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  • Eligibility checks for a teaching career as per qualifications and subject combinations

    Confused about the eligibility needed for becoming an English teacher? Want to get authentic information? Find advice from our ISC experts on this page for getting into the teaching career.

    I have done BSc with Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, and EVS in three years and English in 1st year and Hindi in 2nd year. Now I want to do MA & BEd in English to become an English teacher. Do my subject combinations and educational qualifications make me eligible for the same?

    As far as I know, I'll be eligible for PGT with this plan but not TGT. Can someone please guide me with authentic information?

    I am also thinking of doing BEd (Science and English) so that I can have an option of teaching both science and English. Is something like that possible?
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  • The following are the options you have before you.
    1. Already you have completed your B.Sc. If you want to be in the teaching line you can go to B.Ed with your B.Sc. qualification. You can take English and natural sciences as your subjects in B.Ed. Once you are qualified in B.Ed you can become a trained graduate teacher and you can teach English and natural sciences to high school students.
    2. The second option is to go for MA English. WIth your B.Sc qualification, you can get admitted to MA English. The admission procedure will be either by a written test or by the marks you obtained in your qualifying examination. Once you complete your MA you can opt for a Junior lecturer post in Junior colleges. The State government will be issuing the advertisement for these posts and the selection will be based on your performance in the written test and interview. While working as Junior Lecturer you can register for your Ph D and you can work for that
    3. The third option is to go to B, Ed after completing your MA. Once you complete both MA and B Ed, you will be eligible for PGT.
    From the above, you can select the option which you like better and complete the process of acquiring the same. I wish you all the best

    always confident

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