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  • About age for class 1 according to Education Act.

    Do you have a query about age criteria for class 1? Looking out for resolution to this query? Scroll through this page and get to know the age cut off for admission to class 1.

    My daughter is studying in lower kg in session 2020-21. Her dob is 14.10.2016. Can we continue her studies in next session, means in ukg according to her age? If we are promoting her to the next session, is her agefine for class 1 according to her dob?
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  • We have got the same query many times and I think our experts have already given the answers to it through their reply. I would request you to kindly go through the answer to the below queries by different parents:
    1. Regarding my son's admission to lower KG
    2. Age criteria for admission into Class 1
    3. Age criteria for 2020 CBSE 10th exam

    All the above post will help you understand the correct age set by each board(State/ CBSC/ ICSE) in our country and make your decision regarding your daughter's studies in the coming session/year.

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  • You can go through the links and discussions that Mr Varghese has provided in his response as above. Still, I would like to mention that the age is generally calculated based on the cut off date as 31 st March of the year in which the admission is sought. For example for class 1 admission the child should be of age 5 years by the 31st March of that year. Now in your daughter's case the DOB is 14.10.16 so she will be able for class 1 admission by 31st March 2022 only by which time she will be 5 years and about 5 months. From that extrapolation she should be in UKG during 2021.

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  • The child who wants to get admitted to 1st class should complete his 5th year as on 31st March of that year. If I want to put my grandson or granddaughter in 1st class this year, she should complete her 5th year on 31st March 2021.
    Your daughter is in LKG now and she will be going to UKG in the academic year 2021-22. She will be completing her 5th year on 13-10-21. So she can be admitted to 1st class in the academic year 2022-23.

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