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    Are zoos unethical and do harm to its animals ?

    Do you have a query regarding visiting animals kept in zoos? Want to get expert opinion from zoologist or biologist? On this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    I got complaint that I should stop visiting zoos since wild animals should not be kept in human made facilities. It restricts their freedom but I am not sure that the people who sent the complaints are actual zoologist or biologist.

    So, (perhaps ) from the perspectives of a biologist or a zoologist, is it harmless to visit zoos?
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  • Not sure whether the Zoo is ethical or unethical but it is just an entertainment for kids and elders who don't have much facilities or enough money to spend and reach the forest or jungle to view all the animals at one place in a shorter time.

    On the other hand, these animals really facing challenges on their own living life without forest dense or natural atmosphere is a concern to many for sure. These animals can't really live their life. Few become lazy within the cage and few becomes ill and on. Like it was once in a Circus, poor maintenance or management can harm the animals or birds etc.

    If you generally compare the Zoo animals against the forest / jungle animals then you would feel, the better one will be living naturally in a jungle / forest without any control or cage. This is the best one.

    Zoo is tough to manage in general and at the same time it needs lots of manpower and utmost care for these animals even though they live within the cage and control.

  • The zoo is considered a facility where various birds and animals try to provide facilities in a limited area. For this, various guidelines are given by the government and the criteria are set. When this work is done according to these criteria, then there is nothing illegal in it. The purpose of making them is to bring humans and wildlife close to each other. It is also studied various animals which is helpful in discoveries. Along with this, Chidighar is also considered a good option for entertainment and tourism. The common man gets a chance to learn the knowledge of practical patterns of animals and come in contact with them. We can see some animals only through the zoo, otherwise, it is considered rare to see them. Along with all this, the nutrition of animals should be taken care of only then it will prove effective. Sometimes some people make the zoo a source of business, which is wrong. Keeping animals in a bad state at the zoo, only adopting unethical methods for their offspring origin. Behaving and keeping them in a cage all the time is wrong and prohibited. Monitoring of zoos and investigation and inspection by the concerned agency is necessary from time to time.

  • The Zoo is the place of congregation of different animals in the same plate form to enrich the knowledge of the children and other visitors regarding their activities, behaviours and their attitudes while remaining in the cages. The visitors may be excited by seeing varieties of animals such as Giraffe, elephants, Lions etc doing their natural activities which may differ from animals to animals. It may look as if they were happy with the caged surroundings but every thing is not well. You may notice the pungent smell of their fasces making them even irritated if proper cleaning is not made.
    Confining some animals to the cage would mean their retardation to their mental stimulations which otherwise they could have enjoyed in a free jungle such as free roaming, jumping, migration to one place to other etc. Hence their captivity would lead to their less ageing especially when they lack some free area to move apart from their adequate feeding facilities done periodically with their choice.
    I would not say the entire Zoo Industries are engaged in making profits ignoring the welfare measures to be exercised according to the manuals recommended by the authorities, but irregularities have been seen in the maintenance of such rules leading to shortening their lives.

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