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    Onsite Opportunity for Indian Management Student

    Looking for online career opportunities after MBA? Check future scope for MBA students onsite from here.

    I have 5 years of HR work experience in IT filed, prior to that I did MBA from JNTUK University.
    I want to work in Onsite, preferably from US/UK, will I get opportunity with the Master degree I have from India or do I need to go through any other specialization courses to get job in Onsite.

    Please do suggest.
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  • So far your main experience is related to HR work which incidentally a good area but when we talk about getting a position abroad specially in countries like US or UK then other streams like finance and business consulting areas take prominence. There are other areas also which have demand in the MBA arena and that are customer satisfaction and liaison work, project management, tax and insurance etc. So, at this juncture you can enhance your qualification in these areas through some certificate courses and if there is no financial constraint you can very well think to do such short term courses from the institutes in those countries where you are desiring to get a niche job in that category. If you do a course there itself then the placement agencies of the institutions would help you to get a job of your choice.

    Some of these popular courses in finance and accounts area which might interest you to achieve your goals are available in foreign universities and are -
    1. Financial Accounting.
    2. Digital Marketing Technologies.
    3. Enterprise Risk Mangement.
    4. International Financial Management.

    If you want to stick with your area of experience that is HR then you might think of pursuing some course in HR area like - HR Management and Analytics or People Analytics Courses or Senior Professional in Human Resources etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Even with your present resume, you can enhance your chance of employability by taking up the job onsites but at the first instance it may not appear that much smooth. You need to create a picture of your excellent skills in relation to problems solving and can reach to your clients effortlessly keeping in your mind of your targets and objectives of the company.
    Some of the basic qualities or skills essential for the HR Managers are as follow and adhering to these principles, you would ultimately be a blue eyed boy in the eye of the management. You may look for the following points-
    1) You should be an excellent communicator in both the modes either you interact with the public or you make a call with the client in relation to the job of the company for its business growth.
    2) You should be a great listener. This attribute will be benificial for both the job seekers and your role as a manager on site.
    3) You need to maintain a high confidence level with your effective representation of the facts before the clients. You must know how to promote your service expertise and knowledge so that your targets are achievable within the alloted timeframe set by the company.
    4) You must be conversant with the marketing skills- The company policies are changeable with the times. You will have to update the IT tools of the company needing you fresh talents in the area of Oracle, Java C++ etc proficient enough with the latest versions. Hence to look out such brains, you will have to take pains to update your knowledge in these lines so as to recruit best performers while working in sites.
    5) Patience - Despite all your positive attributes, you should show your patience before the employers since the employer may reschedule the programme in the last minute.
    6) Exhibit your trustworthiness- You have to be reliable before the management by being punctual and deliver your result without considering your excess time being put from your end to raise the profitability of the company.

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