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  • How can one improve profile for getting Upwork projects

    Are you planning or are already freelancing online in IT domain? Wondering how one can improve their profile? Find responses from experts for your query on this ASk Expert page.

    Today many new IT engineers or IT enthusiastic work on freelancing projects on freelancing websites like Upwork. But to get the project on such a platform is difficult and one needs a better profile for it. How do we improve our profile for getting Upwork projects?
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  • There are many sites in the web like fiverr, up work, amazon turk, appen, click worker, figure eight etc where tasks are available but one has to be quick in grabbing those tasks and completing them as per the satisfaction of the site or the person who has floated the task on the agreed price. So as regards your question regarding the profile betterment, I have to say that after picking certain jobs and completing them one would automatically have a good profile in the site as evident from the corresponding score or earnings. That is the only way to progress ahead. Another technique which many people apply while mentioning their profile in the particular site is that one has to mention the accolades earned elsewhere so that the people seeing the profile can trust the person for solving their problem or taking up the task with more confidence.
    For example in your case you can very well mention there in your profile that you have published so many technical articles in the leading Indian educational site and answered so many queries etc. That helps significantly.
    Another thing that I can suggest at the present juncture is one has to make a niche place in such sites for a specific work and not for all sort of works so that he gets that stamp with his profile and gets more such jobs or tasks online riding on that reputation. The site editors generally monitor that and facilitate such opportunities to the concerned person.

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  • If you are sincerely involved in your IT Project of your domain, you will remain under the limelight of your Boss. Your constant delivery of your project as per expectation of your management would raise your competence and integrity. This would apply to all the domains such as Oracles, ERP, C++, Java etc where you have to complete your project so that your clients are impressed with your performance.
    In both the cases your underperformance or exceptional performance are noted by the clients and such feed backs are passed on to the employers. Hence your high output will be recorded by the personal department. They sometimes offer you appreciation letter for your brilliant work. You will have to upload them in your personal profile enclosing the photocopy of such letters.
    In case, you turn up for an interview for higher post, such enclosures would be helpful to you to grab a higher post.

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