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  • Guidance required regarding selection of subjects for better job prospects

    Are you confused about the selection of subjects for your higher studies? Are you towing with different viable options? Follow the options and suggestions by our experienced members in this thread.

    I have done my BSc with Botany, Chemistry, Zoology and EVs in three years and English in 1st year and Hindi in 2nd year.

    Now I want to do an MA and B.Ed in English to become an English teacher. Do my subject combinations and educational qualifications make me eligible for the same? As far as I know, I'll be eligible for PGT with this plan but not TGT. Can someone please guide me with authentic information?

    Another option I am thinking about is doing B. Ed ( Science and English) so that I can teach both science and English. Is such an option possible?

    Please offer your valuable suggestions
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  • Since you are interested to persue English in your post graduation course, you cannot take admission in the said stream due to non inclusion of English in the graduation level. As indicated by you, you had this subject in your first year of B.Sc but the same was not in the second and third year course. In that case, I am afraid, you are not eligible for taking up admission in M.A . in English.
    Regarding your admission in the B.Ed degree with Science and English, this combination can be entered in your examination form of B.Ed and passing out your BEd with these papers, you can take up the teaching assignments for the students studying in secondary schools with these subjects. This option would be ideal in your case.

  • The admission to MA English course is generally based on an entrance test or merit of BA marks in BA English course. In your case English was not your main subject in BSc so the eligibility for applying for MA English admission will not be there. You can mitigate this problem by doing MA English in correspondence mode from some reputed institute like IGNOU and then go for BEd. In correspondence mode they induct BA English or equivalent candidates also for MA courses. Please note that for TGT recruitment one has to have a related graduation degree in the subject plus BEd/BTC or equivalent certificate. On the other hand for PGT, one has to have a PG degree also in the related subject.

    You have another option to pursue MSc in your core area that is in the choice subject out of the science subjects that you have studied in BSc and then go for BEd. That would give you another alternative opening for going NET test also after which you become eligible to apply for lectureship in colleges or universities.

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  • As mentioned above, you have done B.Sc in chemistry, physics and botany. So, you are not eligible to apply for a post-graduation course in English subject as it was not your main subject in graduation. But, you can do M.A in English through distant mode. Some reputed institute like IGNOU, symbiosis centre for distant learning etc provides distant education for a post-graduation course in English. As per the rule, they will allow you to take admission for M.A in English. Then you can go for B.ED. Thus, you would be eligible for PGT. As you know, for TGT graduation is compulsory.
    As another career option, you can do M.Sc in the same subject from which you have completed your graduation. Then, you can go apply for NET and PhD. After completing this, you would be eligible for lecturership in university and colleges.

  • Yes, you can do an MA in English. Because the required educational qualification to get admission in MA English is a Graduation degree in English or ant equivalent degree with at least 50% marks from any recognised University. So you will be eligible for it. But please don't do it. Because you can take an admission in MA English but as you are a science graduate and studied Botany, Zoology and Chemistry subject till you graduation. All these subject are science subjects based on concepts, theory and practical knowledge as well. But the English subject is completely a theoretical subject. So, it will be quite difficult for you to get a command on it. I think It may be very difficult for you to score good marks in this subject. And please don't get confused with the English subject that you have studied in the BSc degree course. I want to tell you that the English subject that is studied in BSc is a complementary subject and it is like General English and doesn't include literature and poetry which is a part of MA English.

    I would suggest you to go for an MSc in any one subject which you have studied at Graduation Level. Further, You can do BEd after graduation also. But You will be able to teach science subjects only. But you will be able to teach at TGT level only. For PGT you will have to do a Post Graduate degree. And I suggest an MSc in your case. So, go for it and also qualify CTET or State TET after completing your BEd. So that you will be able to get a good job in teaching Government and private schools.

  • 1. You can do an MA in English with your B.Sc qualification. Some university allots seat based on your marks in B.Sc and some universities conduct entrance test. You can do an MA by correspondence course also. Once you complete your MA you can even go for a junior lecturer job for teaching intermediate students. They take people by conducting entrance test.
    2. Alternatively you can do an M.Sc course also in Botany or Zoology and you can become a junior lecturer in those subjects for teaching intermediate students.
    3. If you want to become TGT or PGT. you should complete your B.Ed course. With your B Sc qualification also you can do B.Ed by choosing English and Natural Sciences as your subject. Once you complete this B Ed you will be eligible for TGT.
    4.After completing or before completing your B.Ed if you go for MA or M Sc you can become a PGT also.
    5. After completing your B.Ed to become a TGT you have to qualify in the teacher eligibility test(TET) that is being conducted by the concerned State. You can write TET conducted by the Central government also for becoming a teacher in their schools.

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  • As you said, you want to make your career in two forms - first as a teacher and second, you are interested in English, so you want to study further from English itself.
    As far as the TGT teacher is concerned, to apply for this, you have to be a graduate and B.Ed in a related subject and if you have a secret for PGT, then a post-graduate and B.Ed in a related subject is necessary. B. The demand for Ed has increased a lot. B.Ed is Counseling for any teacher. After completing B.Ed. you can also apply for TET i.e. Teacher Eligibility Test Examination.
    Now as you said that you are more interested in English, then you have the following options through which you can build your career in this field -
    You can do M.A in English, this is the best option for you to do your post-graduation in English.
    You are also eligible for this based on your bachelor's degree. You should complete your post-graduation from a good institution.
    You will get general and standard options in English, you can choose anyone based on your interest and passion.
    If you want, you can also do D.Ed in place of B.Ed., even then you can apply for a teacher's post.
    Ph.D. is also a good option. After completion of your PG, you will have to give an entrance exam and after clearing it you will complete your Ph.D. in few years. After this, you will be qualified as a professor in the college.

  • It is very rare to get a job according to the subjects studied in graduation. I did commerce post graduation but working an Personnel department. My cousin who graduated in science working in a bank. A friend of mine did mechanical engineering working automobile engineering concern.
    So while studying you select the course as per your interest and involvement then if you get a job according to the subject or course studied it is your luck. Because no one can predict the situation of employment when you are coming in the circle of employment.

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