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  • job after passing CMA inter

    Planning to give CMA exam? Worries whether any job will be available in this pandemic situation? No worries, our epxerts shall provide you with advice to find the job.

    I am going to appear for CMA inter online exam in june 2021 term. Can I get a job after passing exam in this corona Pandemic situation?
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  • CMA Inter is a Cost and Management Accountant program for which offline exam is conducted by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Those who have completed the CMA foundation course can apply for it as per the laid down procedure. The students have to make a learning through self study mode in the areas of Financial Accounting, Laws & Ethic, Taxation, Cost Accounting, Company Accounts & Audit etc. before attempting this exam.

    The present situation in the country for employment is quite tough but still the industries are reviving from the shock of corona pandemic that hit the whole globe last year and still we are in its grip and trying desperately to contain it through precautions and large scale vaccination measures. Hopefully this would be controlled and then the industries will be coming back to their normal capacity utilisations. With that in mind I am hopeful that with the above skills attained after completing the CMA Intermediate one can try to get a job in the industries or organisations where people having these skills are taken for the crucial financing and accounting tasks which are the important departments in any company.

    There are prospects in the areas and positions like Cost Auditor, Surveyor, Loss Assessor, Consultancy Services, Cost Management Planning and Policy, Budgeting, Budgetary Control, Cost Control, Internal control, implementing business systems, ERP implementation etc. I would suggest that after qualifying the exam you should upload your resume in the job portals and keep a watch on various types of jobs which are advertised in the internet in these sites. There are many jobs listed in this site (ISC) itself and you can scan through them to see the related jobs of your concern. In this area there are good job prospects in many foreign countries also and that aspect also be kept in mind when you scroll through the job portals or job sites.

    As job hunting takes a significant time you have to think of going for higher qualifications in your area or some certificate or diploma program so that your chances of applying for niche positions increase manifold. You can choose some subject of your choice in this area of finance and accounting. After CMA Intermediate, one can consider adding qualifications or certificates like CS, ICWA, CFA, CA, CIFRS, NCFM etc and if you have such inclination you can find the detailed information about them in the internet.

    If you have no intention to go for additional qualifications and need a job desperately then one more thing I would advise here is that sometimes the relevant job may not be immediately available and then one should not shy away from doing some ordinary job for the interim period. There are so many mediocre jobs in the small companies which generally the young students do not like to join due to small remuneration but I tell you that from the point of view of gaining experience of work of mixed nature that is the ideal place till you get a job in your own specialised work stream.

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  • CMA Inter is the abbreviation of cost management accounts. This exam is called CMA Intermediate exam. This exam is conducted by ICMAI. Those who have passed 10th class or its equivalent can apply for this course but can appear for Foundation Course exam after passing 12th standard. After completing Foundation Course, one can apply for the second stage of the course. The second stage of the CMA course is called the Intermediate Course.
    There are many job opportunities available after completing this course. But, present situation is very tough from a job perspective due to coronavirus. So, it may be difficult in getting job. As you know, entire world is passing through the economic crisis. But, you need not be worried. As vaccination programme has started and hope that we will get rid of coronavirus very soon. So, you should focus on your study. After completing the CMA course, If you take additional qualification like CA, CS ICWA etc. then your chances of getting a job would be increased many folds.
    CMA course provides a lot of opportunities in the domestic as well as the global market. It helps in enhancing financial, accounting, and management skills that would expand your career potential. There are different job opportunity and salary are provided according to the candidate' experience such as Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Financial Controller etc. Moreover, you can apply for a job in industries also.

  • The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India (previously known as ICWA) conduct the above examination. After passing CMA Inter, you will be known as a Semi qualified Cost Accountant Or Management Accountants. As an Inter cost you can join with any business organisation as an Accountants. If you watch recruitment notice there are many such requirement in the Market. But I will suggest you after passing Inter, you should complete the Final Examination which is consist of eight papers divided in to two groups. After passing final exam of the Institute you will be a Qualified CMA. And you can then practice as an CMA Auditors or Management consultants in the fields of Accounts &Cost , Internal Audit of Various Corporate sectors, Govt. PSU sectors, Banking etc. If you want you can Join with Govt. Depth, Bank, PSU etc. as Finance and Accounts Executives. But passing the exam is not so easy, hard workings is prerequisite for that. So try to pass the Final Exam and then decide which will be suitable for you. With best wishes.

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  • After completing CMA inter, I suggest you concentrate on CMA and complete that course and get the certificate. That will be very useful to you and your earning capacity will be very high. After CMA inter if you join in any job, you have to concentrate on the job and hence you may not be able to give much time for completing the final degree.
    These days Cost accounting is also becoming very important. Costing audit is also made mandatory these days for all companies offering shares to the public. So you can become a Cost auditor once you complete the final. This is my suggestion. But you are the best judge. So you can decide based on your situation.
    There are many jobs these days in the finance department as well as in the accounts departments of all most all the establishments. You will not find any organisation without an accounts wing. So you can find a good job even after completing your CMA inter.
    You can find jobs at various levels in these departments and you will be considered for an Accountant post or equivalent position after you complete your CMA inter. The best thing is to join a Cost Auditor and work under him. This will give you an advantage of working in the line of your study and you can get guidance from the senior to complete your CMA final at the earliest. You can work as an internal auditor in any organisation. You can also work as an auditor in organisations to see that their inventory levels are under control and their efficiency levels in material consumption are on the higher side. You can work in educational institutions also as an accountant and maintain their records properly.

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  • After passing CMA Inter, you would get plenty of job opportunities provided you have understood the basics with a good computing skills followed with efficient presentation skills. There are organisations like DVC, Wipro, Axis Bank etc where you could get suitable assignments provided you clear your interview showing your potentials in the financial areas. In fact, some organisations would like to save their expenses with the induction of the aspirants having the qualification of CMA Inter. The final course slightly differs where the aspirants need to go through the advanced contents in some of the papers. The intermediate qualification would provide the aspirants all the relevant inputs related to financial managements making them enable to handle the jobs.
    However, the organisations would see the duration of completion the course not exceeding more than four attempts. Lesser is the time, the better.
    Your assignments would vary depending upon the company you are joining and you may be offered as Cost Auditor, Accounts Executive, Internal Audit etc.
    All you have to do is to revise your course content so that you are not left with the important modules taught in the Intermediate Level.

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