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  • Post COVID-19 business ideas in India

    Interested in gathering information about business ideas that can provide financial sustenance specially post-lockdown? Searching for such ideas online? Check out this Ask Expert page for answers to survive in the post-pandemic era.

    During the pandemic situation, many people were forced to closed their small businesses due to lockdown and many have lost their jobs. Now the situation has changed and the business environment has also changed its nature. All businesses are not suitable now, hence it is a matter of great worry. So what business idea is suitable from now onwards? Please answer keeping in view the post-pandemic situation.
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  • During COVID 19 many people suffered a lot and lost income. Many people couldn't get food also and many became jobless. Cab drivers, auto drivers, school bus drivers, college bus drivers, office bus drivers, roadside business people and small factories are got closed. Many people lost their jobs.
    Now slowly normalcy is coming back. So the old jobs may restore and people may get some opportunity to work. But some small businesses which are having a better scope in this situation are a few.
    1. Curry Point: Many people are hesitating to go to hotels and eat. At the same time, they are not able to cook on their own. For such people, if we can cook curry in the house and supply it to the people around our house and whom we know well, we can manage well.
    2, Home Tuition: Many students are not going to schools. Their parents are not in a position to spare sufficient time to see that their children study well. Such families are opting for home tuition. If we can go and teach the children in their house we may get good money.
    3. Pickles: Many people are interested in purchasing pickles. Papads and other snacks from a known house. If we can make them in our house and supply them to the know families that will be a good business.
    4. Online tuition: There are opportunities for taking online tuitions to students. There are many sites where you can register and offer your services. There are many online opportunities if we have an interest we can utilise them.
    5. Masks: These days there is a big demand for this item. If we stitch them in our house and supply them to known people we can make a big business.
    6. Sanitizer: Sanitizer repacking and selling is a good business even now after the COVID19 term also. People got accustomed to using these hand sanitisers and many people are purchasing and keeping a bottle with them. So selling these bottles filled with sanitiser is a very good business as on date.

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  • Post-COVID, we must focus on the kind of job that gives protection against such viruses or reduce the mass interaction in public or physically. You can start following as a job option post COVID:

    Trading in the stock market: You do not need an office or any property to start trading. You need only DMAT with a trading account. Get an online course on trading and do virtual trading practice on websites like 'moneycontrol' before starting trading. Read books and learn from YouTube videos of good stock market experts.

    Amazon Affiliate marketing: You can start Amazon affiliate marketing by sharing the product links on social platforms and get affiliate commissions on a successful order.

    Online Course: If you are an expert in something, start the online course and post it on Udemy and another platform.

    Quora Partner Program: Quora invites you for the Quora partner program where you can ask questions and get money. The Quora will invite you based on your earlier contribution on the Quora.

    Online Tuition: If you are good at dancing, music or any subject, you can take online tuitions and earn money.

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  • Covid-19 has indeed affected the entire world. Millions of people lost their job and suffering a lot due to covid-19. In such a situation, to do a small scale business is a compulsory requirement. There are many small businesses which can be done for economic stability are as follows:-
    1. Online business- we are living in the digital world. So you can start an online business of any item such as cloth, decoration item etc and earn money.
    2. Online tuition- Nowadays, there are many opportunities available on the site for kids teaching. You can start teaching as per your subject knowledge.
    3. Food supplier- At present, the food supplier business increasing by leaps and bounds. Many people are being seen indulging in this business and earning good money.
    4. Beauty parlour -Open a beauty parlour. This is a very good business from earning point of view. It is a safe business compare to a food-related business.
    5. Health centre- Many people are being health conscious due to covid-19. So, open a health centre like Jim and a yoga centre where would be the good chances of earning money.
    6. Activity classes- Nowadays, school and college are not running regularly. And along with it, all activities have stopped. Children are getting bore at home. In such a situation, If you start drawing, music and craft class then there would be good chances of children gathering. and you can earn money.

  • COVID 19 has affected us considerably when many of us have lost our jobs because the industrialists want to cut down the losses laying off the unwanted manpower in their industries. It is the only due to the bad phase they are no more required despite their best talents in their industries.
    Under the present circumstances, it would be better for us to look for some opportunities where we can have gainful assignments enabling us to support our families with some income to meet our expenses. The following are the best ways for generating pretty incomes -
    1) Online Tuition - We need to recognise our talents and can look for online tuition matching our capabilities. We can teach the kids studying between class one and class five. If you are able to coach students appearing in the engineering test having our efficiency in any one of subjects-Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, we may undertake tuitions of such aspirants interested to join our classes. Still better we may join some premier institutions for our smooth incomes. In that way, there would not be dearth of the aspirants.
    2) Trading in the stock market - We are witnessing huge boom in the share market where we are witnessing substantial surge in the share of Tata Motors, Dr Reddy Laboratories, TCS, Infosys etc. We can exploit this oppurtunity to have such portfolios in our basket. Take the suggestion of a reputed financial consultant.
    3) Food Supplier - We have to recognise the attitude of the people living our surroundings especially for their passion for different dishes they like. We can start such varieties of foods in the mini scale initially with the inclusion of wholesome meals of both the varieties vegetarian and Non vegetarian and once our business picks up, we can expand the same.
    4) Establish a game centre - We can look for such customers interested for upkeep of their health in excellent condition and for that they would be interested to join a health centre where they can find different accessories for physical exercises. Some people would be interested for the Yoga Classes. We would enrol such aspirants providing them right guidance with the help of yoga teacher.
    5) Joining Amazon - There has been surge in the demand of various items such as baby dresses, books of different varieties, walking shoes etc and hence joining Amazon would prove to be a gainful assignment.

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