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  • Scope of Investment with Storage of Vegetables

    Interested in knowing about investing with storing vegetables? Looking out for details here? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses from experts and understand whether it is worth investing.

    Prices of daily needs vegetables like Potatoes, Onions, cauliflower etc. are very cheap when it produced by Farmer but subsequently start increasing its price. So it is a good investment opportunity to earn money in short period with stocking in a Cold Storage. Now any body know about details of the system of dealing in West Bengal of such facility with contract details for Investment. If online facility is there to Invest now? Please reply with details.
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  • This is a viable business proposition and there are two main options to go ahead. First is take a loan from the bank and go for own cold storage facility. This would require a good capital and some people to help and join you in the project. Second is hire a cold storage and pay for the rental charges for the period you want to keep the material there. Generally this period will be only 4-5 months as by that time the off season vegetables will be having good prices in the market. You will have to do some local study of the vegetables in your area and monitor their prices round the year so you can take a decision as when to take out which vegetable for selling.

    In the first option that is owning a cold storage system one has to understand that generally cold storage rooms are to be acquired in size of about 14 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft. For storing fruits and vegetables, generally humidity is to be kept around 85 to 90%. The walls of such rooms have an insulating wall containing at least 60 mm thick Poly Urethane Fibre (PUF) sheets. The refrigerator should be capable of holding temperature in the range -2 to 4 degree centigrade.

    The vegetables and fruits are to be cleaned and wiped completely of soil or dust remains and then only they will remain intact for a long period. Rotten and damaged pieces are to be removed from the lot. This is a precision work and takes time and some manpower to do the pre-processing of fruits and vegetables before keeping in the cold storage.

    In the second option you have to contact some cold storage facility in your area. In west Bengal, there are many cold storage available in different places and one can hire them as per ones business size. Some of the cold storages are Nirvin Cold Storage, Kolkata; Himadri Cold Store, Shyamgram; Satima Cold Storage, Becharhat P; Mondal Cold Storage, Amlagora; Cold Storage, Chinsurah etc. You can find more about them in the internet especially about them which are near to your area of dwelling or area where you want to operate.

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