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  • How do I get back my purchased app?

    Want to know how to get a purchased app if you have changes your phone? Searching for details of how to do so here? Scroll through tihs Ask expert page for how to get back the puchased app.

    I bought one application from the Google Play Store a year ago. I then formatted the device and now am using a new phone. How do I get that app back? When I tried to redownload the same app from the store, it ask for money. How is it possible? Why it is charging me second time?
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  • Generally the apps are bought online by paying through online banking or other modes and before payment an OTP is sent to the registered mobile number and then the purchase is finalised. If that number is now not there then there may be a problem in getting it confirmed that same person is now using this bought up app in other phone.

    What Google has done is that it encourages people to buy an app using a Google account and if one is logged in it then whatever purchase he made using whatever mode of payment then it can be used elsewhere by logging in the same Google account. So what I would suggest is first you login your Google account and see whether it allows you to use the earlier bought up app or not. Google claims that an earlier bought up app can be used by the user irrespective of the phone number and only thing is that he should be using the same Google account through which the app was bought.

    Please check this and give a feedback so that if it does not work in that way then we can search more information in this matter.

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  • Yes. I am using the same Google account by which the app was purchased earlier. Still its not allowing to download it freely. Is there any other way?

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  • Usually, if you buy a new device then if you login with same Google account then all the apps can be restored by going to Play Store - Library.

    You will need to reinstall or re-enable if it is turned off. Even the apps purchased in past can be reinstalled and then it shall work as usual.
    This information is already provide in Google hlp and support article, I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

    As you mentioned that you are using the same Google account on new device then there are only two ways left to check and get back the purchased app.

    Option 1, Contact the customer care of the app you had purchased and inform them about your issue. They must be having your details/email id and payment information that would be helpful for you in getting a new license from the app developer.

    Option 2. There may be a possibility that the app license was valid only for a year and hence it is asking for payment once again. There is also a possibility that the app you had may have had a clause that the license was device specific and you will lose te license if you change your phone. Which again can be confirmed from the app developer only.

    I hope that the app your brought was on time payment and the solution provided by Google is only by logging to new device with the same account with which the app was purchased.

    Best solution will be contacting the app developer company and they may help resolve your issue.

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  • It is a common problem that many times it happens that when we are new, such problems arise about the application. Before this you log in with the same email ID or new account with your Google account, most likely all the apps will be restored. But if even after login, your old phone's apps are not able to be restored, then try another method for this.

    You go to the play store and download the same app again, the download process is normal. Once you download the app, after that you install it properly on the mobile. After completing the installation, open the app and log in to the app with the same email ID. It will ask for your password, if you have forgotten the password, click on the option of Forgot password and recover the password. As soon as you login you will be restored all your plan related to the app.

    If after logging in, your plans have been terminated from the respective apps or you are unable to restore the plan, then for this you can contact the customer care of the respective apps. You will get contact details from Google, wherein contact details, phone number, website, and online complete process is given related to the particular app, you can talk to customer care with this help.

  • It is a very common problem. Generally, the problem may arise then only when it is not confirmed that the same mobile number is using by the same person. If you are unable to get back your purchase app then no need to worry about it. After buying a new mobile, you log in with the same Google account then all the apps can be restored by Play Store. Moreover, Download and open the free app. Then, open the drawer from the upper left corner of the screen and select Support. Next to it, Select Purchases and Paid App from the menu. Tap on the menu option, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Thus, Tap on Recover paid app. If your time has lapsed for restoring plan. Then, You should try to contact the customer care app, from where you had purchased and give them details regarding the issue. You will get contact details from google in which all relevant details like phone number, website etc are available. Thus, you may take help from customer care in solving your problem.

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