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    Consequences of buying 2nd floor flat without permission

    Willing to buy in 2nd floor flat but don't have permissions for it? Get guidance from our real estate experts from here.

    I am planning to buy a 2nd floor flat in Krishnaja Hills, Nizampet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049 , Gram panchayat area. But the builder is saying he will apply for BRS for the above 2floors also. Should I buy this property or not? Is there any demolition threat for the building in the future? Please give me a suggestion.
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  • Hello, In a hole life buying a house is dream of everyone. Remember house is a thing that you buy once in your life and their your family spend and grow whole life. It feels happy and confident, that you have a roof on you. When you see any house or enter in any house your sixth sense click on your mind and feels to you weather this house is suitable or not for you. You have to look all things about house just like your direction of front door, locality, etc. You can buy the property on 2nd floor it's your choice and all about your comfort. But before that check all the information and documents before buying. Just like weather the all taxes of previous year paid or not. Necessary permission from Department of Country and Township is taken or not. Land is diverted or not. Land should not be disputed. And you have to follow all the legal formalities, don't try to take any shortcuts and impulsiveness.

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