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  • How do I produce a lead acid flooded battery

    Working on a project to produce a lead acid flooded battery? Searching for detailed process to do so? Check out this Ask Expert page to understand how to move ahead.

    I am working on a project in a Nigerian University with the topic "Preparation of a Lead acid flooded battery with locally made materials" that can produce 24 volts output. How do I source the lead and lead oxide locally?
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  • Lead and Lead oxide are available in markets for sale. There are suppliers in different countries. You will get some suppliers in those countries also. You have to contact the industrial chemical suppliers or laboratory chemical suppliers to your university and give them your specifications so that they can advise.
    The following is the website on which you will get various chemicals and its suppliers in Nigeria. You can open this site and search for your requirement. You can contact them as per the details given on their website. The URL of the site is:

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  • For assembling a flooded lead acid battery you will require some items from the local market and if you want to economise on your product then for the housing of the battery you will have to search in the scrap market in your place some old housing of lead acid batteries as new housing will cost more. A flooded lead acid battery is one in which the lead plates are submerged to the desired height in sulphuric acid and the gas whatever is created in the chemical reactions comes out of the battery. Whenever the acid level goes down we have to top up the battery with clean water (distal water preferred) so that the battery works optimally. In sealed batteries this is not required because the gases are absorbed within and residual gases are vented out and due to the sealed structure there is no evaporation and no topping up by water there.

    The material you would require is lead and lead oxide plates which are generally sponge lead plates, housing of the battery, sulphuric acid as the electrolyte, top cover, and epoxy material for adhesion work on the top side. Please note that one basic cell of less acid battery which is made with a pair of lead plates can generate about 2 volt only and you want to make a battery of 24 volt. So, you will require 12 pairs of the lead plates. So please search a housing which can accommodate so many plates in it. Once the basic configuration of the plates is completed you have to connect them in series cell t cell so that the total voltage becomes 24 volt. You will require some connecting lead stripes or thick copper wire for the same or cut the spongy lead in such a fashion that they can be connected to each other just by pressing. There could be many design consideration and you can find i in the literature or internet as per the advice of your project guide.

    Please also note that these batteries are rechargeable and after using them you can always recharge them from the mains using a battery charger having 24 volt outlet. There are many technical points which will arise during course of your project and you will have to take help from the earlier similar projects which might be available in the internet in DIY sites and you can take advantage of them.

    Please feel fee to interact with us during any time while you are working in this project by raising a new query in this section (Ask Experts) of this site and our experts would try to help in the matter as per their capabilities and I wish you all success in this interesting project.

    Note: There are some companies in Nigeria which are in the business of Lead Acid Batteries and you can contact some of them for any information using the local directory there. Some of these are - Rentos Lead recycling plant, Jobest International Global Investment Ltd, Roseben Associates Ltd, Great Height Metalworks, Henry and Henry Ltd, Global Nig. Ltd, Green Recycling Industries, Diaglob gold star Nigeria Ltd, Metal Manufacturing Nigeria Ltd, Lagetronix Nigeria Ltd etc.

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