taxi to reach Cherrapunji. It may take 6 hours from Bangalore Airport to reach Cherrapunji. It may cost you around Rs.15,000/- to you.
    2. From Bangalore you can take a train to Gauhati and from there a taxi. It may take you about 2 years 16 hours from Bangalore Railway station and the cost may be around Rs,7000/- if you travel by 3rd AC.
    3. From Bangalore you can take a flight to Shillong and from there a taxi to Cherrapunji. It may take about 8 hours from Bangalore Airport to the destination and may cost you around Rs,15,000/-
    4. Another way is to fly to Silchar and from there a taxi to Cherrapunji. It may require 9 hours to travel and may cost you about Rs.13,000/-.
    5. You can fly to Agartala and from there a drive on road. The time is 8 hours and the cost may be around Rs.15000/-
    The following are some of the good hotels to stay
    1. Polo orchid resort
    2. Silver brook homestay
    3. Hotel Barbereek
    4. Coniferous Resort

    always confident

  • How to reach Cherrapunjee by Air

    You may take a flight to Guwahati airport which is located 181 km from Chearrapunji but bus and taxi service are available to reach your destination. You may hire a taxi from Paltan Bazar bus stand or book a prepaid taxi or may get a taxi from the airport itself.

    The Umroi Airport (91 km) near Shillong is the nearest airport to Cherrapunji. However, the airport receives flights from Kolkata only and that too, with very low frequency.
    You may get bus from Sohra Bus Stand to go to Cherrapunji, Bara Bazar (Shilong) or may hire a taxi.

    How to reach Cherrapunjee by Rail:

    Guwahati Is the nearest railway station to visit Cherrapunji. You may avail the bus or taxi service as mentioned above.

    Distance between Bengaluru to Cherrapunji by Road is 3068 km
    Distance between Bengaluru to Cherrapunji by Flight is 2016 Km

    I advise you to contact several travel agencies which deal in this business with hotels of Cherrapunji and transportation as well. Take quotations from all travel agencies of different hotels. Don't forget to bargain with them. Hope you will get the best packages.

  • There are many alternatives to plan for a journey from Bangalore to Cherrapunji. It depends on the budget and convenience of an individual as how to plan this trip. Some of the options are as below -

    (a) Let us see the budget option first, that is the feasibility of going by a train. For that one has to take a train from Bangalore to Gauhati or Karimganj which would take about one and half day and if direct train is not available one has to make a connection through. Then from Gauhati or Karimganj one will have to take a taxi to Cherrapuji. It is about 150 km (from Gauhati)/ 260 km (from Karimganj) and takes about 4 / 7 hours. This is a cheapest option and depending on the train class chosen (sleeper or III AC), it would cost in the range Rs 3000 to 6000. The total time to reach there would be around 2 days which is a significantly higher figure.

    (b) For people who can afford air travel the simple option is to take a flight from Bangalore to Gauhati and then go to Cherrapunji by taxi. This is a very fast mode and will take less than a day to reach the destination. It would cost in the range Rs 8000 to 14000.

    (c) Another option is to take a flight from Bangalore to Shillong and then take a taxi to Cherrapunji. This option will suit better to those people who are having a plan to have a sight seeing in Shillong also on the way to Cherrapunji. It would cost in the range Rs 9000 to 15000.

    (d) For budget travellers sometimes the flights from Bangalore to Shillong might be costlier as Shilllong itself is a great tourist attraction. In such case one can make the plan in a round about manner by going to either Agartala airport or Silchar airport and then take a taxi or bus from there to Cherrapunji. The cost might be significantly less but time taken would be more.

    (e) Those who have interest in driving their own car and are adventurous in their nature can think of going directly by road via NH27. The distance is about 3100 km. It would take at least 2-3 days (the direct drive time is around 54 hours) to reach but one has opportunity to see the places in between and stop wherever one likes to. The cost of fuel etc will come to around Rs 20000.

    (f) Nowadays many tour operators also provide package tours for such places and if that suits to ones plan then that option can also be explored.

    There are many hotels in Cherrapunji. Some of the worth mentioning are D Cloud Guesthouse, Goshen home stay, Aisha Guest House, Sulawado Resort, Bell's Bigxa Homestay, Hotel Crescent, Deli-baiar Guest House, Hill Top Castle, Abode of Clouds Resort, San Nael La Resort, Rani Homestay etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Since there does not exist the direct connection between Bangalore and Cherrapunji, the same can be resolved by hiring a taxi at Bangalore Airport and reach to ultimate destination to Cherrapunji. Though it is expensive costing you about Rs 8000/- for one way rout but in that way, you can reach the destination with your own convenience fixing the time slot for the journey.
    The next option could be to take a flight for Guahati from Bangalore Airport and then reach Cherrapunji by hiring a taxi from Gauhati. This mode of journey could save your time and money. The total cost would be vary between Rs 10,000/-and Rs 14,000/- depending your time of flight from Bangalore and your negotiating skills with the taxi driver.
    One more option is available where you can have choice to undertake a flight at Bangalore Airport to reach Shillong and from Shillong you could negotiate your travel with a taxi to reach Cherrapunji. The total time consumption would be around eight hours and the cost involved considering both flight mode and taxi would around 16,000/-.
    At Cherrapunji, you would get variety of hotels and can be chosen according to your pocket. Here are a few hotels offering you best comforts having reasonable prices -
    1) Smoky Falls MAE FI Resort
    2) Jiva Resort, Cherrapunji
    3) Cherrapunji Holiday Resort
    4) Saimika Resort
    5) Hotel Barbereek.

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