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  • Best courier services in India

    Looking out for a good, fast and reliable Indian courier service? Searching for details here? On this page out epxerts shall provide you with a list of such services and you can decide which one to opt for.

    Due to Pandemic, courier is not reaching on time in few region as unusual. I would like to know best private courier services in India. And I would like to know the cheap and best one with shortest time in delivering the couriers to the receivers. Any experience sharing on this will be appreciated.
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  • There are many standard Private Courier service provider in India like ,Blue dart, Delhivery, FedEx, Ship rocket etc. All are providing very good services. Out of the above I must suggest to go for Bluedart because the service covered by this Courier in most of the Villages and Town of Rural and Urban Area. It covers more than 35500 location in india to received and delivered the consignment. They are providing services over 220 Countries and secured one of the best service provider in South Asia. It is a part of DPDHL Group's. You can rely upon the services of Blue dart with nominal charges and within schedule time which is fixed according to weight and distances. I am using their services since long.

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  • Courier services have indeed become slow due to pandemic. Many parcel item is not reaching on time. In such a situation, it is necessary to seek the fastest courier services. There are many fast courier service provider in India which saves our time and money as follows;-
    1. Bluedart - It is known for the best courier service provider in India. They are famous for fast delivery and low costs. It was initially started in Chennai and gradually grew to become one of the quickest courier services in Asia. It is not just a go-to courier service in India but also ships to 220 countries throughout the world. It can help you ship your orders fastest via the express delivery mode without spending more money. It offers to pick up facility and express delivery.
    2. DHL is one of the best course services in India. It can be used to ship in India as well as 220 countries in the world. It is one of the fastest parcel delivery services. You can ship products via the express delivery option of DHL without spending more money.
    3. Delhivery - it is one of the most reliable courier services and fast delivery services for domestic shipments. It provides services in very less time. With Delhivery, you can get demand delivery, same day or next day delivery.
    4. XpressBees - It is used by various eCommerce companies to ship their products at the lowest costs. Its delivery services are done on same-day delivery, next day delivery along with cash on delivery.
    5. Wow Express - It is one of the fastest and cost-effective delivery services in India. It offers cash on delivery services and fast delivery services so that customers get their parcel on time. It also offers international courier and reverses logistics facilities.
    Apart from these, Shiprocket, Dotzot, Gati, Fed-ex are some of the best courier services in India. I used blue dart many times and found the most reliable among all.

  • There are many courier services in our country providing transportation of material and documents from one place to another. Some of them are premium services charging very high service charges but there are others who charge reasonable amount for it. Some courier services are very good for long distance couriering while some are very reliable and prompt in the local courier service. Let us go through some of the most popular and fast service providers in this segment -

    1. DHL - It is definitely the top of the notch company providing reliable and fast courier services in India as well as in 220 other countries. It offers pickup and express delivery options also. It has acquired Blue Dart courier and in India it operates through Blue Dart only.

    2. Blue Dart - It has been acquired by DHL and it operates now under its fold and is the most reputed courier company known in India.

    3. FedEx - It has simplified system of shipping and is well known in the circle of e-commerce companies. It offers pickup facility and has a cash on delivery option also.

    4. Wow Express - This is also a very reliable courier service especially in e-commerce segment. It also offers pickup facility, express delivery, cash on delivery etc.

    5. Shadowfax - It is a fast courier service with reasonable charges and offers a host of facilities like pickup, express delivery, reverse shipping etc.

    6. Delhivery - It is a reputed and reasonable domestic courier service. It offers quick delivery service, online monitoring etc for better customer satisfaction.

    7. DTDC - The Dotzot service of the DTDC is quite popular and is quite reasonably charged. They are a big player in e-commerce market.

    8. GATI - It is a fast and reliable courier service. It also offers pickup and express delivery options. It also has cash on delivery options for e-commerce shipment.

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  • As we know that there are many private courier service companies in India but selecting the best courier service that involves timely delivery of parcel/goods, maximum coverage, minimal charge, customer service, pick-up and drop or door to door delivery, shipment tracking, fast express, etc are some of the characters that one search while selecting one for their service. Some of the best private courier service companies in India are as follows for your review:
    1. DTDC Express Limited: Founded in 1990 and has its headquarter in Bangalore, It covers all Asian countries and serves 240 international locations like the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, etc. You can deliver declared personal or valuable items, Intracity facility of Bulk documents such as mobile or insurance bills, bank statements and annual general reports, etc. For more information, you can log into

    2. Delhivery Courier: It was established in 2011 and has 10000 customers network covering 18000+ pin codes, 2500+ cities, and operates 24x7. It provides Fast service, covers almost every place, cost-effective, Same-day/Next-day Delivery, Large/Oversize Order Delivery, High-value Product Delivery, Real-time Monitoring, and Control, Flexible Payment on Delivery, Consignee Address Validation and door to door service. For more information, you can log into

    3. FedEx India: It is in the business for over 40 years and providing global connections with full transparency and sound corporate governance. It provides services like delivery the next day, can find detailed information about your courier, can ship small or heavy parcels, schedule & manage pick-up of your parcel, etc. For more information, you can log into

    4. DHL Express India Pvt Ltd: The company was founded in the United States in 1969 but established in 1996 in India. At present, it covers 220 countries and territories all over the world. It provides e-commerce logistic services for business customers and parcel pick-up, delivery, and return solutions for its domestic and international customers. For more information, you can log into

    5. Blue Dart Express Ltd: Founded in November 1983 and having its headquarters in Mumbai, it provides services like Delivery, express mail, third-party logistics, air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, customs clearance, etc covering over 220 countries and territories and over 35,000 locations in Indias. For more information, you can log into

    6. The Professional Couriers: founded by T. Balachandran in 1987 and having its headquarters at Navi Mumbai, it covers over 25,000 destinations with over 5000 Collection Centers and has 20 Regional Offices in India. For international service, it provides services like delivering Documents, Non-Documents-Sample Shipments, Commercial Shipments, Import & Export Goods as per customer requirements. and for domestic customers, it offers services like Express Service, Air/Surface cargo, Same day service, Picking, packaging, and processing of Customer documents in envelopes, labeling, etc at affordable price. For more information, you can log into

    7. UPS Express Private Limited(UPS): It was formerly known as UPS Jetair Express Private Limited has its head office in Mumbai. It covers more than 220 nations and territories through its network via roads, rails, air, and ocean. It ships Low Volume, heavy upto 70Kg and even Occasional Shipping, provides a tracking facility on your desktop or mobile, etc. For more information, you can log into

    8. Overnite Parcels Express: Know as SIG Express or Overnite Express Limited, was started in the year 1987 in Dubai to provide a cost-effective, safe, reliable door-to-door delivery and innovative services to its customer across globe field through courier, cargo and transport. It has tried to extend its reach to rural areas of India and has been true to its name to reach destinations on time, prompt and safe delivery of the parcel. For more information, you can log into

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  • The problem of courier is indeed being seen more these days, but still, some courier services can provide good and fast service.

    DTDC is a large Express Delivery Network in India. Although it is very old courier services, even today its efficiency is greatly affected. In this, your courier arrives quickly and safely. Due to the convenience of online tracking, you can also view the status of your parcel.

    Madhur Courier - There is hardly any place where Madhur courier is not available. Everywhere you will find a small office, sweet courier. Everyone is also aware of its functioning. Through this, parcels can be delivered on time.

    First Flight - It is believed that it is the first courier company in India. Its service is also very good. The name itself suggests that according to this its delivery process is very fast. In this also you can keep tracking your parcel online.

    Trackon Courier Service - This courier company also has very good services which are very safe in terms of security. Currently, its offices are in the cities only, so you will have to take information about whether there is this arrangement at your local residence.

    Indian Postal Service - Even though many private companies are giving good service, but with this, the work of the Indian Postal Service has also always been good. Admittedly, this may take some delay or time, but the security guarantee is also there.

    Blue Dart - This company has also given very good service and has made its mark. You can courier the parcel by this as well.

    Overnight Express Limited - It is also a specialized domestic courier service that works on a large scale and provides good service.

  • If it is for within local limits or within your state, i is better and prudent to select the popular local courier. If it is to major cities in other states within India, and if the consignment is not very large,then it is better to send by Speed Post. In Kerala the Kerala State Transport Corporation has started courier facility at selected KSRTC depots. They take it and deliver within the state within a day or latest by next day. You may verify any such service is available in your state.

    Otherwise, from my receiving experience I can say that Blue Dart and FedEx are the best followed by Xpress Bees.
    From my experience Delhivery is the worst. In the past many times, I had commented and recommended to many shopping portals not to send by them . I am not sure whether Delhivery have improved by now.

    Most are surface couriers. Surface couriers share the vehicles except in the case some very few courier companies who have their own dedicated vehicles and logistics support. Hence most consignments are reaching by same time and then segregated from the hubs and taken and delivered by the various couriers intended to. Here depending on whether they have own branch or franchisee or arrangement, the delivery may differ by one or two days. Most such couriers do not deliver on Sundays and holidays.

    Many shopping portals use DTDC and Delhivery for sending the consignments. When E-Bay was there I used to get most of my consignments by FedEx or Blue Dart. They were pretty fast. Professional courier is okay, but many times they used to telephone an ask us to collect the consignment from their office citing one or other reason. That depends on the local situations.

    You may select the courier depending on the value and importance of the consignment and also considering the urgency of delivery need.

  • Choosing a correct courier partner can help you in delivering your products safely minimising your tension in respect of delivery of your packets. Here I would discuss some of the reputed couriers operating in our country known for their fastest delivery service. You may choose any one of these couriers so as to have your satisfaction with their services.
    Blue Dart - Blue Dart had remained in the courier service since a long time and it had started its business initially in the region of Chennai and later grew phenomenally providing its service not only in India but also ships to 220 countries across the world. It has been acquired recently by DHL.
    2) Delhivery - Delhivery may be considered as one of the best couriers providing fast delivery on line. They would reach to customers doorstep within the shortest possible time to collect the packets to be delivered to the beneficiaries.
    3) GATI -This company was established in the year 1989 and has acquired a distinct position because of their excellent services. It offers both the services - pick up facility and express delivery.
    4) Express Bees - Express Bees is a reputed ecommerce company to ship their products at the lowest price range assuring you of the minimum time to reach the delivery to the addressees. They maintain both the parameters - quick delivery and safety of the packet to be delivered.
    5) Shadow Fax - It is a low cost service providing you fast option for your requirement. It is relatively a new courier company but it's business has grown phenomenally over the time. It is known for fastest delivery maintaining the safety parameter.
    They have the following services-
    1) Pick up facility
    2) Express delivery
    3) Reverse Shipping Facility
    Other safe options for the courier services are as follows-
    1) Wow Express
    2) Fed Ex
    3) Dotzot
    4) Ecom Express

  • Our company which used to send many parcels across the country has engaged DTDC courier services in the past and their services were horrible because every day we used to face one issue or the other as they would carry the parcels to places other than the designated pin code and getting the same as return was the hell out service. So we have discontinued them and engaged the Delhivery courier service who are now offering a very good service and the delivery time is also good. Normally we used to take 7 days to reach the parcel in Tamil Nadu through DTDC but Delhivery is giving the parcels on third day itself and that is very good service and we got appreciation for fast delivery of goods Moreover they made as the Franchisee and that means we are eligible for low cost per packet and thus we are saving heavily on the parcels and good name and fame from the customer. Hardly there are any complaints from the customers.

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