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  • What is the fever that repeatedly affect every year called?

    Have a query about fever affecting a person every year? Wondering what is its cause and does it have a name? On this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    I heard about a fever in a person that affects him every year.I will explain about it. Please explain me what is the cause of the disease. Fever effects him every year in rainy season. He vomits whatever he eats in yellowish colour. And also having watering in mouth. Fever medicines doesnt work. What kind of fever is this that affecting him every year right in rainy season? Is it a flu caused due to eating non vegetarian or something? What can be the cause?
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  • Since I'm not a medical expert, I will only mention common practices here.

    A variety of common illnesses are associated with the rainy season, including dengue, cold, flu, water infections, and cholera.

    Rainy Season Safety Precautions:

    1.Always keep your waterproof shoes and a raincoat is essential.

    2. Intake of Vitamin C is also helpful. There is still a debate over whether Vitamin C can cure a cold. By increasing your antibodies, this vitamin reduces the severity of colds.

    3. Showering after getting wet can be done. A hot shower will prevent many infections.

    4. You should drink hot milk or soup after getting soaked in the rain. It will keep the body warmer.

    5. Washing hands using Sanitizers.

    6. Make sure you drink plenty of water. This will help you expel toxins.

    7. Eat nutritious food during the rainy season and avoid eating out.

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