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    A perfect career for Mechanical Design engineer job.

    Interested in knowing a good career for a mechanical design engineer? Wondering how to search for a better job with a higher pay? Here, on tihs page our pexerts shall respond to your query.

    I have done B-tech from Mechanical Engineering and also learned a designing course in Mechanical stream. Now after the covid, I am looking for the job in the designing field. I live in Lucknow and had applied for many companies but didn't get any response in a positive manner from any of them. Sometimes I also feel that I should switch my career from Mechanical to some other field and I tried but I didn't get interested in going into the other field.
    I contacted 2 consultancy and they provided me the location to Gurgaon and Noida but the salary I am getting over there is around 18 to 20 and I am expecting 22 to 23k in hand. I am bit confused what to do and how to search for a good job.

    Please if anyone can help me out with this confusion!
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  • As you have completed your graduation in Mechanical Engineering, there is no need to get upset or disappointed. Afterward, you have many options to build a good career in your future.

    As far as the current situation is concerned, if you are getting a job offer in some companies by some consultancy, then it would be a good choice but if you have salary then a little negotiation can be done in any consultancy. First of all, if you are satisfied with your interest in work or how your job profile is, then you should be a little flexible at the beginning of your salary. As you said that these companies are giving you around 18 to 20 and your expectation is 22 to 23k in hand, so there is not much difference. If your job profile looks right to you, then soon you can get increment based on your work capacity and hard work.

    Apart from this, you have many options, which will help you get different jobs depending on your degree.
    In the government sector - as you would know that there are many government enterprises where there is a great demand for a mechanical engineer, for this you can also take full information from the government website. You can get a job after an examination and after a good performance in an interview.
    Control and Instrumentation Engineer Automotive Engineer - If you are interested in this field then you can also think about this will also be your option. They are in great demand in many large factories.
    Maintenance Engineer - As it is your own in the subject of mechanical, you will have enough maintenance information. If you want, you can also pursue a career as a maintenance engineer.
    Architectural engineering - is a very emerging field, as if you are also interested in design, then think about it. The main task in this is to rebuild a built structure or to build a new structure.
    Drafters Material Engineer - In this job, engineers use design software to convert designs created by engineers into technical drawings, this helps in designing microchips, etc.

  • You should not be over worried because you are failing to achieve your expected level of emoluments. If you are sound in your basics and are honest in your profession, there is no dearth of the opportunity in this area. If you are interested to have excellent growth in your line, you can employ these tips to achieve a better position in your stream apart from receiving excellent remuneration. The following points may please be looked into -
    1) Look out for the opportunity of Management Trainee in some reputed public undertakings - In case, there is consistency in terms of your markings in all the semesters not falling less than 65 percent in your total aggregate, you may apply for the post of Management Trainee( Mech) in one of the organisations such as ONGC, SAIL, DVC, CIL, NMDC, Hindustan Copper Limited, HEC etc after going through the advertisements appearing in a leading paper. You will have to clear both written and oral tests designed for the post. You will be deputed for the maintenance job in their workshop. You would be required to carry out maintenance of cranes, boilers, shafts, generators within the time frame as agreed upon between the operation department and the head of the maintenance wing. The growth opportunity would be excellent both in terms of pay packets and promotions with the passage of time in such public sector units.
    2) Prepare for IES - There is great demand of Mechanical Engineers for Indian Enginnering Services where you could render your services in Railways or any othe government jobs. You would be required to qualify the said test with your dedicated efforts. You may take the help of a professional institute for the better preparation of the test.
    3) Take up the CAD ( Compuer Aided Design) course - This will help you in understanding the different tools such as boilers, internal combustion engines, shafts etc in a more clear way with your efficiency in the design. You would be in great demand because of enhancement of your skill in this area.
    4) Architectural Engineering - This is the advanced wing of Mechanical Enginnnering. You would be required to build a structure having a rigid design fulfilling both the mechanical and chemical properties ensuring that there is no erosion of the structure within the given time frame as agreed the manufacturer and the customer. You would work as an intermediate between the two agencies demonstrating your expertise in this field.
    5) Take up the job of consultant - You may take up the job of a consultant of different industries where in you could offer your service in the area of maintenance of their departments and can provide inputs how the life of the equipments installed in their industries could be enhanced with the periodical maintenance.

  • As mentioned above, you have done in mechanical engineering. Then there is no need to be worried. There are a lot of job opportunities in your subject. You can try for govt job in reputed company like ONGC, IOCL, SAIL etc where time to the time application form is invited for recruitment. For getting a govt job you will have to qualify written as well as an interview. You can apply to the private company also. Moreover, there are a lot of fields where you can try as follows:-
    1. Architectural engineering- As per your liking, you can apply in this field. It is an art of science and engineering. As an architectural engineer, your work would be the planning, designing and overseeing the building's construction. It is considered part of mechanical design.
    2. Maintenance engineering- It is part of your subject. For applying here, you should have good technical skills, communication skills, project management skills, and the ability to handle stress and work long hours.
    3. Contracting civil engineer- As part of mechanical design, you can also apply here. In this field, your work would oversee the actual construction on the ground and work in conjunction with consulting engineers. All civil engineers require a good understanding of design and construction processes, as well as of health and safety issues.

  • These are the days of competition. COVID 19 further spoiled the situation. Many people lost their jobs and searching for a new job. Many companies reduced the salaries of some employees due to the hardships the companies are facing. So we have to put in a lot of efforts for getting employment.
    You make a detailed CV and post it on and other important job portals. They will be sending you the alerts if there are any suitable posts for you. You can also search on those sites for suitable posts and apply. Some employers will also be going through these sites. If they like your CV they may contact you.
    Already you told that you contacted some HR consultants and you can see some more genuine consultants and register with them. But don't pay any amount before you get your appointment letter in your hand. These days we see many consultants who wanted to make money.
    As competition is very high, you should try to get some additional skills so that you will have more chances of getting a job. I suggest you do Computer Aided Designing and also computer-aided machining courses. Once you get some certificate in these areas you will have better chances to get a job.
    Getting a job is very important. When you attend an interview while working you can demand a higher salary. But with no job, you can't demand a high salary. So if you are getting a jo even though with a little less salary I suggest you join and try for a better job from there. That will be the best course of action for you.

    always confident

  • Mechanical Engineering is one such stream which has scope in many industries and sooner or later you will settle with a god job. Today due to Covid situation as well as a huge unemployment in our country, the qualified people are having a tough time but I hope that situation would ease up as the industrial production comes back to normal level and manufacturing activities would also increase. I would strongly advise you to take up even a low salary job for time being as that will give you at least a place to stand for jumping to other platforms. A job is a job and one should not shy away from it because it is having slightly a low salary. When I got my first job my family members and friends vehemently told me to not go for it but it was only after joining that low job that I got opportunity and atmosphere to search other prospective jobs. Anyway, let us come to the options you have at the present juncture.

    First thing is that you have to spend some significant time on the job portals in internet and see if something catches your fancy. You can register in some of these job portals along with your CV so that you get a notification for appropriate jobs.

    Another thing is that if you have some interest in teaching or tutoring line then in each town and city there are so many tuition centres or coaching schools where one can work and earn a good living. There is a demand of good teachers, in these coaching centres, who can work hard with their students.

    Shipping industry is supposed to be a tough and hazardous area but they pay good remuneration. Mechanical engineers have good scope there. Only thing is one has to do some marine safety courses before applying in them. You can go through some marine area recruiting agencies and get the details about this lucrative career. This would require you to be out of home for a few months repetitively and that is what discourages many people to explore this line. They employ the Mechanical engineers temporarily, mainly for the maintenance work when the ship anchors at the port for long repairs.

    Another option could be to add some certificate qualification in some niche area like Robotics, Mechatronics, Automation, Aviation, Solar power designing, Instrumentation etc and then apply for specialised positions.

    There are many organisations which require Mechanical Engineers for their routine work. Railway in our country is one such big department where there is good scope for the Mechanical Engineers. One can definitely try in it through centralised Railway recruitment.

    Being a Mechanical Engineer does not mean that one cannot work in a bank or Govt department in a non-technical post. In fact if you have some inclination for financial and administrative areas and some liking for that type of work then you can appear in the competitive exams through which normally the vacant positions in these departments are filled every year.

    Today we have entered in an area of self employment. We have to be innovative and willing to start our own work starting from a humble beginning. If it does not seem feasible doing it alone then may be you have to create a group of qualified unemployed people to start a collaborative business and with good efforts one can get success also. Mudra loans are easily available. The economy is poised for a growth and one can take advantage of this favourable situation.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Do not get disappointed by the current situation. It will change. Time always changes.
    If you are good at design or modeling mechanical components, create courses or videos on them. Use your skills on Upwork or other freelancing platforms and earn money. Do not depend on the job. Nowadays, people are creating their own careers by choosing entrepreneurship or business. So, find the ways out of your skills.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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