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    If college gives a transfer certificate without date of birth is it legal?

    Wondering if transfer certificate from a university is legal if it does not have date of birth? Wnat to know if legal action can be taken in such a case? On this page, our experts shall repsond to yuor query.

    If a college gives a transfer certificate without date of birth is it legal or illegal? What legal action can be taken against the college under which law? Is transfer certificate is valid without date of birth of student? Can college accept transfer certificate without date of birth of student?
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  • A transfer certificate(TC) is a certificate provided to a student at his/her request provided by their
    previous School/ College or institution/university when the student wants to leave that school/ College or institution/university and continue the education in the other college or institution.

    The transfer certificate will have all your personal details of the student mentioned in it as per the record like:
    1. Name of student
    2. Date of birth: (dd/mm/yy)
    3. Place of birth
    4. Nationality
    5. Last Year / Grade attended
    6. Date of leaving: (dd/mm/yy)
    7. Passed and promoted to
    8. Currently in Year / Grade (if transferring midway through the academic year)
    9. Curriculum followed
    10. All his/her dues are clear and is not a defaulter, etc.

    Before a child can be accepted by any school, a transfer certificate(TC) is required to be provided i.e original Transfer Certificate must be submitted to the administration department at the time of enrolment where they are seeking admission. Without this, admission may not be given or canceled. If you have any problem, you can talk to the administration and they can give you an extension of time but without a TC, the admission of the child cannot be guaranteed.

    In normal cases, every School/ College or institution/university has their set format which they follow and everything is just to copy and paste so an error is not possible. In case such an error happens, you can take the xerox copy and ask the School/ College or institution/university to reissue you a fresh copy. If your new School/ College or institution/university has overlooked the details and accepted your TC, it nor a case to worry about as your Leaving Certificate(LC) or Birth certificate will have your date of birth(DOB) that will help them to get the information.

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  • Transfer certificate is normally required as an important document when we pursue another course in another university or college or school. As for as transfer certificate if the date of birth is not mentioned is not a problem but if the receiving institution insists it is become a problem while joining. So, it is better to have mentioned the date of birth in the transfer certificate while receiving itself.

  • When any certificate is to be given by any institution, generally, they will fill all the columns. If any column is not applicable they will mention as not applicable but never leave them blank. Once you take a certificate from any institute, it is your responsibility to see that all the columns are filled properly and no column is left unfilled. If any such gap or deviation is observed you have to approach the administration department of the concerned institution and apply in writing for the correction. They will do the needful and give you the corrected original.
    Date of Birth in TC should be filled and it will be available with the institute. So they should mention that also in TC and give you. You can approach the concerned for the correction as explained.
    DOB proof is your SSC certificate but not TC. Even then it is better to get the mistake corrected.

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  • Transfer certificate is required only when a student is ready to leave school, college or institution and going to join another school or college. Generally, for getting transfer certificate you have to fill in all personal details such as DOB, place of birth, nationality etc, in a set format. They copy all the information which was filled in by you and then prepare TC. If a mistake occurs then no need to be worried. You can either produce xerox copy of filled in the application form where you mentioned DOB or another document where your date of birth written in the concerned department. These document will approve your transfer certificate.

  • A transfer certificate is the brief about the student and contains the historical data as captured in the earlier institution. It must contain all the relevant data as per the standard format and is to be presented in that only. If some data is lacking in it then it is necessary to supplement that from other credential. For example if TC does not contain the DOB then the student has to produce his birth certificate or High School certificate which contains the factual DOB.

    Another thing is if some data is erroneously not reflecting in the TC then the student should ask the earlier institution to rectify it and issue a corrected TC and then it can be submitted in the present institution.

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  • A transfer certificate is a document containing the entire details of his credentials and without this document, it would be difficult for him to get admission for any other institution. In case of transfer of his guardian, the student has to leave the current institution with a TC and the same has to be submitted to the college or Institute where he would like his admission.
    It will contain the following details -
    1) Name of the student
    2) Date of birth and his father's name
    3) Place of birth
    4) Nationality
    5) Reason for leaving
    6) Status of the current course
    7) Curriculum followed
    8) Status of dues
    9) Conduct of the student
    10) His grading of the last year
    Providing all these details in the TC will help the student to take up admission in the desired institution.
    In case of omission of date of birth in this format a student is in a position to secure admission on the basis of other documents such as CLC, School certificate or any other document reflecting date of birth, the new institution may not object to this discrepancy.
    However, there is some objection from their sides, write to the previous institution with a fresh TC containing entire details inclusive of date of birth.

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