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  • Mathematics strategies to prepare for JEE Main

    Are you interested in preparing for JEE Mains Mathematics? Want the tips for preparations and score well? Here, our experts have responded to your query.

    The subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics get the same weightage but the score for the subject Mathematics is taken as the deciding factor in the JEE Main?

    There are a number of students who aspire to succeed in this exam. Although they are well versed in physics and chemistry, most of them do not know how to get good marks in Mathematics.

    Can give some tips to help students prepare for Mathematics in JEE Main?
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  • Mathematics could be your subject if you follow certain tips for IIT Jee entrance test. The following points could be helpful to you listed below -
    1) Concept- Mathematics need your concepts in the chapters to be dealt with. Hence first understand the basics of each chapter of both the classes of eleven and twelve of your prescribed NCERT text books. Go through the basics and if not understood the same, take the help of your Mathematics teacher.
    2) Choice of books - There are plenty of books in the market assuring of the better clarity of the topics. You need not go through all such books. However you may choose the volumes written by M. L. Khanna, R. D. Sharma and S. L. Loney.( particularly for co- ordinate geometry) Searching too many books will kill your time and even it may aggravate your confusion relating to suitability of books.
    3) Memories the formulas - Memorising all formulas will prove to be an asset for you in attaining your speed in relation to solving the problems quickly. What you need to do is to write all such formulas in a separate copy covering the entire formulas of the different chapters. These formulas need periodical revision so as to retain the same in your memory.
    4) Solve previous year papers - It will help you to be acquainted with the pattern of the papers and in order to achieve commendable performance, you need to solve at least 15 years previous question papers to restore your confidence.
    5) Practice- You will have to devote to a lot of time in solving varied problems from the practice text series published by Arihant Publication or similar patterns. This will improve your confidence apart from achieving speed in course of solving problems.
    6) Concentrate on such topics assuring you of good marks in a short time frame -Mind it some chapters would not take much time in the preparation and these should not be ignored in your preparation schedules. Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Probability, Hyperbola, Parabola, Ellipse, Three dimensional Geometry are the chapters taking you less time but at the same time preparation of these chapters will boost your scoring and rank finally.
    7) Mind the alloted timing of the examination - In case, you are stuck up with a question requiring you a lot of timing in solving the same, skip the same and go ahead for the next ones which could be solved easily from your end. Such a prudent planning will help in achieving a better scoring.
    8) Maintain positivity - During the preparation regime, keep yourself away from the negativity and never compare your self with other colleagues. Have your own goal.
    9) Take the help of your mentor - If possible take the help of your mentor who could provide you some alternative method resulting in time saving while solving the problem.
    10) Be aware of the marking system - In IIT mains, threre will be 30 questions altogether containing 120 marks in Mathematics. For each correct answer, you are to rewarded 4 marks and for each wrong answer, one mark will be deducted from you final scoring. Hence be cautious on this line. If you tick 25 correct answers, it would be treated as your marvellous performance.

  • Mathematics is not an easy subject. It is very tough and calculating subject. It is not like another subject to be memorized. For mathematics, there is a great need to clear the concept. Without clearing concept, you can't solve any sum. As far as IIT-JEE is concerned, it is a highly competitive exam for which full concentration is needed. You should read thoroughly NCERT 9th and 10th class mathematics. You should read the book of good writer which is available in the market. If your concept is not clear then join a good coaching institute which is getting prepared for IIT-JEE. One important thing, you should do more practice what you have already read.

  • Mathematics is a subject where one can score better than any other subject which may be a deciding factor for the rank in any competitive exam. Here are the tips by which one can score good in the mathematics exam:

    1. Make a separate register for formulae and theorems: Maths is all about formulae so one should memorise them. Theorems too have lots of weightage in the exam . As they are tough to memorise so one can write them in a separate register and memorise them timely. One can make them brief as kind of notes so can be revise them at the last moment. This will help alot as this will be easy to refer when one gets stuck while solve the numericals.

    2. Solve problems by yourself: It is always advisable to solve the problems by youself. You may be good at knowing the formulae but to apply them while solving the problems is also equally important to score good in the exams. You need to solve problems 3-4 times to understand the basic of it. You may refer the solution of the problem but before that you need to try them yourself. Problems definitely looks easy when you see the solution , it's better to try it first then refer the solution.

    3. Know your syllabus: You need to understand the syllabus and should focus on the topics as per the weightage. Sometimes we devote too much time on the topics having very less weightage in the exam. Also sometimes few topics are easy but have less weightage so we should practice them good so that we may score full marks in those topics.

    4.Practice Papers: Practicing model and sample test papers always help you to understand the format of the exam and will help you to devote time on the different sections. More and more you solve the sample papers more you will gain the confidence. Solving sample papers always boost your preparation of the exams as last year test papers will get you know the pattern and format of the exam.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • Mathematics is a subject where the student can definitely score a high score if he or she does some hard work and adopts some techniques for mastering it. So, as the task is not easy, one has to prepare for it since quite early and those who are desiring to go for JEE after their class XII should actually start the preparation in Mathematics from the class IX time itself. The reason is that a good base will help a student to gather incremental knowledge and expertise more easily. This is a point actually which has to be taken care by the parents that students are encouraged to practice in Mathematics more since the time they were studying in their lower classes itself. Anyway, apart from that fundamental point there are many methods and techniques which help in learning and making expertise in Mathematics. Let us go through them sequentially.

    1. There is no cramming in Mathematics - It is a subject of understanding and there is no point in cramming things as understanding the fundamentals is required to progress ahead in this particular subject. If there is any confusion at any stage then it is better to clear that either by reading the earlier chapters about that or even the text book of the earlier class (which really helps sometimes) or getting it cleared by the teacher or tutor whatever the case may be. Without getting conceptual clarity going ahead could be disastrous.

    2. Solving Mathematical puzzles, riddles, fun games in spare time - Those who can spare some time out of studies can definitely try this as it is soothing for the tired brain but at the same time gives understanding of things in a very concise and common sense manner.

    3. Repetition is the key - Every student is not exceptionally brilliant and we should not mimic the ways of intelligent people who read only once and score high. We have to understand our worth and should know our retention power and absorption of the subject. It is very likely that one student can score some score in three revisions while the other student may take five revisions. This understanding is crucial and then only one will be ready for the examination fully.

    4. Go quickly ahead and come back - Do not waste time at one place. Sometimes what happens that we are stuck at a point and get puzzled and lose time. Do not do that and proceed ahead with other chapters and then when you have completed the assigned studies for the day then only come back to the same spot and then take help from guide books etc or consult some teacher to get that cleared.

    5. Focus and concentration - Mathematics is not tough, it only requires a desired focus and concentration in acquiring this valuable learning. Our mind should not distract to any thought like what is the practical utility of this subject or by learning so much Mathematics what I will gain in my career. These are all negative thoughts which will spoil your study mindset and we have to refrain from any such thing or any complex in our learning speed or enthusiasm or comparing it with other students. Our focus should be to acquire expertise in the subject and doors of success will open for us. Incidentally, Mathematics is present everywhere and especially in IT and Engineering it has a big role.

    6. Fundamentals will always help - There are many fundamental concepts which always help us in understanding advanced things in Mathematics later in the course of our studies. There are so many of them and they are to be learned at an early stage and keep them in our mind like the alphabets of a language when we start to learn a language. Let me give a few examples. We know that square root of 9 is 3 and square root of 16 is 4. From this it implies that square roots of numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 , and 15 should lie between 3 and 4. That is all. It is a simple concept. Another example is if we have to take a very small particle from point A to B in steps in such a fashion that we move it half the distance that we moved it in earlier step then just ponder over it and you will find that it will never reach point B! It is interesting to note that but it gives us an idea of infinite number. Here what we learn is that in spite of moving it so many times that is infinite number of times we never reach it. There are various concepts in Mathematics which are very interesting and learning them gives us power to deduce and understand much more difficult things. So, it will be advisable to grab the basic concepts wherever we get opportunity to learn them.

    7. Attempting various types of questions - To test the real knowledge of the student, the examiners generally change the questions in subtle ways which may confuse the students as they have not seen the question in that particular format or style. To cope up with this I would strongly suggest that one should try to solve as many earlier question papers of not only JEE but all other similar entrance exams and that is one sure way of not only self assessment but the student will also be able to differentiate between the questions meticulously before giving a correct answer.

    Knowledge is power.

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