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  • What are the utilities of basic solo microwave oven?

    Are you planning to buy a microwave oven? Would you like to know the different purposes it serves? Do you want to know the best ways this equipment can be put to use? Follow this thread to know more about such queries.

    In modern kitchens, the microwave oven is common equipment. It can be used for various different purposes. What are the different ways this tool can be best utilized? What type of dishes can be cooked in it? Can we cook rice in it? Commonly we know this can be used to make biscuits, bread, cake and also used for reheating purposes. Will it be very useful if we buy it for the home? What is the difference between convection ovens and microwave ovens? Members who have good practical experience with ovens may please enlighten me. It may please be noted that I am a pure vegetarian.
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  • Micro ovens can do many jobs. It can bake, grill, and heat. I have a micro oven and it is not used as it is expected to be used. We use it only to heat up the cold items. It takes no time to get the items heated. We can save gas by using micro ovens. As of latest, we are using it to fry papad. No oil is required. The papad is tasty. It just takes 30 seconds only to fry a maximum 5 papads.

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  • Microwave oven is a different type of cooking device as compared to traditional ones. It has got a magnetron inside it which produces microwaves which bombard the food items kept inside the microwave and then the water molecules inside the food vibrate vigorously by the impact of the microwaves which makes the food to get cooked. Many people are not aware that microwave oven can be used as a versatile cooker as they only know that it is to be used for heating the already cooked food earlier. The reason is lack of practical knowledge about it. Let us try to understand some basics about it. Nowadays the microwave ovens come with microwave as well as convection facility. What is convection facility? It is same as that is provided in a conventional Oven Toaster and Grill (OTG) where cooking, roasting, baking, or grilling is made through electrical heater rod in the vicinity of food to be cooked. Using these facilities or a combination of both a variety of items can be prepared in a microwave oven. In microwave mode we have to use glassware or compatible cooking bowls but in convection mode we can use metallic pans also.

    Water is the crucial item in microwave cooking. We should be very alert on this account and even a single mistake of not putting appropriate water will burn or char our food and make it like coal. Many microwave ovens come with inbuilt menu and recipe book and from that also one can read, study, and learn as how to prepare different dishes. I will now give a brief of that learning here for the benefit of the readers.

    First important thing is the various heat ranges in a microwave oven. Generally they have five ranges - Very high, High, Medium, Low, and very Low. For making vegetables High or Very High modes can be used. I prefer to use the High mode which is safer to handle than the Very high. Other ranges are also important. For example Low can be used for keeping the food warm. Very low can be used for thawing purpose. Medium mode can be used for slow cooking. When we heat the already coked food, we usually use Very high mode. That is why in less than a minute, the items are heated up.

    Amount of water and time, these are the two factors one has to learn for precise microwave cooking. For example a dry vegetable for 2-3 persons will take about 12 to 16 minutes in High heat range. One has to add about 3/4th to 1 cup of water in the cut vegetables before keeping it in the microwave. The amount of water can be slightly adjusted as per one's choice but do not reduce it below 3/4th cup significantly as it may char the dish. For making a gravy there is no issue as one can add 2-3 cups of water without any problem.

    Some people want the seasoning to be done before the vegetables are cooked. For that, one has to take some cooking oil in a microwave compatible bowl and add the spices, onion, garlic etc and keep it in High range for 3-4 minutes only and take it out and then add all the cut vegetables and water (most important) etc and cook it for 12-15 minutes. It is advisable to pause cooking just 2-3 minutes before the end time so that one can check the consistency and add water if so required. This is an important step and I would strongly recommend for it.

    Those who know as how to prepare cake in an OTG can prepare the batter in the same way and keep it in a microwave compatible bowl and cook in High heat for only 5-6 minutes (note only 5-6 minutes) and the cake would be ready. Please note that in OTG it takes 40 minutes to cook a cake!

    I will advise you to do some practice as per the above details and with experience one can learn perfect microwave cooking. You will not get these details easily elsewhere as I have learned many of these things with trial and error. Just to add that some of my microwave recipes with the details of using microwave device have published in some leading internet sites and evoked good response.

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  • Today, the use of electronic devices in the kitchen and microwave oven is one of them. It has many uses that make your work easier. It is very helpful in getting more work done in less time.
    In this, you cook or cook food through a timer, so keep in mind that you have the right knowledge of Timing, if you have any kind of doubt, then keep the food item in it for at least the time, after checking it off If the food remains raw, then keep it again for some more time.
    By doing this, you will also get an idea of the timing of cooking slowly and you will not be hurt.
    In addition to cooking, you use the microwave to heat food, heat water, make bread, etc. food items like sandwiches, pizza making, cake making, etc.
    It is also used to bake many food items.
    As you can not fried vegetables in the microwave but you can keep vegetables in it and then fry them on gas, it will also save your gas.
    It is very important to take care of some things, and only a special type of utensils are used for microwaves, if you accidentally put the metallic utensils which you use in your kitchen as normal, then there could be the possibility of an accident. So always keep your food item in a glass pot.
    While removing the utensil, wear it in the globs and take it out, there is also the fear of burning hands.
    Start using it only after reading all the instruments carefully.
    One important thing which we should keep in mind, as much as an electronic device is useful for us at the same time it consists many side effects too, so be aware of this do not use the microwave for every small work.

  • Nowadays, the microwave oven is used as a common appliance in the kitchen. It has multi-purpose use. It is used for multiple works such as cooking, heating, baking, roasting and grilling. While cooking food in a microwave oven, you should be careful about timer as you have to set the time dish accordingly. As far as cooking item is concerned, it can be used for many work such as cooking rice, heating water, making cake and pizza, baking bread, roasting garlic, make citrus fruits juicier heating beauty product. One important thing, you should use a special type of utensils in microwave oven otherwise an accident may happen.
    convection microwave oven having almost the same cooking features as a normal microwave and additionally offers the baking features of a traditional oven. Some of the convection ovens having the facility to make paneer, curd and ghee.
    Microwave ovens produce electromagnetic radiation. It may have a side effect. So, we should use it to a limit.

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