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  • How publishers deal with skippable video ads?

    Want to know details about payment for videos skipped in YouTube? Are you a publisher and worried about payment for skipped videos in blog/website. Get experts advice by scrolling down this page.

    If a person owns a website and if he wants to put non-skippable video ads on his website, will he get such a video ad network? If he gets only skippable ad network. And if the ad is skipped it is a loss for the owner of the website right. How video website owners deal with such a situation. Which is the best video ad network in India?
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  • There are different types of advertising videos or banners or links on the YouTube video screens and accordingly it is decided as what share of the advertising revenue would be shared by the YouTuber. For short videos of few seconds there is no skipping facility for the viewers and there is revenue sharing as per the views in that video. These rates are as per the 1000 views and will depend on various factors like the advertisement rate between the You Tube and the advertiser.

    As regards the skippable videos which generally play for 20 to 40 seconds, if it is not skipped then it will be counted for the advertising revenue otherwise it will not be counted for that. Every viewer does not skip them and might be a slow viewer who do not mind a break in between. That gives the YouTuber some advantage. When one registers in YouTube for uploading videos and advertising revenue sharing then these things are asked as what are the various options that the YouTuber wants to exercise for allowing ads in his videos. Accordingly he is given the revenue sharing wherever it is allowed on the genuine views or clicks on ads by the viewer.

    In general, if a viewer stays for 2 seconds or more in an advertisement then that is taken as a valid view for many purposes in the YouTube revenue sharing business considerations.

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