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  • Taking mid-term admission to first standard for academic year 2020-21

    Are you facing problems with not get getting admission for your ward in mid-term for Std.1 for the academic year 2020-21? Get quick guidance on what can be done to avoid your ward from losing out on a year.

    In 2020-21 there are no physical classes for the Pre-primary and primary sections but yet schools are asking for the full fees. Due to the pandemic situation, I had not taken admission for 1st standard and the school asked to pay the fees and confirm admission but due to such a critical situation, I was not taking the admission. The school also did not add my son to the 1st standard online education group since I had not paid them the fees.

    However, now when I approached for admission, the school is asking for the mid-term fees to continue with admission and they also told me that if I will not take admission then my son will lose the 1st standard education and he will have to take admission for 2nd standard directly as per the Govt. rule. So I asked them to take admission for 1st standard for 2021-22 academic year with full fees and my son will not lose the 1st standard syllabus and he will get lessons online. Yet, the school says that this is the Govt rule and we cannot do anything.

    I would like clarity on this. The current education system is very confusing and there is no transparency with the parents. I feel that schools should display the rules, admission criteria and fee structure in their respective offices and the Govt. should make it mandatory for all schools.
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  • As far as the rules of admission is concerned, there is no denyl that they should maintain transparency displaying the entire details such as admission criteria, dress codes to be followed, fee - structure and other relevant details in the notice board so that the guardians don't remain under the state of ambiguity relating to the admission process.
    Now relating to the admission procedure of your ward, if he has not been admitted so far in the class one standard, it is not a matter of serious concern considering the pandemic phase.
    Give a little time to your ward so that you can help him for the preparation of standard two in the academic year 2021 - 22. With your regular efforts, he can we'll manage the burden of class two admission. Escaping the session of class one standard is not likely to affect his career in any way.

  • There is no problem. You can put your son directly in 2nd class. You have enough time now. You can spend some time with your child and see that he will understand the subject that is taught in 1st Standard. There will not be any problem in following the 2nd standard syallaus if you manage some time for the next two months and spend with your son and teach him the basics. That will be good enough.

    always confident

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