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  • What actually happens to our life according to our karma?

    Ever wondered about life being dependent on our karma? Want to know if there is truth in the fact that past karma decide how we live today? Check out this page where our experts have responses to your query.

    Lot of peoples suffer around the world. Can we say that they did not live very happily once because of their past karma. Once they did many good things in their life. After that they did mistakes and now they suffer because of that. Because of their past karma they suffer. Is that true?
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  • The knowledge of the world can be divided in two main categories - first is the scientific knowledge based on observations, experiments, and deductions. These are accepted as truth till some new theory comes which can explain that in better ways and give better formulas and experimental verifications for them. The science subject is full of such theorems, theories, and deductions and the science or engineering students know about these things in details. Second category of knowledge is hypothesis based on the spiritual, religious, philosophical, and cultural experiences of our ancestors and these are available in form of some scriptures and books which are available in various societies and communities and those who believe in them follow them religiously and persistently throughout their lives and leave this world believing that doctrine only as the true one and all others in the world as wrong. In fact most of the wars and confrontations happened due to those differences and confrontations.

    The theory of Karma is one such hypothesis which is believed by many communities including many Indian people. No one knows whether it is true or not and we can discuss that for hours without reaching to a logical and rational solution. Actually, this theory was propounded by some scholars when they found that some people suffer in this world while some others enjoy. So they told that at least do something good so that one's next life becomes better. So, this was a management technique or tool to motivate the people to do good. Those who believe in it must follow the good and sacred paths in life and should not indulge in dishonesty, crime, stealing, harming others, humiliating others, killing others, bribing, corruption, torturing etc and the list of these forbidden attributes is quite long.

    Those who are interested to learn more about the theory of Karma and its practical offshoots can refer to the great Indian classic Bhagavad Gita where through Lord Krishna the teachings on this subject are made. There are some good translations of this scripture in English as well as regional languages and one can choose the language of ones choice for reading this great work. The translation made by Sri Prabhupada (Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami) the founder of Hare Krishna movement deserves a special mention here.

    So, whether it is true or not the beauty of this doctrine is that the human beings are asked to do good in this life and reap the benefits, if not today, then in the next life. Many people from western countries are also impressed with this great ideology and follow it. So I do not think there is anything wrong in this philosophy even if it was the handiwork of some scholar in the past. People are blindly following their religion, beliefs etc and why not to follow this great piece of advice from our ancient scholars. This presumption of Karma of past life associated with the present makes our life happy and contended because even if adversaries are there we can very well attribute it to the past life and if we inculcate this theory in a big way in our children, the coming generation, the society and its inhabitants can reap the benefits in this life itself.

    I have tried to explain the issue in a simple language but it is a very deep and complex subject and those readers who want to learn more should refer to the translations of Indian Vedas, Upanishads and other related scriptures.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In Hind mythology there is emphasis on Karma. It means that one has to do his work and duty without any confusion or doubt and try to do that in a good way for the benefit of the society and fellow human beings. This theory also says that the good deeds of today will help in having a good life in our next Avatar wherever we are born. If it is true it will motivate us to do good things in our life.

    Mythological theories are a matter of belief and one has to have belief in them if one wants to adopt them. It is actually our cultural heritage and I feel there is no harm in adopting and acknowledging them.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Our life can be compared with a balance sheet wherein the debit and credit entries can be referred to as bad and good actions or "Karma". In accordance to our actions the entries are recorded and we are reimbursed or paid accordingly, immediately or later. Symbolically, the credit entries would deliver the good times like the fortune and good health, but the debit entries would reflect just the opposite, means sufferings and losses.

    No matter what but we are ignorant of many of our actions that we do knowingly or unknowingly and furthermore our actions are having cascading effects. For an instance, we provide helping hand to others. Sometimes this takes place in terms of money and sometimes physical. This we do on ground of being either fearful or sometimes on having good intentions and the destiny would be created accordingly. Suppose we gave money to a beggar then this does not limit to that individual only, but the family members of that beggar would also get benefitted in a certain ratio. Understand the scenario and the chain of consequences because you would be paid and reimburse accordingly.

    This is important for us to know that as per Veda, the responsibilities of God and a normal being is different. The God, although resemblance almighty entity, cannot interfere or control the actions of a human being. The human being is free to do with his actions, but the final results can only be decided by God. There are reflections of our actions which are immediate like when you are faced yourself to a fire, you are bound to get heated-up or you will surely get burn. There are reflections of our actions which we are not aware of about when this will come back to us and in what extent or intensity. For instance, you have been consistent in doing a good job for a company or for a society but when you will be rewarded for this, and in what extent or intensity would be not known because this is not under your control. And this reflection may come to you soon or may be somewhere during this life or may get carried forward to the next life.

    The few below facts will make you wonder,
    1. The child is born with disabilities.
    2. One animal spent his whole life searching the dustbin for food and drank dirty water when thirsty while the other got domesticated and spent life within AC rooms and AC cars.
    3. There is an earthquake and the whole building collapses. When everybody loses hopes, we discover few lives still breathing beneath dust.

    There are numerous such instances which makes us bound to believe in the existence of something / someone beyond our belief and imagination.

    Hope so that I have been able to put forward a good deal of presentation so as to understand that what happens to us is the result of our own actions. We are very much limited with our thoughts and actions but then something is there to take care of it.

    Do your best and leave the rest because this is what we are capable of. If we do good, good things will happen to us but if we are putting ourselves to bad then do not expect good and at the same time it is not up to you to decide when the fruit of your actions will come to you.

  • In Sanatan Dharma, we believe the Re-birth system of soul which does not died ever. After the death of anyone the soul only changes the body like changing the old clothing. Now if we believe this mythology of God, the results of previous karma affected on our present life. There are many Spritual Astro Mythologist dealing with such happenings and their remedy in the Market. And they are professional in the fields. Many events occured in our life which is directly related to our previous birth and karma of that life. Accordingly they have a techniques to bring our sense towards previous life even one or more previous life. You can then see yourself what and how was your previous life? Nature of you, your occupation, working, family details, etc. and how you died in past life. You can then correlate the reasons for happening the event in the present life. Once you understand the reasons there off you will get cure from present sufferings. It is also a system of treatment. So Karma of previous life may greatly affected on you present life.

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

  • If our line of thinking is based upon spirituality, positive energy will flow within our body and in case of negative thinking in terms of word and action, negative energy will remain within us. Karma is the action or impact of actions originating from our inner waves. According to our Indian Yogic perspective, this imprint is connected with our past. The accumulation of karma during our life time is translated into the cycle of reincarnation.
    Karma has the deep seated impact and to understand the law of karma and its effects, we have to think over the following points -
    1) The Law of Creation - Everyone having taken the birth in the universe should be involved in daily activities. One should have the purpose to serve human being with the self less service and one must do good for others without having any expectation in lieu of that. In that way, good karma can be achieved.
    2) The Great Law - Our thoughts and deeds are associated with some repercussions either in the form of positivity or otherwise depending upon our action. In order to achieve some positive reaction, we must behave accordingly so as to accomplish a task with positivity.
    3) The Law of the Growth - Growth and achievements are possible if we introspect our selves irrespective of our environment. Looking for fortune, possibility or other evasive factors will make us inert thus retarding our growth. Hence without any deviation we should follow the ideal karma to attain peace.
    4) Law of Resonsibility - We are accountable to all the happenings in our life. Satisfaction, Anger, Success, Failures are the direct outcome of our choices. Internal changes are crucial to expel the negative thoughts.
    5) Accept the Law of Change - Change is the only constant factor in everything whatever we are doing at present. Hence we must accept the new regime.
    6) The Law of Hospitality and Givings - We should know our compassion and kindness. Following the accepted norms of the societies and our selfless nature can help us in the attainment of good karma provided we are involved in noble deeds uplifting the mankind without having any expectation whatsoever.

  • Karma is nothing but action. The day in and day out we will be attending many works. In this course knowingly or unknowingly we may be helping somebody or we may be harming somebody. We light the stove every day to cook the food. In this process, some creatures around may die due to the heat. We intend to cook the food but not to kill the insects around. Like that there may be some known effects and some unknown effects. Once we do some work knowingly or unknowingly we have to face the consequences. The consequences may happen immediately or after some time or in the next birth. These are all hypothetical and if you want some proof we may not be able to produce that. It is not a science to come out with some experiments and show this will happen and that will happen.
    All our actions are divided into two types. Good and Bad. Good deeds may result in good to us. Bad deeds may give you some immediate happiness but in long run, you will suffer for the bad things you performed. There will be a reaction to every action. There will be a cause for every effect. We all should believe in Cause and effect theory regarding this Karma Siddhanta which was explained very well by Gautam Buddha in his works.
    These days many people say this is all baseless. But it all depends on our belief. Bhagavad Gita is one epic which explains Karma yoga very well. This will enlighten us with Karma and its after-effects. This spic advise us to do what we have to do without any result in mind. The due will follow. Another excellent point this epic tells us is that you come to this world with a certain agenda which may not be known to you and you have to complete that before you go out of this body.
    We see different types of people in this world. One will have full happiness and riches and at the same time, one will be suffering for food. This difference is due to the Karma did by the individual in earlier births or this birth. Certain good things we are doing without our knowledge will also give us a good position in this life. People say that the health problems we are facing are due to the sins performed by us in earlier days or earlier births.

    always confident

  • It is believed that every action has a reaction. We accepted this widely and give many awards to the inventor. But it is surprised to see the discussions over the 'karma' theory. We are reading in newspapers and even seeing in the neighbourhood that many crimes like vengeance, killing etc on a person or on some groups because one's action. Similar to this our karma. We have ripe only what we have sow. The major emphasis in this theory is not to do any bad karmas in this life we don't know what is our accumulations, in order not to add further. It is sure that the happenings are due to our earlier karmas. One who is very fond of sweets and eats a good volume of sweets have no diabetic but one who very limit in his sugar intake found highly diabetic. Criminals and violent are living long but good natured persons die in young age, how.
    This is not end to discussed but belief in karma is our self realization, if we are not utilized our spiritual sense it is our mistake only.

  • Our life revolve around this strong word ' Karma'. In simple words it means work or action. In India it is believed that your present karma decides how your future life will be, sometimes karma results can be seen in next life. These are santhan beliefs and are very much applicable in present times.
    Scientifically Karma may be called action, as Newton explained every action has a reaction. Whatever you do whether big or small action, it have some effect or result associated with it. For example while we are taking oxygen inside ,i result Co2 will be out . When you are watching a movie or something else informative , this karma is increasing your knowledge, but we need to see some opposite ones also like while watching those informations your eyes are getting affected badly.

    Each and every action or karma has bad and god results all matters is your intention of doing it. If you intentionally trying to push someone from a hill but luckly he landed safley and found some tressure. It will be counted as your bad karma because your intensions were bad.
    Good intensions are not enough to get good results your good karma and hard work will decide it. Only sitting and thinking good for your life and for others is not usefull at all. Working hard and with good intension is what you need for having good life in future. I am not sure about karma results going with us to next birth or life but some time I belive the sanathan fact that after many lives we get this precious life of human. Human have all the abilities of understanding what they are doing and to what thier karma will led them.
    May be this system of karma , next life and heaven were created by our ancestors so that we will try to avoid any bad karma.
    Life is working itself each moment but how it should and how well it should ve working is all decided with our karma.

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