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  • Joining Automobile company in America

    Aspiring to work in an automobile company? Wondering if a female also can opt for PG in automobile and then work in the automobile domain? You can scroll through this ISC Ask Experts page and plan your studies.

    How can a girl join an automobile company in America? Can a girl study master science in automobile? And what exams should a girl clear? Is it suitable for a girl or not? What marks does she need to get in that exam? What percentage from B.Tech join other states colleges? The girl needs basics on it.
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  • If interested for joining in an automobile firm in America, it is not always necessary to have a B.Tech degree in Automobile Enginnering. Even having a degree in the stream of IT, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering will also serve the purpose. The following points are essential to attract the Employers in this field -
    1) You should have your consistent performance right from class ten to the present level ie the stream you have persued.
    2) You need to apply for the MS course located in East Coast so that you may procure H1B Visa with a least hindrance.
    3) The employers in the Automobile Firm would mark your ascent and hence improve upon the same to impress the American people with your impressive style of conversation.
    4) You should have the attitude of problem solving approach and with this approach, you would be preferred in course of selection.
    5) Achieve experience in the Design Software Field such as Auto CAD, Solid Works etc.
    6) You must be conversant with immigration rules especially H1B Visa, OPT, CPT etc so that you don't face any problems relating to these rules.
    7) Don't be in a hurry to join reputed firm immediately. Start your work in a medium organisation but mark how the business is being done there. Learn all the basics connected with Automobile Enginnering so that your concepts in this stream is more clear with the time. This will help you in achieving your higher status in this field.
    8) Your potential and caliber will be recognised and being a female would not deprive you of the opportunities provided you satisfy your employer with your knowledge and intelligence.

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