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    Unable to get my documents verified for government job. Please advise solutions.

    Are you facing any problem with the verification of your educational certificates? Are you worried about losing a job due to non-verification? Keep a track of this thread to know about the possible solutions to the issue.

    I have been recently selected for a Central Govt job. I have all valid certificates of 10th, 12th, B.Sc and M.Sc. The original documents to be verified from the University from where these documents were issued were submitted but the verifying officer says the documents cannot be verified or verification is inconclusive. But he is not providing me with a valid or conclusive reason for his inability to verify the documents. What should I do now? Please advise me in detail so that I don't lose the opportunity.
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  • You might have received a communication from the selecting authority asking you to submit the documents for verification. Did you submit all the required certificates to the concerned officer as mentioned in the letter. All the certificates are available or not? Once you have submitted all the certificates the officer should complete verification within the time frame and submit his certificate.
    If you are not receiving any communication, you are advised to contact the administrative officer from whom you have received the communication stating that you have submitted all the certificates and no communication in writing is received from the concerned. You should write to him through an email or a letter and the same should be sent to him in the registered post with an acknowledgement due. He will contact the verifying officer and see that the work is done on time.

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  • Yes, documents verification is the responsibility of the office as you have submitted all valid documents. Submit
    your attested copy of all the documents through a forwarding letter to the department and obtain the receipts. They can verify through digital mode in this corona period from respective Institutes. Another system now available in the digital India website. You need to register through your Adhar number, after that you can make request to the respective state education board, University to upload your various certificates,marksheet etc. on the site. After their uploading you can approach your office to cross check your submitted documents with the uploaded on. Thanks.

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  • Prior to your joining to the central government, your academic certificates need to be verified by the verifying officer deputed for doing this task. In case, you are observing some delay in the verification process, you will have to intimate the same through a registered a letter to the chairman of recruiting committee mentioning the inability of the officer concerned to undertake the verification process.
    In the Envelop containing your request for the documents verification, you may enclose all the photocopies of your academic certificates so that they can take up initiatives from their end. At the same time, you may request the office of the board and universities to upload your copies of certificates so that the verification process can be accomplished through online process.
    Alternatively, they can arrange a venue where the aspirants would assemble along with their original documents where the verifying officer would verify the certificates of the individual candidates personally. You have to be present in that venue.

  • Generally, the verification authorities will check the original documents and the main thing that they observe is whether all the documents asked for are submitted or not. That is the primary condition that the candidate has to fulfil. The next crucial part is that they will check the name, DOB, father's name, person's identity like Aadhar card or Voter card or driving license, present residential address and its proof and of course the past educational credentials in form of certificates and mark sheets from high school to the qualifying examination. If the verifying authorities are finding any inconsistencies or errors in that in respect of any entity like name, DOB, alterations or corrections in the educational credentials then they will doubt the credence of the corresponding documents and generally in such case they will tell you to rectify that within a stipulated time and keep your selection in abeyance. Now you are telling that they are not providing any feedback and vaguely telling yo that something is wrong there. It means they do not have any transparency in their work due to whatever reasons best known to them only.

    In this situation you have to give them a written letter cum notice requesting them to mention the exact reason of not accepting these documents. Until that reason is communicated to you in written or in verbal mode how you are going to correct them. I would also suggest you to meet the recruitment authority which is conducting this appointment and talk to them across the table. They have to assign a reason for not selecting you based on the mismatch found in the documents.

    Please send a copy of the letter to the head of that Govt department who would generally be a person of secretary or MD level and make a special request to intervene in the matter. You can give a copy to the local ombudsman also if such a position exists in your area related to that Govt department. If they do not cooperate then you can even approach to the local MLA/MP also as they are there to help the people for public grievances of genuine nature.

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  • While giving any exam, only qualification details are sought from the candidates, which are only completed through the obtained marks or certificates, but document verification is a very important process when it comes time to join the job. In such a situation, your dilemma can be understood. First of all, talk to the concerned officer once again and try to know what is the reason for not doing the verification, maybe there is some deficiency in your records or documents due to which the process has stopped. If the concerned officer refuses to give any reason, then you write an application in which write your entire problem and request. With this application, you should also attach your related documents and identity cards. Then submit this application to the concerned department. Apart from this, you can apply for this process online as well, this is also an easy process. After going to its website, download the application form, fill in all the details in it, and then submit it. For this also you have to attach your identity card.

  • First of all, Congratulation on selection in Central Govt job. It is good that you have all valid the certificates of 10th, 12th, B.Sc and M.Sc. and these documents are to be verified by the verifying officer of the University from where these documents were issued.

    Documents for verification are sent directly by the department to the verifying officer and you need not to approach themselves. It might be possible that the department have not sent the request of document verification and you have contacted them much earlier. In this case the document verification may be inconclusive. So wait for some time till when you receive any communication from the department or from verifying officer. I know that nowadays document verification from verifying officer of University is done online. So you need not to worry. But you must check whether you have submitted all the required documents to the department.

    Further, if you will not receive any communication from the department or the verifying officer of the university, in that case you must approach them.

    Apart from this there may be some reason where document verification may be failed:
    1. Name of candidate/Fathers name is different from that is mentioned in the marksheets and certificates. It may 2. be a minor spelling change.
    3. Date of Birth is not as mentioned in the marksheets and certificates
    4. Wrong category mentioned in application form and expired caste certificate
    5. Non-possession of valid identity proof
    6. Signature or photograph missing in the application form or placed at inappropriate place.

    If you do not receive any communication than you must contact to the department. So they will further communicate with the University and will issue a notice for verification of documents.

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