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    chess championship

    Do you have a keen interest in playing chess? Wondering if one can become an international champion without any competitive experience? Scroll through this page for advice from ISC experts.

    How to become an international chess champion?
    I am not playing chess on behalf of any school or college or any Institute.
    But I am playing chess very well and wanted to be a chess player. Is there any opportunity for me?
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  • If you have a good understanding of the game of chess and you play well then you can play in chess matches and then try to play in state level and national level contests and winning in them or scoring high is the only way that leads one to the international matches. There are chess clubs also where one can practice. Then there is an All India Chess Federation where one can register, pay fees, and play in the tournament and if gets a good winning over the competitors then there are definitely chances for registering in the international chess events. The journey is long and arduous but if one has a strong will and desire to do it then it is not an impossible task.

    Coming to the game of chess, as per my understanding and experience in playing chess, I have a strong feeling that it is the toughest game on Earth when looked from a competitive angle. There are players who have the full endgames in their memory and they tell about 10-15 moves before the end as who would win. But if the other player does not know that endgame, he would not be able to take advantage. For explaining this point I would cite a simple example that if in international matches, one player has a pawn left with the king and the other player is having only a king facing that single pawn of the opponent then the endgame formula says that it would be a draw as the pawn holder will not be able to convert it in a queen. You can try it and see yourself. There are many endgame tricks and formulas which have one unique presentation if you know it. The start of the game and middle strategy of the game is much more difficult and requires practice and strategy. There are thousands of the games, played by the champions during the tournaments, available in chess guides or internet sites and I would strongly advise you to practice them alone or with other players if you are aiming for an international encounter and acclaim in this game.

    Another important thing to note is that there are a large number of chess players across the globe and when it comes to compete with them then it is always a small hairline difference between their skills and capabilities in the game that makes a big difference and the player who does a single mistake or error of judgement loses the trophy.

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  • Chess is a very interesting game, but it requires a lot of concentration and practice to play it. Your interest in this game is proof of your mental ability towards this game, it is a good thing that you have made a goal of taking yourself to the international level in chess, just with a little hard work and knowledge you can become a chess international player.

    To begin with, you should join some chess club or institution from which you can work on the present ability of your interest and also you can further enhance your talent. To begin with, you should participate in small level competitions, after which your level will automatically increase.

    Any chess player has to get at least 2500 "Elo rating" to become a Grand Master. The title of Grand Master is given by the World Chess Federation, the highest institution of chess. It is considered to be the highest title in the chess world. The player who wins it once keeps this title with him for the whole life, that is, he can put it in front of his name.

    Also, to become a Grand Master, the player must earn at least 2 "Grandmaster Norm" in a tournament which has at least 27 games or 9 rounds, and at least 3 other Grand Master players are participating in this tournament. It also has a condition that every round of the game must have a thinking time of at least 120 minutes.

    In addition to these, a player can achieve this title if he wins any World Championship, World Junior Championship, or World Senior Championship. If a player completes these qualifications or rating points, the World Chess Federation, the highest institution of chess, gives him the title of Grand Master. In a year many people can be given the title of Grand Master.

    Swati Sharma

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  • Becoming the world champion, grandmaster will be the ultimate desire of a chess player. Many players will be participating in many tournaments and just about 0.1% are only becoming grandmasters.
    Fédération Internationale des Éche's (FIDE) is the World Chess Federation and it is the organisation which is giving chess players suitable titles based on their achievements. For achieving these titles chess players have to reach a specific rating which is known as the Elo rating.
    How to become the champion. The following are the steps.
    1. Start playing when you are young. It is always better to start practising the game from a young age. Already you have started playing the game. When you are young your brain will absorb all the new lessons, tactics, and ideas. So your fundamentals will become strong
    2. Work hard. One has to work hard to achieve their goal. Daily studying the game in all its aspects is necessary to strengthen your chess skills. One should have a coach and mentor who can guide properly and observe continuously to find out the weak points and advising the person to come out of those weaknesses. How to start the game, how to take it forward and how to finish it? These are the three important phases of the game. One should practice and obtain theoretical as well as practical knowledge and there is no replacement for hard work.
    3. Play tournaments. You should participate in as many tournaments as possible. You may lose. Never worry about the losses. But analyse the losses. Understand where the mistake happened and learn from the mistakes. That will make you a strong player. A chess player may lose many games. If you play a tournament you are testing your knowledge and you can understand where you will stand. This practice will make you understand time management and gives you the experience. Every loss will give you a new lesson. Join in a club and take membership Indian chess federation. Participate in as many tournaments as possible. Score norms.

    4. Score norms. The player has to play in norm tournaments. Norm tournaments are the tournaments in which at least three grandmasters from different countries will participate. Nine rounds will be there and a time control will also be there.
    5. Earn a 2500 FIDE rating. You have to earn 3 norms. In addition to the three norms, a chess player has to cross a minimum of 2500 rating. Then only one will have the chance of becoming a grandmaster

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