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  • Is it okay to use earbuds or wireless earphones

    Want to know if there are any harmful effects of earbuds or wireless headphones? Looking out for advice online? Scroll through the responses from our ISC experts to know whether thier usage is harmful.

    After Walkman, earphones and other wire audio devices, the time has come for wireless earphones or earbuds through Bluetooth method.

    Is it okay to use them quite often for audio or phone calls? Few say it is harmful for ears and brains. What is your opinion on this?
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  • Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. I prefer wireless Bluetooth earphones compared to earbuds. My preference is because it provides full support around the neck while earbuds are likely to be out of the ear and can be missed during running or walking or doing any kind of activity that affects the earbuds positioned in the ear.
    About harmful effects, no one can ignore the kind of damage it does to the ear. We must use it carefully with a lower amount of time as and when required. Bluetooth earphone emits electromagnetic radiation that affects our brain and overall functioning of the system headed by the brain but the people still uses because of flexibility, use, and ease of operation.

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  • Wireless blue tooth earphone is better than earbud. As earbud is very small in size. If you use it for long period then you may suffer permanent hearing loss. Whereas, the wireless earphone is more convenient regarding its operation. Nowadays, what we are using is some form of wireless transmission. Wireless earphone emits electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to the brain. But, this device is used through Bluetooth technology which makes connecting easier for the user. Devices with Bluetooth technology can exchange data over very short distances using radio transmissions.

  • In my opinion both type are bad as they can harm ears in long run. But if you are comparing both and want to select one between two than earbuds are better because an earbud remain out side the ear canal but an earphone fits inside the ear canal and may harm the ears more. But earphones are more comfortable as they have silicon tips and fits in ear canal very firmly and also they provide better and clear sound quality. Because, they usually sealed the ears and noise do not enter in the ears. There are less chances of falling out of earphones from your ears. On the other hand, earbuds are made of plastics. They are of fix size so do not fit to all hence may fall out from ears very easily. Sound quality is also not so good as compare to earphones. To increase their durability, you must clean the oil and ear wax from them regularly.

    But as already I said that both are harmful and their continuous use may harm the ears severely. Due to constant use of earphones and at very loud volume, ear drum may be damaged. Earbuds are not that safe because they may also push the wax present in ear to very deeper in the ear and due to blockage in the ear hearing may be affected.

    Wireless earphone or earbuds with bluetooth facility provides better sound quality than the normal ones. They produce low level of non-ionizing radiations in comparison to cell phones and causes less harm. But constant exposure of these devices may cause potential health risks due to electro magnetic radiations. Hence, both these have some advantages and disadvantages. Over the ear headphones are better option and can be use for long.

  • If we look at just one technology, then we will understand that the quality of earbuds is very good and it is easy to use as they do not have any wire connection, so it is easy to move them from one place to another, so you will prove it to be very useful in your requirement.

    But if we talk about its habit then it also hurts it like any other extreme. Some people keep earbuds in ears at all times, this method is wrong because if there are advantages of every technology then the damage is same so you should use it but keeping in mind a few things -

    Do not keep the earbuds stuck in the ear at all times, it is harmful to keep Bluetooth connectivity on all the time and earbuds stuck in the ear the whole time. Use them only when needed, if you are driving or doing any urgent work then it is fine, but some even take airboats into the ear as soon as they are in the morning, this method is wrong.

    It is also harmful to listen to music in a loud sound, ears are highly damaged due to continuous loud sound. Because our ears have certain decibels of hearing, which gradually decreases. Due to which the complaint of deafness starts.

    Impact on the mind - Apart from hearing the music with a loud voice, it also causes a lot of damage to our brain along with the curtains of the ears. Because of the rapid vibrations of music, they suffer from mental illness. Along with this, many times the lack of ability of the mind to focus on more things is also seen. Along with this, diseases like headaches, inability to sleep also occur.

    If you use technology to develop yourself and live life according to time, then it is fine, but if you harm yourself by incorporating it into the habit, so technology will not develop you but will collapse, so always keep a limit.

  • These days people especially teenagers and young boys and girls can be seen engaged with their airphones, airbuds or headphones simply talking or listening to songs or music while  studying, working or driving. It may cause hearing impairment and different other health problems due to excessive use. Some following precautions may be taken while using it.

    - When you constantly wear earphones, headphones or airbuds and keep on  listening to music on a very loud volume for hours, then you are damaging your eardrums. The fact of the matter is that noise over 90 decibels is bad for your ear.  It may cause a severe loss of hearing or even deafness.

    - Do not exchange your airphones. You dont know you or someone else is carrying germs. Do you realize that exchanging earphones means you are also exchanging the germs and possible ear infection with the person?

    -Your earphones sponge is exposed to the outer world and over time it starts to take different type of germs and microbes. So, it leads to a possible ear infection. Dont forget to clean it.

    - Never use it while deriving your vehicle.

    - Constantly using it affects focus and concentration.


  • For enjoying the hearing personal music even in a crowd the normal earphones or the bluetooth earphones are considered the best things available in the market. But every good thing has some side effects also and earphones are also not the exception to this. Hearing from so near to the ear drums whether we use an earphone or wireless device or a headphone, they all affect our ears in an adverse manner. This becomes a serious threat when we hear the music in increased volume appreciating and enjoying the stereo effect inside our ears. The high volume would damages the eardrum and surrounding cells in a gradual and slow manner but in long run it cumulates and is adverse for the ears.
    So, whichever gadget we use we have to use it in less volume as less as possible. We should also remember that the soft and delicate brain is near the ears only and we should not take any chance of getting damage to the delicate brain areas just because we like the high volume music.
    Using these gadgets for a long time and hearing on high volume has a potential danger of hearing loss.

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  • Whatever mode we may select in case of enjoying our music be it earbuds , earphones,etc, we cannot eliminate its side effects and its constant usage for the prolonged hours can reflect serious side effects on our health. The following points could be seen -
    1) Earbuds though don't penetrate inside the ear canal the intensity of damage as compared to earphones are somewhat less due to emission of electromagnetic magnetic radiation in the former case. However, in the former case, it may shift the wax inside the canal system.
    2) Earphones fit tightly inside the ear making the external sound inaudible and so there is the chances of accidents while moving on the roads or railway tracks enjoying the music through this mode.
    3) Constant exposure of relatively high sound can damage earbuds to the point where it would become irreversible.
    4) Excess usage of the earphones would cause ear infection, hearing loss, pain in the ear and other neurological problems.
    5) In case of hearing music with a high pitch of sound beyond 100 db may damage hearing loss.
    6) Earbuds does not fit exactly with the ear sometimes causing loose fittings and it cannot provide the exact audibility.
    7) As far as possible avoid the use of these devices more than hour in a stretch so as to avoid the sound pollution.
    8) Keep your own device for hearing aid and its sharing with others would cause ear infection.
    It would be better to undergo for hearing test to be conducted by the specialist to detect the extent of damage at least in a six month period.

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